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What dreams of hours: interpretation of the dream

According to the majority of dream books, the hours in the dream foreshadow an important event or the appearance of a person who will affect the dreamer’s future life. This symbol reminds the sleeper that one must not rush to get something from life, but simply enjoy every moment. A more accurate interpretation of sleep depends on the appearance and mechanism of the clock.

It is important to pay attention to the actions and behavior of the dreamer.

One of the main points to pay attention to when interpreting a dream is the appearance and condition of the clock.


Interpretation of sleep

Women’s watches symbolize the efforts associated with the arrival of guests from afar

Sign that the dreamer too often interferes with the privacy of others

A beautiful gold watch warns about the theft that a dreamer will commit.

To deception, treason, betrayal

To improve the financial situation of the dreamer

The sleeping person will miss the chance to change his life because of his insecurity.

A dream says that the time has come to think about your actions in the past.

If the clock has stopped, it is a symbol of stagnation in the life of the dreamer. Should be more active, take action

See you in the near future with a nice person

Regretting past deeds

To the beginning of a new business that will radically change the life of the dreamer

If the dreamer was presented with a bracelet from a watch, then this promises marriage. To lose such a gift is a sign of the collapse of hopes.

With an unusual dial

The dreamer should be more attentive to what is happening in his life so as not to miss something important.

Of great importance for the interpretation of sleep is a kind of watch.

Clock type


Between the dreamer and his second half will establish trust, not overshadowed by jealousy

Symbol of stable family relationships

To the warm atmosphere of home, comfort and understanding between family members

Sleep means peace and tranquility in the family.

It should be more realistic to look at life

The symbol of the fact that the dreamer act of the dreamer can destroy his relationship with a close friend

To obtain sexual pleasure with a man who apparently looks stern and cold

To receive important news

What dreams of hours: interpretation of the dream

If in a dream a sleeping person saw the arrows of the treads, then this promises the approach of an important moment in life. For lovers, a similar plot foreshadows a late partner for a romantic date.

If the dreamer turned the arrows back, then the expected event will occur a little earlier than necessary, and if forward, this is a sign that it will take much longer to realize the dream than previously expected.

If the clock goes in the opposite direction — big troubles are expected.

Not running hours with stopped arrows promise death. The dream in which the arrows spin too fast has the same meaning.

If you managed to remember the time that the arrows show, then in the near future, these numbers will play an important role in a person’s life. Exactly midnight on the clock — a symbol of the fact that a significant event will soon happen.

To see in a dream dial without hands — to a new romantic acquaintance.

What dreams of hours: interpretation of the dream

When interpreting sleep, one should pay attention to exactly where the clock was.

Where is the clock located?

Dream interpretation

Sleep has an unfavorable meaning. He promises a break with your loved one

  • The dream warns that an event will soon happen that will radically change the life of the dreamer.
  • A person doesn’t have enough time to implement his plan

On the dreamer’s hand

The symbol of the fact that the dreamer often does not fulfill these promises. This may cause conflicts.

On the man’s hand

  • For a woman, sleep promises the emergence in her life of a reliable partner who can be trusted.
  • A man like the plot promises marriage

On the woman’s hand

  • To flirt, fleeting romantic passion.
  • Another interpretation of sleep is to get income from a project that is losing at first glance.

On the facade of the building

To recognition, praise and honor

A good sign, which says that a sleeping person can solve old problems, his life will improve

What dreams of hours: interpretation of the dream

Of great importance for the correct interpretation of sleep is what actions were performed by the dreamer.


Interpretation of sleep

Look at the time

In real life, the dreamer will keep up with everything and properly manage his time.

Buying a new watch is a sign of the carelessness of the dreamer and his inability to quickly make important decisions in this situation.

Loss for a woman means troubles at work because of domestic troubles, for a man — being late for an important business meeting

Get a gift

To receive a long-awaited proposal in reality. For a girl, it can be a marriage proposal, and for a man — a business
  • To minor troubles with which the dreamer can easily cope.
  • To a new romantic acquaintance, improving relations with a partner

Find a watch — to great luck and luck. If they were expensive — to raise wages or receive a premium.

The beginning of an interesting new business that will radically change a person’s life

  • Doing boring, uninteresting work that does not deliver either moral or material pleasure.
  • Another interpretation of sleep: positive changes in the life of a sleeping person

Let down a wristwatch — a symbol that promises to receive a large material reward for the work done

To the beginning of a love affair that will be full of vivid emotions

Means to find the optimal solution to an important question.

  • A sign that a sleeping person is in a tangled situation and does not know how to get out of it.
  • Break glass only — to commit a frivolous act

Sign of the solution of the accumulated old problems.

If the moves were stolen from the dreamer, this is an unfavorable sign. He talks about the presence in the immediate environment of the dreamer of envious and gossipists who in every possible way try to harm his reputation.

To look at the watch

If in a dream the dreamer is afraid of being late somewhere, then it means that in real life a person is afraid of missing the chance to change his life for the better

Hear the clock fight

To the sad news. Someone from close people need the help of a dreamer

To receive good news

Competition Victory Badge

The symbol of the fact that in old age a sleeping person will live in a foreign land

Repair from the master

  • If a woman dreamed that she came to the watchmaker to fix the watch, then it promises familiarity with a strange man.
  • If a man sees a similar plot, then business partners want to deceive him.

Detect the insect inside

To the appearance in the life of a dreamer of enemies and hypocrites

Many esotericists, seers, psychoanalysts and magicians have their own point of view about what the clock is dreaming about.

Dream interpretation

Value of sleep

See the clock — to win the lottery or inheritance, break — to unforeseen obstacles in achieving the goal, to hear the fight — to betrayal or change your loved one

  • If you dreamed of a broken clock, then this is a symbol of dissatisfaction with sex. You should speak frankly with the partner and find out what needs to be changed in order to improve the quality of intimate life.
  • Wall clock — a symbol of passionate sexual relations with a new partner
  • Watches are a symbol of life and say that you need to appreciate every minute and enjoy the present.
  • Determine the time of the clock, which has no dial — to great dangers
  • To hear the clatter of hours — to a protracted period of material difficulties.
  • Hear one ringing punch — to the disease
  • To consider the antique clock — unfortunately about the act committed in the past.
  • Wall clock — a sign of radical change in the near future

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