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What dreams of garlic in the dream books of Miller, Hasse and Freud

I dreamed of garlic — the interpretation of the image of various interpreters

Nutritionists from around the world periodically make lists of the most useful products. And on the leading lines of this list is always located garlic. Although it is not very pleasant to the taste, but in truth it is very useful.

And why dream of garlic — the dream book will tell.

What dreams of garlic in the dream books of Miller, Hasse and Freud

Plant garlic

  • Your faith in the Supreme protects you from doing evil deeds. But interpreters recommend not to put pressure on their relatives and not to impose their point of view on them. Because of this, you can lose the disposition of close people to yourself. This image is enhanced if you were incredibly active in the dream when landing;
  • Also plant garlic in a dream — to change. It is necessary to reject all fears and doubts, only then changes in life will benefit. You will be able to get rid of the past in order to move forward boldly;
  • This image marks a serious health problem for the dreamer. Treatment will require a considerable investment of time and money;
  • If the plant is already growing and you are caring for it, then you should expect unkind news from distant relatives. Also, this news may be related to work and career;
  • You plant garlic next to other plants. A lot of work and problems will fall on your head. If it will be hard for you, then you should seek help from friends and family. Together it will be easier to overcome obstacles.


  • If in your nightly dreams you had to collect garlic from the beds, it means that in reality you are in for trouble, which enemies and enemies have prepared for you. Fighting them will require maximum care. Even the smallest mistake can lead to unpredictable consequences. The richer the harvest was in night-dreams, the more serious the enemy will be;
  • Collect this plant in a basket. You will be able to realize their own mistakes. This will give a big step to advance the career ladder. You will also be able to get rid of the fears and experiences that tormented you and did not allow us to go forward.

Use for cooking

  • Cut the garlic cloves. You have a long war with your enemies and enemies, from which you are unlikely to manage to emerge victorious. Your task is to get out of the fight with minimal losses. Also, you will find a break with your loved one;
  • Peel the garlic — to improve the material situation. You will be generously rewarded for your hard work and efforts. But it may not last long if you slow down. This image is enhanced if you had to peel a lot of garlic cloves in your sleep.

Eat garlic

If in a dream you had to eat a clove of garlic, then in real life all sins and offenses will become known to the public. For this you will receive a well-deserved punishment.

Buy garlic

  • Interpreters claim that if you acquired garlic in your dreams, it means that in real life you will receive unfavorable news. You may find out that your distant relative is seriously ill. Do not be upset. It is better to help him cope with this misfortune;
  • Also, do not deal with people you do not know well. This can lead to serious consequences and frustration. Interpreters recommend a more careful approach to the choice of a person for a romantic relationship. Flatterers usually hide evil intentions behind beautiful phrases;
  • But selling garlic is a favorable image. Many people will try to deceive you, but they will quickly be exposed. But it is not worth some time to make rash purchases and conduct operations with big money.

To see garlic in a dream — the interpretation of the image of Miller’s snoot

  • Plant garlic and care for it. If you are in a dire financial situation, then it will soon cease. This image marks the dreamer of wealth and financial independence;
  • For single people, garlic is an unfavorable symbol. It means that finding a soul mate will not work for a long time. Perhaps the first marriage will not be for love, but for calculation;
  • Eat garlic. This image symbolizes that you are able to cross out everything and start life from scratch if something does not suit you. You can not find your life path through which you will move. In the future, this may play a cruel joke with you.

What dreams of garlic in the dream books of Miller, Hasse and Freud

Freud’s Interpreter

  • If you watch someone eat garlic, then in reality you have strong feelings for a certain person. You are afraid that this person is indifferent to you. If a person is willing to communicate, then feelings are mutual. But it is better not to force things. You can scare this character with your determination. Let him take the first step;
  • Eat garlic. Often this image is seen by people who are married. Such a dream symbolizes your subconscious desire to change your partner. This is due to the fact that married life has ceased to bring joy and turned into a routine. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud recommends not to make rash decisions. Try to talk with your soulmate on this topic, suggest experimenting in your love bed.

Dream interpretation Hasse

  • To see garlic in a dream — to disputes and disagreements in the family. You will also soon receive bad news from distant relatives. They may need your help;
  • To eat garlic in night dreams — to good health in real life;
  • Buy garlic. This image warns that ill-wishers want to do serious harm to the dreamer. It should be extremely attentive.

What dreams of garlic in the dream books of Miller, Hasse and Freud

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