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What dreams of lice in the hair of a child according to the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Vanga, Freud

Lice in the head of a baby or an adult child dreamed of mom or dad: is it a good sign

What dreams lice caring parents? If your child really picked up this attack in a kindergarten or school, everything is simple: you spent hours hours combing them all night, so they came to the dream at night … But what would the dream book say if such a dream just had a dream, provided that your baby is healthy and in his team there are no children with pediculosis?

What dreams of lice in the hair of a child according to the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Vanga, Freud

General interpretation of «lousy» sleep

  • Often, lice in a child’s hair in a dream mean the exorbitant care with which parents surround their child. However, this sign may have other interpretations.
  • At certain times, the child lice that you dreamed is a sign of your future career advancement, salary improvement.
  • Sometimes such a dream says: life will give you a few good opportunities. Do not miss them, because destiny will not forever overwhelm you with such gifts!
  • See lice in the hair of a child mixed with nits (that is, their larvae) — to some advantage.

How many were there?

  • Just one. Your life will be filled with problems — small, but nasty.
  • Lot. You will have to worry (run, spend money) due to illness. It is quite possible that there will be several diseases — for example, the whole family may have had a seasonal flu.
  • Lots of. Your whole family will be seriously «on the nerves.»
  • However, this dream has another interpretation: a serious cash flow awaits you. Most likely, your work will bring wealth — although along with high incomes you will also get a full “set” of envious people.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Scrubbed them. Soon you will get rid of all your troubles.
  • You crushed them. You will help your child get rid of any problems.
  • However, if you always try to help the child with everything (you almost tie the laces for a schoolboy), the dream book warns you: stop and think, do you really want your son or daughter to remain helpless for the rest of your life? Let them start to solve their own problems.
  • You crushed them, and the number of lice only grew? You are a “little boy” parent who is trying to protect his child from all dangers in the world. Stop! Hyper-drug slows down the child, making him limp!
  • Someone close helped you destroy the parasites. Sleep promises a mess, which you will soon get. All will remain alive and no one will suffer, but you will have plenty to worry about.

What dreams of lice in the hair of a child according to the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Vanga, Freud

Your feelings in a dream

  • You are very confused, having learned that your daughter or son has pediculosis. Your subconscious mind hints that you are an emotionally unstable person. You often have the disease «from the nerves.» In general, you are a hypochondriac.
  • Very upset. You are a vain person. Even if the case should be solved by itself, you will still run around, actively commanding, reliving and waving your arms.
  • They were frightened to see «live sand» in the head of their baby. You cannot cope with any difficulties and feel at the same time that you are alone, there is no help from anyone.
  • Rejoiced, having exterminated petty villains. The things you are working on right now will come to an end soon. They will be profitable.

And what do dream books, ancient and modern, write about pediculosis?

As you can see, popular interpretations of this dream differ in many ways. Maybe decoding from famous scientists and esotericists will help you shed light on the sign sent by fate?

The dream of psychologist Miller

  1. Most often, such a dream says: unfinished business hangs over you that worry you a lot. And the more lice or their larvae were in the head, the more “deficiencies” do not allow you to sleep peacefully.
  2. The one who saw lice in the head of his child in a dream will soon be worried about his health in reality.
  3. Did you crush them? Life will give you a difficult test, but you will withstand it with dignity.
  4. If the parasites also happened to be with you, it is a sign of excitement about your personal and working life.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

What dreams of lice in the hair of a child according to the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov, Vanga, Freud

  1. Most often, lice are considered a good sign — they dream of money.
  2. If you saw them on someone (not only on your own child, but also on your spouse, in the hair of a friend, a stranger), sleep will promise good luck at work or in business.
  3. If a couple of «brave guys» jumped to you — expect from the fate of something dirty.

Small Veles dream book (also known as Old Slavic)

  1. Lice in a child indicate that you should not be afraid that the baby will get sick. And in general, do not «zakutyvayut» his extra care. All the time running after him and deciding for him, you can miss his talents, knock him off the road he is destined to.
  2. Only one louse crawled over the body of a child? Where exactly did she sit down? On the nose, shoulder, ear? In this body, the disease can begin. Be careful, sleep can warn about it even before the visible painful sensations. By turning to a pediatrician in time, you will protect your child from the serious consequences of this disease.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

  1. What dreams of lice in the hair of a child, crumbed head crumbs in large quantities? To the same heap of problems that can fall both on the baby and on you.
  2. Their color is also important. If they were white, you will get good news. If black, your son or daughter can get sick.
  3. If in a dream you passed nits and (or) lice, in real life problems will fall on you, but you will successfully overcome them.

Frederick psychoanalyst dream interpretation

  1. According to this dream book, lice — in the hair of a child, your own — is a sign of moral burnout because of some problems, desires that will never come true. It is possible that the dreamer with one foot is on the threshold of mental instability.
  2. A woman can promise this sign a lot of attention from men — however, it will not be serious.
  3. A dream man can promise the opportunity to acquire offspring. But if his spouse or girlfriend gets pregnant, he will be bothered by fears about responsibility for the child.

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