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What dreams of indoor flowers for various dream books

Why did you dream of indoor flowers: the interpretation of a dream

You had a rather interesting dream that can tell a lot about your psychological stability to new events. You are fully prepared for anything that can happen. But still, why dream of a full pot of indoor flowers?

Dream interpretation will give the necessary answers.

Consider this dream from a different angle. How exactly does the appearance of indoor flowers in your dream characterize you?

Immediately you need to say that every dream has its own, not like other interpretations. To correctly set all the priorities, it is necessary that your subconscious provides you with maximum information.

To do this, you need to synchronize with it, fully adjust all perception to your level.

As a rule, a dream with potted flowers and any household attributes can symbolize an unruly spirit, or a simple, quiet abode, which everyone so likes to call “home”. Yes, indeed, it is much easier to attribute home flowers to the hearth, but who would have thought that the flowers themselves are a symbol of the militant nature of our dreamer.

Reader, think: if the flowers grow in the house, does this mean that they feel good? Perhaps, but at this time there is a serious struggle going on in their roots — they are trying to cut through, to give maximum useful material to their stem and grow under these conditions, which is not such an easy process in ordinary nature.

That is why flowers should be interpreted not from the point of view of the home hearth, which will never go out and will wait for a quiet and timid dreamer, but from the point of view that after this dream the reader will go and correct his problems, no matter how terrible they are, this is exactly what your subconscious wants, so to say “Second Self”

What dreams of indoor flowers for various dream books

Interpretation of the dream regarding the plot and circumstances

I would like to understand why you dream such dreams. To answer this question, try to dive in — what is your character, what do you like to do, and what do you really do not like and do not know. How exactly would you like to spend your day, and why you spend it exactly as society requires.

A quick-tempered person, or rational.

You also need to remember everything that happened to you in your dream. We need to remember exactly how you reacted to the situation.

Below, we will consider an option for which a huge home tree entangles you in a vice, how would you react to such a dream? There are many options, each of them show a particular part of the character who saw the dream;

If you managed to fully synchronize with your subconscious and received the necessary information, then we can begin to interpret your extraordinary dream. Our site provides all the necessary information for interpreting a dream at home, so the reader will not be difficult to remember your dream and relate it to the options given below:

  • A huge amount of indoor flowers. If for one reason or another you have seen a huge number of flowers in your house, then you should think about the safety of feelings — do you really like to come forward with your conservative views on love, do you really love your work and soulmate until now, answer yourself these questions;
  • Small amount of flowers. In itself, a very small number of flowers (like the small flowers themselves) do not mean anything, they only caution the person who had a dream about dangerous events that can certainly occur in several variants of the post-speech of a given dream;
  • The plants came to life and began to walk around the apartment. Such a Hollywood story really deserves an Oscar, which has not yet been seen at the box office. However, dreams with a similar plot symbolize the extreme insecurity of the dreamer, who assures himself that all people around him are watching him and trying to fool him. This is a complete lie that forces the reader to doubt himself and put pressure on other people because of his own complex;
  • Smelling room flowers. A pretty sweet dream that doesn’t foretell anything bad — only good relations with superiors and an increase in material well-being;
  • Flowers one day disappeared. Dreams with the disappearance of flowers are not uncommon, they predict, as a rule, complete oblivion. You will forget about your problems and about those people who constantly tried to hurt you, did it in various ways and could not calm down. You will still go to your goal and not pay attention to those who remained on the ground;
  • The flowers smelled badly. Do not ignore the dreams with a similar plot, as they predict the dreamer either a very strong disappointment or a pleasant good. Everything depends on a certain action in the future, which will predetermine absolutely everything;
  • Do not water the flowers. Yes, not all of us are gardeners and everyone can forget to water the flowers once, but what if in a dream you just intentionally did not water them, so to speak, because of some internal anger. Such a dream predicts only mutual understanding with colleagues, perhaps built on hypocrisy, lies and deceit, but still mutual understanding. Even such colleagues should be appreciated, so the subconscious hints at us. And it also does not want you to become the same hypocrite;
  • Destroyed the plant. Acting as a cruel destroyer of plants means that it is very unpleasant for you to be aware of your own place and position in society. you are constantly trying to break out at the expense of their achievements, which have significant weight, but never find approval in society. The subconscious declares to you that society is not the main measure of your uniqueness, and you can achieve more if you do not rely on public opinion.

What dreams of indoor flowers for various dream books

How psychics and specialists will interpret a dream

  1. Wang. The Bulgarian seer is sure that sleeping with a potted plant cannot predict something bad, after it the capacity for self-improvement and self-analysis always increases, and as a result you can finally achieve an old dream and goal, do not stop there, break through your own ceiling time;
  2. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud is sure that this is not the first time when you have to deal with a wall of incomprehension, which should be completely broken through. You have your own unique character, unique pros and cons. you should not dwell on the opinion of society on this issue;
  3. According to Miller. Henry Miller is sure that you should forget, abstract from your own problems and decide for yourself how to build your life activity without listening.

What dreams of indoor flowers for various dream books

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