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What dreams of lice on the other person and how to interpret the dream with benefit for themselves

Lice had a dream on another person, the correct interpretation of sleep

You will be surprised, but in most cases the lice on the other person dream about money, wealth, success, fame. It is not by chance in the Middle Ages in many countries that lice were venerated and called pearls and jewelery.

The poets of the Middle Ages admired the exquisiteness of the outlines and grace of ordinary lice and described their huge eyes exclusively in excellent expressions. The more lice on another person you see — the better your possible well-being in real life.

The bigger and brighter the lice on the other person — the more success they promise you.

Lice on another person in terms of psychoanalysis

To understand what the lice dream about on another person in the modern world, let’s turn to psychoanalysis. Usually any blood-sucking parasites are considered envy.

You see people who envy you.

Therefore, you are rich, successful, beautiful and enjoy success. How do you feel in a dream to a person who has lice in his hair? Is it fear, sympathy, curiosity, contempt, disgust, indifference?

Your feelings show your present attitude to public opinion.

If you experience horror and disgust — in real life with great probability, you will find a pleasant surprise or gift.

What dreams of lice on the other person and how to interpret the dream with benefit for themselves

Interaction with the object of sleep

Try to remember if you tried to study the lice on the other person in a dream, maybe to remove them, to transmit, to help? If you tried to help get rid of lice — you are unsuccessfully trying to defeat someone else’s envy.

Your selfless and sacrificial actions should lead to an increase in the number of «pearls» in your opponent’s hair.

Nevertheless, active actions show your attitude to the situation. Most likely, you are waiting for a change.

You are no longer willing to put up with lice and envy in other people’s heads.

If you are afraid of lice — you are afraid of communication problems and do not know how to build a normal relationship. This is especially true of dreams with lice on a child. It is undesirable to kill or crush the lice in the hair of your child — it is better to comb or wash them.

Crush — in this case — is an undesirable effect.

Lice on another person — interpretation of dream books

  • Traditional dream book lice on another person treats as a surprise, a pleasant surprise, joy.
  • In such cases, the people’s dream book is categorical and assumes that the person whom you have seen to be lousy did not pass the “lice test. This saying applies precisely to the lice on the other person in a dream.
  • Lice on another person in a dream can be an unfavorable sign only if you started something new and independent. Especially if you need the support or assistance of this person.
  • Vedic dream book firmly promises success in business, business, promotion, new position with a minimum of responsibilities and maximum money. From the point of view of the Vedic dream book, lice on a stranger, a stranger, show the possibility of a mighty patron, friend, soon appearing in your life. It is not surprising that medieval ladies, knowing the meaning of dream books, tried to see as many lice as possible in their dreams.
  • The second meaning of lice on another person is a lot of small troubles.
  • To see in a dream the dead lice, dried, fallen — to ruin, poverty, trouble.

What to do if lice dream on another person

Oddly enough, first of all — look at yourself. You cause envy and discontent.

You may behave arrogantly, boast, neglect the opinions of others. We can say that let those who are jealous, but lice on another person in a dream you see, let them deal with themselves.

People from your sleep have no such problems.

So, you need to either change the line of conduct, or learn to love lice, like medieval poets, praise them, call them pearls and admire. People envious cannot be relied upon.

Of course, they will become the most enthusiastic listeners and spectators during your victories, but secretly every envious person wants to enjoy your humiliation. If you stumble, there will be no mercy.

Moderate selfishness and redefine your social circle. Keep your mouth shut, talk less about your successes, be benevolent.

You can help people get rid of jealousy with small gifts. Buy envious little bottles of elite shampoo.

What dreams of lice on the other person and how to interpret the dream with benefit for themselves

Why not be afraid to see lice in a dream

The tradition of worshiping lice has a multicultural basis in Indian culture, far from medieval Europe, and the worship of lice was also widespread. The most pleasant dream, promising a prosperous life and a worthy rebirth, was considered white lice.

They were also a clear sign of holiness.

Now mores have changed, envy is considered indecent and uncultured. There are many other strategies for success, except to see lice on another person in a dream.

What dreams of lice on the other person and how to interpret the dream with benefit for themselves

Can lice in a dream signal health problems

In rare cases it is possible. If you wake up, feel itchy in your head, try to see in the mirror — have you become infected with insects — wash your head and make a fresh haircut.

You have long gathered, and now is the time to fulfill the dream.

If sensations of an itch do not pass — by all means visit the endocrinologist and hand over analyzes on sugar. Do not tell your doctor about your dreams, only about itchy sensations and mild anxiety.

Just in case, limit the use of sweets immediately.

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