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What dreams of insects, the values ​​for the main dream books

Insects dreamed — how to interpret according to dream books

What do insects dream about and what does such a dream mean? Insects in a dream in most cases — the personification of many small and major problems.

For example, alcoholic psychosis often begins with hallucinations, in which intrusive insects appear, seeking to cause harm.

If in a dream you often see a lot of insects, you are afraid of insects — butterflies, cockroaches — it makes sense to turn to a neurologist. Because these are clear signs of an incipient neurosis that can develop. Head injuries, depression, potent drugs, stress, overwork — people often do not pay attention to such trifles.

What kind of nonsense — butterflies in a dream every night? Do not treat the nerves valerian and motherwort.

Complete a complete MRI of the brain and follow the doctor’s instructions. Modern pharmacology and diagnosis reveals complex states and treats neuroses of the initial stage in 2-3 months.

The main importance of insects in a dream, you guessed it, is not too good. You are very worried about something, you are experiencing severe discomfort.

Perhaps you are on the verge of collapse.

The main importance of insects in a dream is depression, a lot of minor problems. The second meaning is disgust and contempt for oneself, low self-esteem. If now you are thinking about the topic — why should you really appreciate me?

And list the possible failures and failures — it’s time you get out of depression.

What dreams of insects, the values ​​for the main dream books

How to treat the meaning of dreams

  • Butterflies, moths in significant quantities — ruin, financial problems, ill-will of imaginary friends. A short joy is possible, followed by disappointment.
  • Locusts, crickets, grasshoppers — for some time it is better to refrain from inviting guests.
  • Unidentified flying bugs — you scam attacks. Be afraid of allegedly profitable financial transactions, offers to invest money, various “success strategies” and gambling on exchanges.
  • Wasps, horseflies — you have an unpleasant secret, the revelation of which you are afraid of in panic.
  • Beetles — to poverty, the abduction and devaluation of your work, investments.
  • Flies — to notoriety, to gossip and lies.
  • Spiders — to great work or to meet with scammers.
  • Caterpillars — you will meet with unpleasant people, posing as a walking virtue, but wishing to profit at your expense.
  • Hair parasites, lice, nits — surprisingly, to wealth and gifts.
  • Worms, earthworms can dream of wealth and interesting tasks.
  • Garden pests — liars, well-wishers, detractors. There may be accusations of infidelity, the disclosure of unsightly secrets.
  • Crush insects in a dream — to lead a useless protracted battle with their own fears.
  • Run away and hide from the attacking midges — turn away from their own problems.
  • Overcoming fear and disgust to continue to act — you are not tired of pretending that all is well? Patience is the ultimate resource.
  • Skin and hair parasites, bugs, ticks, mean envy and the desire to profit at your expense.
  • Bees dream of profit, good harvest, productive work.
  • Ladybirds dream of good luck and excellent health.
  • Vodomerki — you will be able to crank up a complicated case with impunity. Almost walk on water.

What dreams of insects, the values ​​for the main dream books

In a dream, your attitude to what is happening is important. If the dream itself is frightening, it causes disgust — this is evidence of the abnormality of what is happening.

Your own emotional state is the most reliable indicator. Sleep is needed for rest, relaxation of the body and unequal system in particular.

If you wake up in even more stress than fall asleep — the nervous system is overloaded. Learn to relax, step back from the problems and take time for yourself.

What do insects mean by dream books

  • Dream Miller considers insects in a dream, as an active activity of secret detractors and direct enemies. Winged insects dream to ruin. Blood-sucking insects — your subordinates and pets will cause a lot of problems. Most often, these problems are not specifically invented, but occur solely by negligence, negligence, out of mischief, for a joke.
  • Dream Vanga considers insects a bad sign. The only exception is the ladybugs that dream of longevity.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers insects as a projection of children. Annoying, annoying creatures in Freud’s opinion are similar and this is emphasized by dreams. As you can guess, Freud did not like children too much. Biting midge — disappointment in children. Crush midges — to protect themselves during sex from the possible appearance of offspring.
  • For the Lofa dream book, midges and bugs, butterflies and moths are extremely favorable for creative professions. Perhaps it refers to the inspiration of mosquitoes. To be stuck around with midges is to get into an incomprehensible and difficult situation.
  • The larger the insects in a dream — the greater the scale of possible problems. This does not apply to biting and harmful insects — their size does not matter. Small pests can be more difficult to detect.

What dreams of insects, the values ​​for the main dream books


Insects in a dream are not the best sign and you should certainly take caution into consideration. Quite often, dreams with insects signal that you have already reached the limit of your abilities and patience will soon end.

This is a good sign, you have a chance to look at the situation from a new point of view, to assess the state of things differently. Chances are that you have to start all over again. If you see insects in a dream for you — a common thing, although in real life you see them not often — go to a psychologist.

If a psychologist diagnoses depression — go to a neurologist. Independently go out of depression can be for years.

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