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What dreams of killing a person: interpretation of the dream?

What dreams of murder: the interpretation of various dream books

According to the dream books, killing in a dream can not always be viewed as a negative symbol. The plot, in which the sleeper is killed, does not bear the tragic semantic load for the dreamer.

The dream, where it was possible to kill the criminal, defending himself against his attack, testifies to the difficult situation that awaits the sleeper in the near future. For the final interpretation, it is important to take into account the smallest details seen in a dream: the general plot, one’s own emotions, actions, feelings, the murder weapon; who was in the role of the victim, how and where it happened, who else was in the dream.

For people who are interested in watching movies with relevant content, such dreams are only a reflection of the subconscious processing of information.

Famous interpreters interpret dreams in which murder dreams in different ways:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
LofaSign of self-destruction and dissatisfaction with one’s life
TsvetkovaA sleeping person is awaited by luck in the workplace.
MillerIn real life, the dreamer will witness monstrous cruelty and injustice.
WangiThe dreamer will suffer because of the vileness of others and will not be able to trust anyone after this event.
FreudIn a sexual relationship, the sleeper doesn’t care at all about the partner’s wishes, he only thinks about himself and is cruel to his second half, showing aggression and sadistic inclinations during lovemaking
AmericanThe dreamer is not self-confident and needs the care and support of people from close surroundings
OrientalSleeping person awaits hopeless sadness and a series of unpleasant incidents.
ItalianThe dream personifies the negative qualities of the dreamer and the hostile attitude towards relatives
RussianAuspicious sign that a sleeping person is safe
FamilyCaution about enemy intrigues
VelesovDreamer commit a treacherous act
AzaraThe sleeper does not feel protected in real life.
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaSign of deep contradictions that the sleeper perceives extremely painful
HealthSleeper can not be called a person with a stable psyche. He is prone to aggression and unpredictable behavior that can cause others great harm.
Love relationshipSleep means that a person who truly cares for the sleeper will insult him, which the dreamer can never forget and forgive.

What dreams of killing a person: interpretation of the dream?

Depending on the instrument that committed the crime in a dream, the semantic load changes:

  • Knife or dagger — to unexpected profits.
  • Saber — loss of property or huge losses.
  • Ax — sign of unfulfilled dreams.
  • Pistol — the dreamer prefers to solve problems radically. He was not used to special ceremony with others and lives by his own rules.

What dreams of killing a person: interpretation of the dream?

If the sleeper happened to be in the role of a witness to the murder, to interpret the plot it is important to remember who was the victim of the murderer:

  • See the death of your close relative — a person who was killed in a dream is in real danger. He may be a victim of a robbery or a participant in an accident.
  • Learn about the murder of a friend — the dreamer’s buddy dies.
  • Husband or boyfriend killed — a woman worries about the health of her lover and cannot imagine her life without this person.
  • Become a witness to the crime that killed the child, — the sleeper suppresses the good impulses of his own soul, becoming authoritarian and merciless towards others.
  • To see the death of a stranger — to the internal confrontation. The dreamer tries to storm the dark side of his personality, but all his attempts are in vain.
  • A friend killed an innocent — the person whom the dreamer trusts without limit will fail him at the most crucial moment.

If the dreamer in a dream is watching the killing of a blood relative and cannot prevent it, the plot foreshadows concern about his state of health, not only physical but also emotional.

What dreams of killing a person: interpretation of the dream?

Dream interpretation gives ambiguous interpretations of dreams, in which you have seen yourself in the role of a murderer, depending on some details:

  • Kill a defenseless person — the sleeper will be involved in shameful events that completely destroy his reputation.
  • If you had a chance to kill an armed robber or a criminal who wanted to take the life of a dreamer, it would be lucky in business and personal relationships.
  • Killing the enemy in a dream foreshadows wealth and public acceptance in reality.
  • Specially kill the lover in a dream — sleeping relationship is tired, and she wants to break the bond with a man whom she once loved with all her heart.
  • Strangle a person with your bare hands — you need to urgently change something in your life. It is necessary to revise priorities and analyze all areas of life in order to understand how to improve the situation.
  • Denying the life of a person who is unpleasant to the sleeper in reality — the dreamer is afraid to look reality in the eyes and avoids responsibility for his own actions.
  • Shoot your child in a dream — release from negative emotions. A sleeping woman needs good rest, which she fully deserves.
  • Kill a stranger by defending against him — the sleeper will be able to solve a long-standing problem and achieve the desired goal.

A cruel murder in a dream speaks of the mental disorders of a sleeper in real life. If he refuses a bloody murder and tries to flee from justice, the dream indicates that soon all the secrets of the dreamer will become public.

Killing someone and not knowing what to do with the corpse, expecting retribution for their deeds with horror — something out of the ordinary will happen that will leave a lasting impression of a negative character in the soul of the dreamer.

If the assassination attempt was unsuccessful and the victim managed to survive, the dreamer will be lucky in real life: it will be possible to avoid punishment for the crimes committed.

Modern interpreters disagree on what dreams mean in which they killed a sleeping person:

  • To be shot from a machine gun in a dream — the foes will do their best to destroy the dreamer.
  • Be strangled in a dream — to serious mental suffering and psychological trauma as a result of the tragic accident.
  • If you had a chance to die in a dream at the hands of a loved one, you need to look at people from the inner circle. Perhaps one of them is dishonest towards the sleeper and is plotting evil.

If the dreamer managed to survive after the assassination attempt, one must be extremely careful on the road. This is especially true of people who own their own vehicle.

If the dreamer was caught in the place of the murder, which he did not commit, and unjustly accused of committing a crime, the dream warns of a close break of the friendly and family ties with those people whom the sleeping person values ​​the most. This can happen because of betrayal or because of a fatal set of circumstances.

If the sleeper has soiled his clothes with blood — he will soon receive a large amount of money, which he inherited as a result of participating in a dubious event.

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