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What dreams of guinea pig in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Dreamed guinea pig — interpretation of values ​​for different dream books

Some people keep guinea pigs as pets. It turns out that these cute animals are able to make a sound like purring.

But for this they need to trust their master very much. What dreams guinea pig, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

The guinea pig is a species of domesticated rodent. In nature, they are very active, clean, social, and friendly. They do not like loneliness, so they are always looking for a suitable pair.

Care and care about each other is one of the important characteristics of these animals. Embodying an active life position, they are very active and prolific.

Females have a unique feature — to dissolve their own unwanted pregnancy or to preserve their babies, carrying it in themselves for a more suitable case of childbirth.

What dreams of guinea pig in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

To a dreamer such a sign can foreshadow a lot of interesting and pleasant. It is important that the rodent in a dream was kindly disposed towards you, without showing any aggression.

Of great importance for a positive interpretation is also the color of the animal. The brighter, the more expect joy, fun and happy events.

The guinea pig is a symbol of hard work, goodwill, sociability and collectivism. It can reflect the life bustle, activity invisible to others, a certain oddity, sensuality, sometimes lewdness and dissatisfaction.

For women who dream of expecting their own pregnancy, a guinea pig can signify a long-awaited conception and a successful resolution of childbirth. For those ladies who are looking for a companion, such a vision can be a harbinger of a happy meeting with a loved one.

This person will be a very worthy choice, he will support you in every way, show your attention and care.

Very often, this small animal is a dream for those who devote themselves to hard work. Sometimes it is not immediately noticeable result of the sleeper.

But if the dreamer goes to the end to the goal, he will achieve a lot.

What dreams of guinea pig in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

This pet symbolizes perseverance and dedication for those who, at a young age, takes the first steps in business. Courage mixed with timidity and caution is inherent in such people.

They know what they want and how to achieve it, but they are restrained by distrust of those in power.

Lonely people feel a fluffy animal on their knees, which purrs and snuffles nicely — a good sign. It symbolizes a change in your mood and attitude towards the world and people. Your view has become more open and trusting to those whom you used to be wary of.

Peace, peace and tranquility come in the soul, you will experience the happiness of being yourself.

Married individuals who are experiencing a crisis of marriage relations, this plot will serve as a hint at a new stage in life with a spouse, where love, understanding and harmony will again be found.

What dreams of guinea pig in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

What else dreams guinea pig

  • to feed the animal — in reality to direct the flow of all sorts of goods and riches towards you;
  • to clean the cage for rodents — to do charity and charity. Your primary life purpose may be to help the needy and the sick;
  • white with blue eyes — in reality you will experience a lot of positive emotions;
  • stroke and caress a pet — get a decent reward for the time-consuming and creative process;
  • to see the dead — to interrupt and spoil the plans of detractors;
  • to tame a wild pig — to be able to solve all its problems, get rid of credit debts, restore reputation and good name;
  • To buy in a pet store thin and scary is a good sign. This promises success and good profit in any business for which you will undertake. Moral satisfaction and pride in what you have done will exceed the limit of permissible;
  • catching a runaway animal is a sign of lost profit. You have been given a chance or a real opportunity to change your life, but you have chosen a different path, which you will later regret;
  • dreamed of an aggressive animal — be prepared for troubles and minor problems.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

These funny and active creatures can foreshadow high sexual activity for a man and fertility for a woman. White rodents personify lust, passion, temptation, lust.

To see a couple of guinea pigs in a dream means to settle down and make your final choice in favor of one sexual partner. Intimacy now is not just a reason for you to relax and have fun.

You are ready to conceive future offspring, to become a parent for you is a key task.

Seeing a pet gnawing an apple or a pear is a sign that you want a variety of sex. You are not used to restrain yourself.

If you see a suitable goal that arouses interest in you, you must achieve it.

The guinea pigs in the cage personify for the dreamer his marriage bond, which has lately made his existence very difficult. You have long had no desire to make love with your second half. But decency, high morality and education restrain from third-party intimate relationships.

The sooner you put an end to the relationship, the sooner you will become happy and free.

Gustov Miller

See these small rodents in his office — in reality, bring those who are not at all a friend and ally. These people will manifest themselves as selfish competitors who seek to destroy your business.

Inability to enlist the support of influential people will give them the opportunity to press you. Learn to take a punch and not think about retreat.

Pets dreamed of a woman — get ready for a warm and sweet gathering with friends at the hearth. That period, when it is worth trusting fate and happy occasion.

The more gentle fluffy animals, the greater the chance of peace, tranquility, wealth and family well-being.

Choose in the market guinea pigs of different colors — to a series of pleasant events that will take all your time and effort. This can be a fruitful work that promises great prospects for financial stability and secured old age.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

White domestic rodents sitting in their house represent a good profit from profitable investments. The thicker the pet, the higher the probability of earning big money. Do not be complacent.

This one-time income will not be your main source of livelihood. Also, do not make far-reaching plans and rely on this money.

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