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What dreams of lightning, thunder, lightning in the sky according to dream books

Dreamed of lightning and thunder — how to interpret

To understand what dreams of lightning, let’s establish the basic meaning of a dream. As a rule, lightning means sudden clarity, insight, danger. The second meaning is the renewal of nature, the overcoming of fear.

Indeed, insight is possible for those who find the strength to admire lightning, and not sitting in a dark corner, waiting for terrible adversity.

Even in times when lightning was considered manifestations of divine wrath, any dream book favored brave men, ready to continue their way through the storm. To see a lightning in a dream means that you must move forward towards complete clarity.

Your courage will give you a significant competitive advantage.

But do not overdo it, do not portray the berserk in combat amok. The life of the berserkers, with all the luck and battle glory, rarely reached 30 years. This circumstance must also be taken into account.

Act without fuss, quickly, clearly, correctly.

What dreams of lightning, thunder, lightning in the sky according to dream books

The main values ​​of the dream

  • A huge lightning flash which illuminates everything around with a blinding light in the smallest details — a sign of good luck. To attract good luck for sure, clear the mind of debris, unnecessary thoughts about strangers, envy, discussions of the details of other people’s lives. Focus on the essentials for yourself and find a new point to look. Changing the angle of view or point of reference will give amazing results.
  • A distant thunderstorm with numerous flashes — get ready for the journey, a holiday and fun awaits you.
  • A brilliant flash in the sky, more like a salute, means joy, exceptionally pleasant and unexpected news.
  • A bright flash in the sky means mystery. Perhaps absolutely useless for you, but significant for other people. Keep the secret and do not chat over trifles. In this case, you can achieve meaningful success.
  • Flashes and flashes of lightning — to pranks, unpunished pranks, small but pleasant bonuses. You will be driven for several days in a row.
  • Fireball is a sign of unforeseen and unpredictable danger. Circumstances of force majeure. Something from the outside can destroy and completely destroy your whole life without the least benefit to yourself. This is not the machinations of enemies and the machinations of competitors with whom you can negotiate.
  • Thunder that accompanies a thunderstorm usually means news. If the thunder did not frighten you — the news will not be taken by surprise either.

What dreams of lightning, thunder, lightning in the sky according to dream books

What dreams of dream lightning

  • The dream interpretation of Menengetti regards the vision of lightning as a striving for truth at any cost. At the same time, the desire for truth is combined with aggression and hostility. This is not a search for evidence and a thoughtful study of the situation, but a demand for immediate revelations, sincerity, intolerance of half-truth, concealment, and lies in salvation. Any compromises, diplomacy, halftones, circumstances are denied. The second value of the electric discharge — panic fear of death, a presentiment of danger, an increase in the probability of accidents.
  • According to Freud’s dream book, lightning is a sign of intolerable keen desire, instant passion. That same love at first sight, which poets write about. A sign of destructive passion — when the discharge hit, objects, houses, trees were destroyed. You will not be able to resist the passion, try to optimize the destruction and do not hurt your loved ones.
  • If the discharge did not go to you, but to a loved one, this is a possible sign of problems with health and sexual life.
  • A female dream book sees lightning as a brief but dazzling joy. A beautiful but not too long love story, incredible luck in business, winning the lottery is possible. A flash of lightning nearby, in a neighboring house or in a garden, promises agony of envy. You will be able to overcome the unpleasant and destructive feeling, although at the cost of serious efforts.
  • Dream Miller treats lightning as a news, a sign of change, surprise and stunned. If the discharge hits you, you will fall prey to slander or divulge a significant secret that will hurt you greatly. In all cases, Miller calls for a low-key reaction, do not show excessive amazement, excitement, fright, joy.
  • The dream of Nostradamus, surprisingly, foreshadows a speedy apocalypse, possible contact with unearthly civilizations, the collapse of everything. Probably the great prophet wrote his prediction in great excitement and was afraid of lightning. Statistics show that seeing lightning in a dream is quite an ordinary phenomenon, but we still do not observe any real contacts with the alien mind. Particular horror the prophet inspired fireballs that can explode and lead to fires.

What dreams of lightning, thunder, lightning in the sky according to dream books


To see lightning in a dream is a sign of unrest, feelings, changes. In order to maintain happiness, you will have to learn to keep balance among the storms of life, turmoil, adversity and trials.

Keep children under supervision, strengthen control, in any case do not give in to provocations, do not respond to negative immediately. Behave like on a ship before the storm — full readiness, to set aside any squabbles, readiness for immediate reaction by action.

Avoid self-admiration, as in any critical situation, provide help to others, even if the problems have a significant proportion of their guilt. Forget about small bills on time.

Ancient dream books were written mainly in times when there were no lightning rods that prevent fires, attracting ball lightning. The danger of lightning a century ago was much higher.

Perhaps this explains the panic notes in some interpretations. This does not mean that lightning can be neglected, in a dream or in reality.

This is still a formidable sign that requires maximum attention.

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