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What dreams of geese

Geese dreamed: what the dream book prophesies, how to interpret correctly

No matter what a person does in life, anything can dream him. Today we will examine the situation when the geese dream.

These cunning birds haunt us from childhood — in songs, fairy tales, in the village of my grandmother. Even if you have not seen these self-confident birds long ago, they will remind you of their existence by having a dream one night.

In most cases, geese are considered a good omen, but it happens the other way around. Sometimes the goose is a symbol of stupidity.

I dreamed of a flock of geese

Modern dream book connects the appearance of geese in a dream with intrigues in life. But in the flock there will definitely be a goose who predicts a meeting with an important person for you.

A girl can safely agree to marry her beloved, if, before the proposal to marry, she saw geese in a dream. But the groom geese warn of the opposite.

His beloved will not cope with the role of his wife and will not find a common language with his relatives.

What dreams of geese

A family man geese will be reminded of obligations to their spouse. You have a happy marriage, and for reliability it is worth paying each other more attention.

Dream interpretation Hasse assures that a flock of geese symbolizes family well-being.

If you have dreamed of your home geese, the French dream book reports that you are waiting for the support of an influential person, respect from colleagues.

Geese in the meadow

Dream Miller promises good luck. If your life has a black bar, it will end soon.

The young goose prophesies success in scientific research. But if science is not your fad, you will be lucky in another field.

White geese on green grass dream infrequently. If you saw it, do not miss the chance, now is the time for the most insane ventures.

All dreams will come true, all projects will come true.

Geese in the water

Wait in the life of global change. Everything that happens is for the best.

Any change you only benefit.

Injured bird

This is to some sad situation, the cause of which will be a child.

Geese-geese, ha-ha-ha …

Goose cry

What dreams of geese

Dream Interpreter Kass believes that goose gnawed forerunner of litigation. If you cannot share something with a relative or neighbor, get ready for this person to sue you.

Wild geese

If you are in a dream, like Ivanushka in a fairy tale, you fly on a wild goose, you are waiting for a rapid career takeoff.

A woman who sees wild geese in a dream will marry successfully and thereby increase her status, and a man will meet a luxurious mistress. If everything is clear with a woman and there are no obstacles to marriage, then a man should think whether he can provide the demands of a new passion.

If not, it’s not worth starting.

You sell a goose

Such a dream foreshadows losses.

You were attacked by geese

You will betray someone from close. If in a dream you were pinched by a goose, in reality expect trouble from a high-ranking official.

Or you will have a serious illness. All the body’s defenses, both physical and mental, weaken.

So try to avoid the noisy companies, do not argue over trifles and do not waste your energy on nonsense. You have so few of them.

If there are several such aggressive geese, problems await you in the most unexpected situations.

What dreams of geese

Tease geese

To meeting with a bosom friend.

Feed the geese

This is a good dream that many dream books recognize. The dream of Miller prophesies a profitable purchase, and the dream book Hasse promises a merry party with friends.

With a certain amount of patience and perseverance, you will fulfill your long-held dream.

If, until now, you did not feel happy in a barge, the situation will soon change, and your spouse will show attention to your problem. You will finally learn what a happy marriage is.

You caught a goose

Wait for a quick win. This could be a lottery, a good deal with partners, an unexpected find.

If you are single, you will soon meet your soul mate.

Steal geese

It is better to steal geese yourself, then the profit is much more than to watch someone else stealing geese.

Dead goose

Dream Miller sure that you lose someone from loved ones. Here lies a small nuance: if you see a goose being killed, wait for the inheritance. If you kill yourself, the inheritance will be expected from you.

So draw conclusions, whether to show aggressiveness even in a dream.

The English dream book has its own point of view. The girl who saw such a dream will lose her lover, and a married lady risks changing her husband with his friend.

You feed the geese

If you feed geese in a dream, wait for a real promotion. Perhaps you will soon acquire any property, including real estate.

“- Mousik. Ready goose ?! ”

Did you eat goose

Your liver signals distress. Perhaps her thyroid gland will join. If you have problems with these organs, make an appointment with a doctor.

Perhaps prevention will save you from aggravation of the disease.

If you cooked a goose in a dream, but did not have time to eat, wait for the guests in reality.

Goose Eggs Dreamed

Eggs generally dream of profit. It is logical to argue, the more eggs, the greater the profit.

Goose, of course, not the biggest, but the profits promise considerable.

Little goslings promise a career to men, and a long-awaited pregnancy for women. So says the esoteric dream book.

What color is the geese in your dream

Black Goose represents anxiety. If you are not sure of the intended one, cancel the wedding, if you doubt the success, give up the deal. White dreams of wealth.

The bride will get a rich groom, a businessman will be offered a bargain, the farmer will harvest a rich harvest and so on. Gray Goose — indifference, the prevalence in your life of gray everyday life, in the worst case, death.

Urgently add emotions and colors to your life.

As you can see, everything is important, even the color and age of the dreamed geese. Before trying on a situation, try to remember all the features of your sleep.

The interpretation can change any little thing.

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