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What dreams of green color according to Vanga, Longo, Freud’s dream books

Green color in a dream — the correct decoding for dream books

After a long winter, you always rejoice at the first shoots of lush grass in the meadows, young leaves in the trees. And someone is inspired by the rustle of paper dollars in pockets that have a light green hue.

Why dream of a green color, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Green color in a dream does not come to the dreamer by chance. This may be due to his psycho-emotional state, reflecting his character traits or foreshadow bright moments that will be remembered.

What dreams of green color according to Vanga, Longo, Freud's dream books

To notice around a lot of green is to be in harmony with yourself, in harmony with nature. This color of life predicts growth, development and the pursuit of excellence.

It can reflect the reliability, prudence, generosity, generosity of the sleeper.

In Feng Shui philosophy, green activates a zone of abundance, wealth and wealth. All shades of this color are important.

Green is a kind of symbiosis of yellow and blue, so the interpretation will be twofold, depending on the saturation of colors. A bright lime shade with a red or orange blotch to the sleeper promises limitless energy, easy excitability, emotionality, high temperament.

Dreamed of being in a yellow-green space — it means you are friendly and open to people, prefer to make as many contacts as possible, strive to meet and interact with people interesting for you, to learn something new from them. But sometimes you seem too obsessive and noisy, it can push a calm companion.

The dark green or marsh look in dreams is identified with isolation. He dreams of those who strive for stability and constancy in relationships, are confident, quite restrained, not inclined to express unnecessary emotions.

With such personalities it can sometimes be difficult, but one can be sure of their loyalty and devotion.

What dreams of green color according to Vanga, Longo, Freud's dream books

Blue-green surroundings in dreams brings fresh notes of coolness to life. He personifies severity and isolation for those who make too strict demands on themselves, without sparing their strength and nerves. In this scenario, the dreamer is accustomed to striving for the intended plan with an irreconcilable consistency, but after that he may experience nervous exhaustion and dehydration.

Such plots often warn workaholics to be condescending to the capabilities and resources of their own organism, to protect health and nerve cells.

The more natural and natural the green color in a dream, the easier and more harmonious the future will be. He instills tranquility, confidence and gentleness to eccentric ladies who often doubt their own importance. To be in a meadow of ripe young grass means to realize the importance of personal growth.

You do not want to prioritize comfort and stability, you are looking for new areas of development that are able to completely entice you.

Author’s dream books

Natural greens in a dream — a sign of a happy and gracious life. Watching fruit trees that spread the first leaves means waiting for peace and love in a complete family, where they are happy with the weather, are proud of the achievements of their children and grandchildren, respect and respect the elderly.

Mow juicy green grass in the meadow — in reality with your labor and diligence to achieve wealth and abundance. For people involved in large projects, this story promises a difficult but productive period.

These days will come the rise of mental performance, concentration, observation and attentiveness. High vitality and a feeling of complete self-confidence will make you quickly realize and translate what you want into reality.

Yuri Longo

Green color represents reliability, it is trusted and followed. Dreamed of going to the green light of a traffic light — a great sign to the dreamer.

If you have planned ambitious plans, you are bursting with ideas, profitable business, and you have been waiting for the right moment, then this is exactly the case. You should take the situation into your own hands and act actively while the fortune is on your side.

Do not be afraid to listen and trust your inner circle, they will prove their usefulness and devotion more than once.

I dreamed of going to dollars in a purse that have a green tint — in reality, to participate in a large financial transaction that promises significant profits. You should carefully check the validity of the transaction, so as not to be left without livelihoods.

To some, this will indicate that it is time to invest the sums of money until they have depreciated from regular inflation.

Lyudmila Shereminskaya

All shades of green are the color of optimism, confidence, hope and faith. He is able to predict the dreamer positive moments in all spheres of life that are currently disturbing the sleeper. For the chronically ill, such scenes can dispel doubts about their own recovery.

For people who are in dire need of financial resources to provide children with home purchase, this scenario can point the way to financial well-being and permanent material well-being.

For a woman to be in a green garden full of fruits, berries and vegetables is a sign of family harmony and stability. In this case, you do not face loneliness, betrayal or childlessness.

Women’s happiness will be exactly the amount that you imagined.

For men, there is an unripe green apple in a dream — in reality, trying to achieve success and recognition without much difficulty. But your actions and deeds will not be appreciated; rather, on the contrary, they will undermine excessive self-confidence and quickness.

What dreams of green color according to Vanga, Longo, Freud's dream books

Finding your way to success will predict a dream where you walked along a path through a field of sprouted wheat. In fact, this is a direct indication that it is necessary to determine life goals, act calmly, overcoming obstacles and wait for an early, worthy reward for work.

Sigmund Freud

A brown-green environment in a dream can express the dreamer’s sensory passivity. You want to enjoy a state that has a beneficial effect on your feelings, emotions, which relax the mind and promote intimacy.

You are looking for excitement through contemplation and enjoyment of your loved one. But your romance exists in parallel with infantilism.

For a partner, you are an egoist and a cynic. Therefore, you often have to be in search of the second half.

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