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What dreams of jealousy about the dream books of Miller, Shereminskaya

I had a terrible jealousy — nuances of decoding by dream books

Nowadays, this feeling is not welcome — it is believed that it is better to marry a drunkard than a jealous man, and that only extremely insecure people do not trust their soul mate. But now this feeling came to you in a dream … What will the dream book tell about it — does such a dream show your soul from the best side, and in general, why does jealousy dream?

What dreams of jealousy about the dream books of Miller, Shereminskaya

The general interpretation of this «nervous» and «suspicious» sleep

  • Very often, interpreters say: in your jealousy in a dream, your life stubbornness is transformed. That is, it is quite a positive dream. If the feeling in the dream was very strong, even comprehensive, on the way to the goal you cannot be stopped at all.
  • If you felt jealous, but it was not clear whom and to whom you were jealous, it means: you will encounter a misunderstanding of your relatives, and this will upset you very much.

Are you jealous?

  • Such a dream often means: you upset a loved one (even if you did not want to do it).
  • Did you dream that you brought a new husband (wife) to the family, and the children responded with terrible jealousy? Your subconscious hints: you don’t show them your love too much. Spend time together often, but you also don’t need to put up a cross on your personal life.
  • And vice versa, if you have seen how jealous children of your beloved (loved one) were jealous of you — sleep means your subconscious fears of becoming a bad stepmother (stepfather).
  • If “Othello” in your dream was made by your cat, dog or other pet of the family, up to a breakdown of a meeting, it says: “sticks in the wheels” of a relationship that has just started can put small misunderstandings. If you do not want to run up, carefully discuss everything, everything, even little things.

Are you jealous?

As the dream book says, jealousy of your partner (partner) is a sign: in fact, this person is 100% loyal to you. But it is very important that you leave “Othello syndrome” in a dream and do not begin to transfer it to real life.

It is known: the more often a person is “carried out by the brain” with similar feelings (also groundless), the more he thinks about escaping from relationships.

What dreams of jealousy about the dream books of Miller, Shereminskaya

Dreamer — man

  • Why dream of jealousy of his own wife? Oddly enough, to dishonesty on the part of business partners or friends. So that they do not put you «stick in the wheel», try not to intersect.
  • If you are jealous of your beloved literally for every pillar, the dream speaks of your utmost purposefulness. There is nothing that you could not achieve.
  • In a dream, you tormented your former spouse with jealousy? And this dream, on the contrary, speaks of your indecision. If life gives you several solutions, you, like that fabulous bogatyr, stand for a long time at a crossroads, not daring to choose a direction for yourself.
  • And what if this loved one was jealous of you? Unplanned news will begin to ruin your plans, but you still manage to bring what you have begun to the bitter end.

Dreamgirl — girl or woman

  • If you are jealous of your own spouse, the dream says: you are indeed jealous, even though you loved and did not give a reason. Do not deduce him as suspicion, since you will only alienate your husband from yourself and earn the reputation of a not too smart woman.
  • Jealous of your ex: it’s time to say goodbye to something or someone, performing in your life «a suitcase without a handle.»
  • If you are jealous of a loved one (guy), it says: you are not sure of your own irresistibleness and subconsciously fear that this person will leave you in time.
  • If the object of jealousy was your lover, the dream says: soon it will open to you from an unexpected side.
  • The spouse was jealous of you: your relationship is going through hard times. It may be reasonable for some time to live separately, or at least not to engage in loud conflicts.
  • See your boyfriend’s jealousy: under your well-being, your enemies are undermining, but they will fail. For example, if you know for sure that some kind of profurset is spinning around your loved one, the dream assures: it will remain with your nose.

And what about this feeling write famous interpreters?

What dreams of jealousy about the dream books of Miller, Shereminskaya

Sometimes the author’s books supplement the popular interpretation, and sometimes they change the decoding of the “sleepy” signs beyond recognition. How do they look at the «green-eyed monster» that tormented you at night?

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

  1. For a male dreamer to experience «Othello syndrome» to a legitimate spouse means: some outsiders have a strong effect on you.
  2. For a woman — a dreamer to see the spouse’s jealousy: your family can be greatly shaken by loud scandals and quarrels.
  3. If the lady was jealous of her beloved (lover, boyfriend, groom), it means that he will love her even more.
  4. Well, and if the woman herself was jealous of her beloved, the dream warns: in real life, he can play up after another girl.

Dream Miller

  1. Jealous loved (spouse) can be men who listen to the advice of rather stupid people.
  2. If a woman saw the jealousy of her beloved, it means: in the “real” some young lady turns around him, but you will succeed in taking over her.

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