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What dreams of gray hair: interpretation of the dream book

What events in real life dream of gray hair?

Many interpreters attribute a negative meaning to a dreamed-of gray hair, warning of possible problems and ailments. This attitude originated due to the association of gray hair with old age and weakness.

But it is not always that such images become heralds of negative events, since hair touched by silver is a symbol of the acquisition of knowledge. The share of the person fall tests, overcoming which he will extract valuable lessons.

Seeing a gray hair on your head is considered a welcome sign. The sleeper expects respect and recognition from the people around him.

Sometimes such dreams predict the dreamer financial well-being and success.

If you had a chance to observe silver hair in a dream by strangers, the dream books interpret the image depending on the person having a dream:

Unknown manIf you dream of gray hair on a stranger, then the person gets a chance to meet on his way a wise mentor, whose advice will greatly help in solving the problems of daily life.
GuyA young man with a gray hair is interpreted as a threat of illness or accident
Old manSeeing a gray-haired old man and chatting with him in a dream, means family happiness and pleasant chores. A sad or evil old man can be a forerunner of bad news.
Old womanThe interpretation of the dream, in which the gray-haired old woman appeared, depends on the emotions of the sleeper. If he did not experience a negative, then the image promises the appearance of an experienced person in the dreamer’s life, which will help to cope with the troubles. But if a person is frightened by a dreamed old woman, then he will have to wait for bad news.
ChiefIf the dreamer dreamed that his boss was turning gray, in real life a person would take the place of his leader. Raising the sleeper will be possible due to the departure of the head from his post due to age or due to illness

A very bad sign is a dream in which a gray-haired child appeared. Such a plot is able to warn of a strong shock in the near future or indicate the possible death of a child in reality.

What dreams of gray hair: interpretation of the dream book

From the reaction of the sleeper to the image he sees depends largely on the decoding of sleep. Popular interpreters cite the following common examples:

See in the mirrorSeeing yourself in a mirror turned gray means that in reality a person will receive unpleasant news that will knock him out of his usual rut for a long period and will greatly upset
Tear outIf the sleeper is trying to pull out gray hairs, then in reality he is overly concerned with his appearance. A person indulges too much in his own «I» and pays no attention to anyone else.
CutGet rid of gray hair with scissors — to the cunning deception or change in the near future. Following this event will be the loss of a significant amount or valuable time.
Paint overTrying to paint over silver curls for a woman — to increased attention from management at work. A man is a vision of the need for self-sacrifice to complete the task

What dreams of gray hair: interpretation of the dream book

Women, in order to correctly interpret the meaning of night dreams, need to pay attention to the emotional side of the dream. But it is also important to take into account the social status and age of the woman who dreamed the image:

Who dreamsTreatment
Married lady
  • Watching a gray hair with your spouse, who at the same time looked sad, means a serious illness or trouble for her husband in real life.
  • If a loved one did not express negative emotions, and the dream itself made a good impression on a woman, then in reality a couple will experience well-being.
Young girlSeeing your boyfriend gray is a sign of fear before the authority of a lover. The girl feels unhappy in this relationship.
Single womanThe image of a gray-haired stranger promises acquaintance with a wealthy and powerful man. The new partner will prove himself to be a fairly generous man and will have a significant participation in solving the financial problems of the ladies.

Meaning of dream for men:

  • To the young guy, the plot in which he notices his gray hairs indicates a quick change in his personal life and possible changes in the business sphere. It is possible that the young man acquired enough knowledge and experience to start his own business.
  • It is considered a bad sign to a mature man in a relationship to see thick and long gray hair on his head. Perhaps the woman he loves is not completely honest with him and will soon deceive him.

For any representative of the strong half of humanity, the dream in which the gray hair appears in his beard is a good symbol. In reality, people around him will respect him and listen to his advice.

What dreams of gray hair: interpretation of the dream book

Popular dream books allow you to further study the images seen in a dream. The approach of each of them is unique, so the sleeper should be guided by his own intuition to understand which interpretation is more appropriate for his situation. The following options are considered:

In this interpreter there are several interesting explanations for the dreamed story:

  • For a young guy, silver in a head of hair in a dream is a sign of his experience in sexual relationships with women. However, it lacks diversity. It is necessary to stop being afraid of experiments in this area of ​​life.
  • To dream of a long gray hair belonging to a girl, regardless of the sex of the sleeper, hints at the boredom that has settled in a relationship. Communication with a partner can be interrupted due to a rival.
  • Pulling out the hated silvered strands is a symbol of the dreamer’s blind love for his own personality. It is possible that the time and attention of a person is devoted only to himself. Because of such selfishness, the sleeper risks losing loved ones and loved ones.
Dream Miller

Miller considered the night plot of similar content to be a banal display of the subconscious worry about your own appearance. But some sleep options may carry predictive overtones:

  • Black hair with gray ends is a sign of dual nature. In reality, the sleeper is constrained by indecision.
  • If you dream of individual silver-plated strands in a black shovel of hair, then in reality a person will have to make a rather difficult but important choice.
  • For young people, this vision is a warning. One should be vigilant and be more circumspect in life.
Dream Vanga

Bulgarian foreteller Vanga considered gray hair a positive symbol:

  • A man who watches himself gray in the night picture is wise beyond his years. He will achieve any goal with his own mind and insight. But it will have to work hard.
  • Sometimes silver in your hair indicates a sleeper to one of the old ideas. A forgotten idea in the present tense is very useful.
Islamic Dreambook

In the Muslim source, images related to gray hair are attributed to the following interpretations:

  • For a man, such a dream is a harbinger of honor and glory.
  • For a woman to see her own silver-plated curls is a negative sign, foreshadowing a high probability of her spouse treason.
  • For a poor man, such a dream is a warning. He risks jailing or acquiring new debts.
  • Trying to get rid of gray hair — to recklessly ignoring the wise advice of seniors
Dream Emperor of the Chinese Emperor

This interpreter connects the dream visions with the state of the human body and allows you to predict the disease:

  • If you dreamed of your hair, touched with gray hair, then in reality a serious illness will soon appear. Most likely, it will be associated with the kidneys.
  • In some cases, silver curls are in a dream for people suffering from a lack of fluid in the body.
  • This image is able to signal violations in the functioning of the lungs. Should consult a doctor

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