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What dreams of hay, which means hay for dream books

Why dreamed of hay — what can it mean by dream books

From the point of view of a city dweller, hay and straw are practically the same thing. Not really. Hay is a fragrant fresh grass, mown from the meadows at the moment of the highest juiciness and dried in the shortest possible time to preserve nutrients. Straw is collected in the fields.

This is what is left after the threshing of grain — coarse and hard ears, almost devoid of nutritional value. The difference between soft fragrant herbs and hard stems is obvious.

Hay is used to feed pets. Straw is suitable for construction work, roofing, construction, installation of floor mats, tatami. Straw is added to clay or cement as reinforcement.

This use of straw is possible due to the more dense texture. The main meaning of straw — annoyance, empty efforts, minor troubles.

We are interested in what dream hay is about — dried aromatic grass. The most frequent significance of such a dream is, fortunately, well-being, family comfort, reliable profit.

Except, of course, dreams, in which you see burning hay.

In this case, you need to look at what the fire dreams about — a critical condition that threatens a peaceful life, serious negative signs. Burning hay in a dream is a warning.

Losses, but not a disaster. Everything will get better, troubles happen, but it is necessary to pay more attention to the order in housekeeping.

Perhaps you should check the electrician in the house.

What dreams of hay, which means hay for dream books

Basic values ​​of hay in a dream

  • Just hay in a dream — to the light and pleasant novel, which will quickly become a pleasant memory. With all the frivolousness of the situation, take seriously the technical side of the issue and security.
  • Tilting the mowed grass with a pitchfork or rake — for quick profit. The more serious the tools with which you had to break hay in a dream — the more likely you are to buy a machine for the money bill.
  • Go to the barn for hay — to engage in the material support of the family. The same applies to the insulation of chicken stands and animal pens. Harvest fodder, extrude briquettes — to ensure welfare, to make profitable contributions.
  • Fresh cut grass — to hasty decisions. Do not rush and get the maximum benefit.
  • Lying on hay is bad manners from the point of view of a villager. Insane waste, as a valuable forage resource is spoiled. Children are allowed to indulge in hay, and teenagers do not ask anyone, fleeing to the hayloft. But from adults for damage to raw materials, can fly into. The meaning of a dream in which you are lying in the hay is a stolen happiness or a pleasant deception, a prank.
  • Landscape with haystacks or coils of harvested grass — to the inspiration, the emergence of new fresh ideas that you will be able to implement with maximum benefit.
  • Burn the bundles — to dangerous, risky pranks. In the night — bright flames scare away predators, but real fear is sitting inside. Fire is too unreliable ally. You need to learn how to take care of yourself.

What dreams of hay, which means hay for dream books

What does the hay for dream books

  • Dream Miller pays special attention to the rural work to collect hay. Collect hay in a dream — to great luck and to profit. This applies to manual assembly, and to the automated, using a tractor. If someone helps you in a dream — pay attention to this person. In real life, you will also get help from this person. Mowing hay in clear weather — enjoy the results of thoughtful decisions. If it is raining or thunder, it is likely that such a dream clearly indicates untimely actions and gross mistakes in business.
  • To find the nests of birds in the mowed grass — revel in nostalgia, try to revive a long-standing relationship that has lost all meaning.
  • Female dream book basically describes the sensual side of the issue. In a dream, diving into a fragrant mountain of hay is much more pleasant than in reality, when sharp blades of grass dig into unprotected parts of the body, the insects crawl somewhere, and allergy sufferers immediately become covered with crimson spots. In a dream, a pile of hay looks like a heavenly cloud saturated with testosterone. Hay is a frequent element of erotic fantasies and dreams of a possible pleasant adventure. An easy affair with an experienced and skillful partner will manifest, if you really want it.
  • Finding bundles, equipping a convenient and cozy place — soon you will be able to find the desired comfort.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation focuses on erotic and prenatal experiences. He believes that a haystack is like a cozy womb in which to hide from external problems. If in a dream you are hiding in a haystack from rain, hail, thunderstorms — you feel danger, adversity and would like to hide from problems in the most peaceful and cozy place, do not decide anything and wait until everything is finished. This is not always the most correct solution, problems that are turned away tend to accumulate. Rest, bring your nerves in order, if necessary — contact your friends and experts. It is possible that you have incapacitated a mere trifle, with which a professional will understand in the shortest possible time.

What dreams of hay, which means hay for dream books


To see hay in a dream, to roll on it, to rub in palms, feeling spicy aromas of summer herbs — happy memories, joy, nostalgic pursuit of pleasant moments of youth. Don’t get too carried away with the past.

If hay appears too often in a dream — this may be a sign of an approaching depression.

Even the best signs, if they appear too often, become a negative sign. Hay is a positive sign, promising complete carelessness and carelessness, which are so lacking in our lives.

Maybe you just miss the rest, which does not have to worry too much about something more serious than the choice of cocktail.

What dreams of hay, which means hay for dream books

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