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What dreams of giving birth to Freud’s dream erotic

To give birth in a dream or to see the birth of another woman — what does it mean

If such a dream is seen by a pregnant woman, it can be understood, because this woman probably thinks every day about obstetricians and a labor hall. But why dream of such a situation a young girl, a lady at the age, or even a man who sees giving birth to her friend, sister, or herself?

What is the sign of childbirth dreaming positive or negative?

General interpretation of this amazing dream

There is a popular belief that says: if a woman sees the birth of a baby in a dream, then she was judged to become pregnant and become a mother. However, most interpreters do not quite agree with this opinion. And that’s what they write …

What dreams of giving birth to Freud’s dream erotic

Who exactly did you give life in a dream?

  • Girl. You will soon enjoy something good. For example, if you gave birth in the delivery room of a maternity hospital, you can make a declaration of love, and if everything happened at home (on the bed or in the bathroom), the dream says: you will spend a lot of time with your loved one.
  • It was a house, but not yours: a loved one will give you something expensive.
  • What a dream of birth «under the old days» is in the hayloft: if you quarreled with the object of your love, he (or she) will soon return to you.
  • The baby turned out to be with slanting eyes — neither give nor take the Japanese? So, you will spend the weekend in the «chumachem» rhythm.
  • Was the newborn with dark skin, that is, a black woman? Dream promises you a pleasant journey.
  • Baby wrapped in a blanket? This means: love will enter your life, or at least strong sympathy. Was it a diaper? Your feeling will be answered.
  • See childbirth without problems and pain: you will be invited to a party or a family holiday. And if during the action your spouse was present, you will get out to the sea, and not especially planning a trip.
  • The baby was with her hair: wait for the wedding. Hair was blond? Colleagues will give you attention.
  • Big girl — you suddenly meet a man you don’t expect to see.
  • Boy. Such a dream warns: the authorities will call you to the «carpet». If the baby is silent, you will win, but if you’ve been shouting all the time, you will get “stuck”.
  • Childbirth went smoothly, without pain: you are satisfied with your life. On the contrary, did you feel strong discomfort, pain? Sleep means you want to change your life. If the birth was protracted, almost on the verge of life and death — get ready for a serious dialogue with relatives.
  • You gave birth at home: quarrel with your spouse (boyfriend); in the car — get into a mess; in another form of transport (plane, train) — this is to minor problems.
  • Who took delivery? Man: you will be sent on a business trip, and it will be difficult or problematic. Woman: you will gain a new goal.
  • You fed your son after giving birth: you will have a new muse. You looked in his face, in his eyes: your dream will come true.
  • In the dream, you were disappointed with the birth of a son: your colleagues will treat you coldly.

Was it twins?

  • Childbirth in a dream that ended with the appearance of twins or twins, they say: you will be forced to nurse an unborn child (children).
  • Healthy children dream of harmony in the soul. Painful, premature: to the difficulties that you can overcome.
  • These were boys: you will be transferred to another job. Girls: you will stand firmly on your feet in material terms. Girl and boy: you are well «ottyantes» in nature.
  • Quick, instant childbirth twins: your family life (or love relationship) moved to a new level. Conversely, protracted labor says: soon you will feel a strong relief.
  • You have seen blood, and a lot: relatives will come to you.
  • You gave birth in splendid isolation: think carefully about any decision you make. No, you were surrounded by people (relatives, doctors)? Agree to everything that the boss will offer you.

You did not give birth, just attended?

What dreams of giving birth to Freud’s dream erotic

  • Who gave birth? Stranger: a loved one will be suspicious of any of your deed (word). Your girlfriend: in the «real» she envies you, and there is a reason. Many women, and you helped them: you fall in love without a response; you just looked at it: friends criticize you. Your sister: you lose money (literally or figuratively).
  • The mother left the baby: your life will change dramatically. You took this newborn yourself: you want your life to be brighter.
  • Who was born? Boy: to problems with the boss. Girl: you will work a lot around the house, but it will be a pleasant job.
  • Childbirth was difficult: you can get sick. They passed in the bathroom: you would not mind changing something in yourself (externally).

The dreamer was not a woman, but …

  • Grandma. Sleep warns: check with a therapist. Perhaps he will see some disease of the gastrointestinal tract or the genitourinary system.
  • Very young girl. Be careful getting to know and meeting guys. If you bring this business to the status of «hobby», that is, spin several novels at once, you can pay off — if not in terms of health, then a ruined reputation.
  • Any dream book childbirth «authorship» men interpreted as a manifestation of the duality of the nature of this man. If life will put you before a difficult choice, do not rush into extremes — it’s good not to think about the choice, later you can be very sorry.

Opinion of famous books

Since childbirth is a rather intimate event, many of us are sincerely confident that through such a dream something is said to us that is deeply seated in the subconscious. Therefore, we have chosen for you quotes from the most explicit books.

Maybe they know about what even we ourselves do not want to admit to ourselves?

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

What dreams of giving birth to Freud’s dream erotic

  1. You took birth: a dream warns you of a meeting with a man who can later become your ideal partner. He will not be like a prince — but still look, you need just such!
  2. The dreamer herself gave birth to pregnancy.
  3. A male dreamer was born: your adultery might bring unexpected results.

Erotic dream book

  1. You dreamed that you yourself were born into the world: you learn something new, and perhaps this will make some friends gasp.
  2. Someone else bore: a new person will enter your life. Did you like the baby in your dream? This «alien» person will cause the same emotions.
  3. The man saw how the woman gave birth: to money and other material benefits that would go to the dreamer in the «balls» mode.
  4. A man in a dream gave birth to himself: you will not be given money easily, so roll up your sleeves.
  5. The girl gave birth in a dream: they can call her in marriage, and she and the guy will make a prosperous, prosperous couple.

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