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What dreams of hairy legs — interpretation by dream books

What dream of dreaming hairy legs

To unravel the reason for dreaming hairy legs, remember and write down the plot of your dream, and then read the article. It contains the interpretation of the best dream books, which will tell about the events that will happen to you in the future.

Family Dream

To see beautiful and slim, but hairy legs in a dream — to an unexpected success in business, thanks to which you can improve your financial situation. Fate will provide an opportunity to quickly solve problems with money and earn more than usual.

What dreams of hairy legs - interpretation by dream books

  1. Looking at your hairy legs — relationships with your loved one will seem boring to you. And you will seriously think about parting. But it will not be easy to come to this decision, because it will take time to weigh everything and not make a mistake.
  2. Injuries, wounds or ulcers on the legs — to the misfortunes that will rush into your life in a huge stream, causing many problems. There will be a feeling that all your plans fail at the very beginning. But this is only a sign that you are going through life the wrong way.
  3. Dirty feet — many obstacles will arise on the way to the goal. Only courage and firmness of character will help to cope with this and still get yours. It is important not to succumb to difficulties, but to go forward, no matter what.
  4. Hairy calves — make a mistake, because of which will bring upon yourself a great shame. Even the closest people will turn away from you. Some misconduct from the past that you have carefully concealed will pop up.
  5. Scratching someone else’s legs to blood — get the bad news about a loved one. He will need your support, so try not to leave him in the lurch, but help with everything you can.
  6. Burning hair on your legs — try to postpone the planned trip, because it can bring great trouble. Even if due to a refusal you have to lose something, in the future you will correct the situation and get much more.
  7. Putting your feet in the fire — close people will quarrel among themselves and only you can stop discord. Now you are afraid to intervene, but you need to overcome this fear and start acting before the big trouble happens.
  8. Playing acrobatics with your feet — you are a very smart and adventurous person. And it is thanks to these qualities that they are able to achieve a lot, although you still don’t really believe in yourself.
  9. Disabled with hairy legs — lose ground under their feet due to the huge number of failures. It will seem to you that happiness will never return to your life. But it is important not to give up and continue to look for him, then with time everything will get better.
  10. The hair on the leg of a single person — you will part with a close friend, because you will know some of his secrets from the distant past. You realize that you are no longer able to trust him and rely on him.
  11. Spread leg — a headache that will be difficult to cope with. Try to give yourself a rest, and the disease will recede much faster.

Esoteric dream book

Shaving legs in a dream — to endless troubles, which will be neither the end nor the edge. Only a few months later you will be able to calmly sigh and relax.

Take the difficult life period as a process of gaining experience, and worry less.

What dreams of hairy legs - interpretation by dream books

  1. Children’s legs with black hair — you will recover from the grief from which you have long suffered. Learn to enjoy life again and enjoy even simple things. And a good person who will meet you on the path of life will help in this.
  2. The many-legged hairy monster dreams to profit after a long journey. Perhaps you will be sent on a long trip. This is initially upset, but over time you will appreciate the advantage.
  3. Wooden legs — to the betrayal of the beloved. You will understand that you have linked life with an unworthy person and will try to break up. He will not let you go for a long time, annoying his attention and asking for forgiveness.
  4. Curved hairy legs — you take a risk and as a result you will not be in business. Because of the adventure you decide on, you will lose a lot of money. It is likely that it will even go bankrupt. Be careful and prudent, and then you manage to avoid big problems.
  5. Thin legs — the case for which you undertook, yet you can not handle it. It should lower the bar a little and reach smaller goals first. You need to master the art of small steps, and not strive to get everything at once.

Dream Miller

Biting someone for hairy legs — to the chagrin and frustration because of trouble at work. Colleagues will envy your success and begin to build machinations.

Most of all it is necessary to be afraid of the person who praises you more often than others.

What dreams of hairy legs - interpretation by dream books

  1. Limp — reputation will be hopelessly spoiled. And nothing will help you regain your good name. Perhaps for this reason you will have to move to another city and start a new life there.
  2. Hairy limbs with holes — wait for the big trouble that will happen to you through the fault of a loved one. He will substitute and betray, although not wanting to harm you.
  3. Gaping wounds with gray hair on your legs — it will be harder to reach your most important financial goal than you expected. It will take more time and effort. Be patient and get ready to overcome the additional obstacles created for you by fate.
  4. Bare feet — to financial losses. It is necessary to take care of the accumulations in advance in order to create a safety cushion that will be useful at first. You may lose your job or be without a familiar source of income.

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  • Hairy legs in a dream can predict failures in business, parting with loved ones or some other problem. But if you follow the recommendations of the dream books, you can easily cope with all this.
  • Sometimes sleep has a favorable meaning — it promises an increase in income, a new high position, or an acquaintance with a future, a very loyal and devoted friend.
  • If you analyze your dream, relying on intuition, you will very quickly find the right interpretation.

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