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What dreams of lice on the dream of Miller, Hasse, Tsvetkova

Why dreamed a louse — detailed transcript for dream books

Dreams of lice can not be called pleasant, but sometimes these insects appear in visions. The interpretation of such dreams interests many people, because they are not so rare.

What dreams of lice on the dream of Miller, Hasse, Tsvetkova

Interpretation of dream books

Each interpretation contained in the dream book regarding the behavior of these annoying insects has a rich history, because these creatures were a daily occurrence. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the absence of lice is an unkind sign, as they leave their master a few moments before death, but in a dream the appearance of parasites is positive.

What dreams of lice on the dream of Miller, Hasse, Tsvetkova

It was believed that seeing crawling insects on a person is a good sign that promises an improvement in financial status. A more specific answer depended on the number of lice in a dream.

A little later, interpreters said that it was more useful to see insects on someone other than the dreamer, since in this case the result related to finances would be negligible. It may be a dream that insects were in the hair — this indicates future poverty, diseases and indifference to oneself.

If in a dream you saw eggs of lice, then you are expected to get a serious promotion. Also, the nits may portend that soon the dreamer will have children.

There is a chance that you will have to sweat a lot at work if you have a dream of a louse, or maybe an insect will become a source of household problems.

It is possible that future events will bring you some money. A lot of them will be or a little — depends on how many insects appeared in your sleep.

But the image is one, and there are many opinions — having familiarized yourself with the point of view of the interpreters, you can create for yourself a rough picture of the future.

Interpretation of sleep by dream books

What dreams of lice on the dream of Miller, Hasse, Tsvetkova

Family Dream. You are in a dream trying to get rid of lice, then there is a chance to miss the chance to get rich.

You will miss this opportunity yourself, so you should pay attention to the suggestions that you are offered and situations that will happen to you.

You have lice — you will have to face problems at work. Another case, if you saw insects not on you, but on another person — this is a sign, meaning that the white stripe of life will soon begin.

English dream book. You are in for trouble, financial loss and misfortune, both in your personal life and at work, if insects were in the dream.

Dream interpretation says that for a businessman such a vision can result in the loss of a huge amount of money, it is also possible that the business will have to be reduced or completely forgotten about it.

Dream Miller. The appearance of lice in a dream can cause a serious illness or a terrible disease.

If you see such insects on your pet or cattle, then money problems or poverty await you.

Modern dream book. A dream where you saw lice promises money, luck, the opportunity to find a solution to the problem.

If you understand that there is a parasite on your head, then wait for the loss or loss of something tangible.

Dream interpretation Hasse. In the dream, they saw lice on themselves — this means that there will be changes in a bad direction, if they bit you, wait for the disease.

Another case, when lice crawl over your friend, in such a situation you will have luck in your affairs.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. In the dream, they saw insects on a person or object — you will be replenished in the family.

With you will happen trouble or illness, if you dreamed that lice were on you.

Ukrainian dream book. Lice in your hair — expect to move up the career ladder, promotion or success in your business.

Spring dream book. If you look at the louse from the side, then the case that you just started will require more effort from you than you thought. See a louse on a pet?

Expect losses in the future. If the insect was on you, then there will be a reason for problems and quarrels with friends.

Ancient dream book. You tried to destroy the lice — there is a chance that problems will soon appear, the solution of which you can find, but if there are fewer insects, then it will be much more difficult to cope with difficulties.

Annoying parasites were everywhere — this is a sign that you will soon get bogged down with problems and for a long time. In the dream, you had a chance to see your pet being tormented by lice — your friends will need help, and if the animal did not resist, it’s likely that your friends hated you because of a tiny excuse.

If in the vision you feel yourself as a louse, then it means that you will have a very hard work that will be rewarded in a timely manner.

Female dream book. When a woman dreamed of no more than one louse — this means that an event will soon happen that will make you sit at home.

I dreamed that because of the lice it was difficult to fulfill the order, it means that there will be problems with achieving the goal and finances.

Lice were observed on someone else — this is a sign that the family will be replenished, the difficulties will be much less, the promotion will not make you wait long. Lice noticed on someone of your friends — this person will need help soon.

Did the parasites cause you a lot of problems? It is worth thinking about maintaining your health.

Dream interpretation of the eighteenth century. It was believed that if in a dream a louse caught up with your comrade and did not give him peace, then soon this person will demand help from you.

In a dream, a louse bites hard, you fight it, but to no avail — this means that what you just started doing is worth quitting, because you are in for trouble and inconvenience.

Saw them crawling — the financial situation will improve. But it depends on how many insects there were.

In your dreams, you washed your head and noticed lice, which means you will soon find a solution to the problems and their source. You noticed eggs, nits — this is a sign that soon there will be a replenishment in your wallet or in your family.

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