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What dreams of little snakes

What dreams of little snakes — dream book

What dreams of little snakes? Different authors of dream books have different opinions on this.

Consider the interpretations that are given in popular and reputable sources.

What dreams of little snakes

Dream Miller

Gustav Miller believed that the dream snakes are a warning about the dangers that threaten the dreamer in real life. Here are the interpretations:

  • If a woman dreams of a dead snake, which suddenly comes to life and then bites, it means that in real life you will have to suffer because of the evil actions of a close friend who will be a hypocrite
  • If you watch small snakes in your dream curl up and then attack an innocent person, it means that in real life you will have to endure a painful feeling of guilt. You will not act according to your conscience, and you will suffer from it.
  • If you dream about killing snakes, then in real life you are ready to go over your heads to achieve your own goals. You are capable of anything to defend your interests.
  • If you are dreaming about how you walk among hordes of snakes, then in real life you are experiencing fear. Fear of disease — you are pathologically afraid to get something from people around you, this is already a phobia
  • Dreamed you were stung by a poisonous snake? So you have to suffer from the malicious actions of the enemies who plot against you
  • If the snakes were small, stained and flat, then you are not satisfied with the position you hold in society. Your opinion is not considered, your interests are ignored, because of what you are constantly not confident in your own abilities.

What dreams of little snakes

Vanga’s Predictions

The famous prophetess believed that snakes can dream of the following events:

  • Watching a little snake that sneaks up on you in a dream? It is necessary to be careful — some ill-wisher bore anger and is preparing to attack
  • See the whole tangle of small hissing snakes? This is an unfavorable sign: in real life there are many hypocritical people around you who wish you evil. Try to figure out the reason for this attitude.
  • Does the snake bite you? So, it is worth waiting for betrayal from a person whom you consider to be a close friend. Get ready to be disappointed
  • Little snakes curl up, but behave calmly and are not going to attack? This means that while there’s nothing to worry about — your enemies are not planning anything bad. But they wait until you become weak and helpless to strike
  • In a dream, do snakes wrap around your neck? This is a very bad omen: a person whom you love and appreciate will be fatally ill. And it is you who will have to bring bad news, informing the relatives of the patient.

What dreams of little snakes

Nostradamus Opinion

The famous soothsayer believed that the snakes may portend some events not only in the life of the dreamer, but also of humanity as a whole. Here are the interpretations set forth in the Nostradamus dream book:

  • Dreamed of a giant ball of little snakes? So, in real life, there are a lot of false rumors around your person that spoil your reputation. Detractors are constantly weaving intrigue, trying to prevent your affairs
  • Feel like snakes are staring at you? This means that a certain person on whom you depend, an influential and authoritative person, is watching your progress. Perhaps you came under strict control of the authorities and are under threat of dismissal.
  • Does a huge snake dream, but with lots of little heads? Such a dream is a harbinger of monstrous deception, which you will be able to reveal. When you find out the truth, you will feel very bad
  • Killing little snakes in a dream? This is a favorable sign that says that in real life you will succeed in defeating the old enemy.
  • Dreams of snakes biting to death by a stranger? Try to get to know him — in real life this person is in grave danger. Your task is to warn and help.

See in the video what little snakes can dream about:

Dream loft

The psychotherapist David Loff believed that the snake was dreaming of a person in order to warn about such upcoming events:

  • If in real life you are afraid of snakes, then a dream with reptiles is a reflection of your fear. Some troubles are coming with which you can not cope, because of which plunge into despondency
  • If the snake dreams of a Christian, a deeply religious person, this is an auspicious sign. In real life, there will be a good opportunity to quickly solve immediate problems. Or you can finally achieve the goal, which you have been
  • If you had a great fear of snakes in a dream, but in real life you are not afraid of them, it means that you will soon be faced with some kind of temptation. We’ll have to choose what to do — to honor or not very good

Other interpretations

There are other predictions that tell you what little snakes dream about:

  • In Tsvetkov’s dream book, it is stated that snakes dream of a treacherous betrayal of a close friend. And if reptiles crawled around your legs, it is worth waiting for an illness.
  • In the dream book Hasse it is written that snakes dream of the appearance of female enemies in real life. But if you destroy reptiles, then there will be a difficult situation that you easily fix
  • According to the esoteric dream book, small snakes curled up into a ball predict that a difficult and very important period will come to your life. There are many difficulties to face, and the rest of your life depends on how you deal with them.
  • The authors of the English dream book believe that snakes are the personification of your enemies that exist in real life. The more animals, the more detractors you have. But they are not able to do much harm if snakes in a dream hiss from a distance

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