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What dreams of honey — interpretation of the dream

What dreams of honey in the dream book

To unravel what honey dreams for, try to remember the plot of your dream in full detail, or better — write it down so that you don’t forget anything. And then read the interpretations in this article to understand what fate has prepared for you in the future.

Ancient dream book

A huge barrel filled with sweet and fragrant honey is a sign of luck and great luck that will appear in your life. You will become a real magician who is able to fulfill your desires by the power of thought.

Just express the intention to receive something, and the necessary opportunities to realize it will appear very quickly.

What dreams of honey - interpretation of the dream

  1. Honey is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, good news and favorable events. Therefore, having seen such a dream, you can rejoice — you have become a darling of fate.
  2. A full cup of honey — to the advance of abundance and prosperity. Everything is connected with money. You no longer have to save and plan expenses. You can afford what you have long dreamed of.
  3. There is honey — to the good news that will please you very much. In addition, the information received will be very valuable to you. You can use it for your own good.
  4. To treat another person — wait for guests who decide to visit you unexpectedly. Close people will come to visit you, whom you have missed because you have not seen each other for a long time.
  5. But a broken keg of honey is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream promises great disappointment, and then parting with a loved one. It is possible that you have to face betrayal.
  6. Spoiled honey — to separation from someone close to whom you can not interfere. This will be a forced decision, which in the future will have to seriously regret.
  7. Watching honeycombs is a good sign. Despite the problems and difficulties, you will achieve the desired goal with the least loss. You have enough resources to cope with any challenge and success.
  8. To feel the lips sticky from honey is an unfavorable sign. About your person will begin to gossip and false rumors. Prepare to defend against the attacks of detractors. And do not trust people who are constantly trying to flatter you.
  9. Add honey to your own cooked dish — your relationship with a partner will move to a new stage. There will be a feeling that they have become completely different, better. They will have more love and warmth, although less vivid emotions and passion.
  10. To see how a fly stuck in honey — the results of your work are used by another person, having given your achievements as his own. You can not do anything with this injustice, it remains only to put up with it.
  11. To sell honey products — in real life you are a very enterprising person who prefers to think in solutions rather than problems. Therefore, you will always live in prosperity, easily fulfilling your desires.
  12. Take honey as a treat, but to find that it is very bitter — you will find yourself in a difficult situation that you cannot handle on your own. You will be forced to seek help from other people.
  13. The bear climbs into a bee’s nest — on your way in life there will be obstacles in the form of rudeness and rudeness of former supporters. Because of this, not all plans will be implemented as quickly as you would like.
  14. Spilling liquid honey on the ground — soon there will be a period of misfortunes and troubles in your life, as if you will lose the fortune that has always been on your side up to this point.
  15. Trying to get the honey out of the jar, but to no avail — people will not go to meet your requests will be ignored. You have to rely only on yourself, but remember that you have enough strength to solve all problems on your own.

Dream Miller

The author of this dream book believed that honey is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity.

What dreams of honey - interpretation of the dream

Here are his interpretations:

  1. To see honey in a dream — to great wealth, which is already on the way to the dreamer. Just need to spare no effort to get it. And then you will live in prosperity until the end of your days.
  2. Pure and almost transparent honey also dreams of well-being, but only externally. People you will seem successful, happy and accomplished person, but now your soul will remain unsatisfied. You ignore some of your desires, so you do not feel the long-awaited peace and comfort.
  3. Hungry to eat sweet honey — now you are upset and do not know what to do. But fate has big plans for you. You will become a rich man, meet the other half and find true love. It remains only to wait a bit.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

In the interpretation of this dream book, honey is a symbol of happiness and abundance in all spheres of human life.

What dreams of honey - interpretation of the dream

Here are his predictions:

  1. To see the friable, fresh and fragrant honey — in reality you will receive an expensive gift, become the owner of the property or gain some significant benefit for you. All the efforts made in the past will finally bring results and you will break a big sum.
  2. Sweets made from honey dream to be replenished in the family soon. Or there comes a favorable period for conceiving a child. If you succeed in conceiving it in the near future, the pregnancy will be calm, and the baby will be born healthy and happy.
  3. There is honey with pleasure — a good sign that promises a long, happy, eventful and emotional life. You do not have to worry about anything, even health in old age will remain strong.
  4. Buying sweets on the market — deep down you are not satisfied with your existing relationship with your partner. You are with him only for the sake of convenience and comfort, but because of this you do not allow yourself to open your heart and let true love into it.

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  • If you dreamed about honey, in most cases you can only be glad, because it is an unusually favorable sign.
  • It is a symbol of well-being, prosperity, love, happiness and abundance that will appear in your life very soon. The long-awaited peace and satisfaction with your own life is on its way to you.
  • But not all predictions are so good, so try to analyze your dream, remembering all the details to be ready for the upcoming events.

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