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What dreams of funerals for dream books and basic interpretations

What to do if you had a funeral dream and how to understand such a dream

Funeral in a dream is usually a painful sight, especially when you consider the logic of sleep, according to which a variety of activities can be included in the script. The thought of death is usually drowned out by a person during his life, long reflections on mortality and transience of being necessarily lead to depression and despondency.

To see a funeral in a dream is a bleak sight, but in some cases it is necessary to sort out and find answers to forbidden awkward questions. Really, the meaning of a dream is positive, you forgive and part with something unnecessary and are ready to start a new life.

Do not be scared, try to figure out what the funeral dreams about.

What dreams of funerals for dream books and basic interpretations

Basic values ​​for funeral sleep

  • Funerals in a dream can have three basic meanings with different interpretations. First, the actual value may be an echo of the memories of a real funeral at which you happened to be. In this case, you will experience about the same feelings as last time — the sadness of parting, embarrassment, shame from trying to hide thoughts and joy about the inheritance, the set depends on the relationship that connected you with the deceased and with others. It makes sense to think about why you needed to relive this memory, what exactly you are striving to remember, to pay attention to the details.
  • The second value is based on a person’s subconscious fears, fear of death. You dream someone close and dear to you in a coffin. Or you yourself suddenly find yourself at the place of the deceased and anxiously listen to the clods of earth drumming on the lid of the coffin. Fortunately, such nightmares do not last long, you wake up in an icy sweat, swallow water in the kitchen and fall asleep again.
  • The third meaning of funerals in a dream is the rarest, but the most interesting. You have no idea who they are burying, but you know for sure that you are directly related to this. You must then hold the wreaths, then carry the lid of the coffin, take care of the banquet, conduct a bravura funeral band. Such a dream means that you part with some part of yourself, bury a dream or an idea, a past or a future, give up meaningful and vital moments in the past.
  • It is not for nothing that army foremen arrange solemn funerals for cigarette butts and bottles. These seemingly senseless, annoying and mocking actions are of great importance for the formation of rejection of habits.
  • To hammer nails into a coffin lid — to give up habits that have begun to harm you.
  • Carrying a coffin or pretending to carry it is quite possible, you have a strong sense of guilt and would like to change something, give up a number of actions. Get rid of the shameful secrets, and that is what you do in a dream — this is a great idea. If you do not do this, for the rest of your life you will have to stand on the edge of an imaginary grave, feeling the weight of a nonexistent coffin on your shoulders. Whatever you do — this hell, to which many people condemn themselves while living, is excessive and wrong punishment. Get out of paralysis. If you still feel guilty — do good deeds. Go to the hospice as a volunteer, go to treat dangerous diseases to another continent. All this is better than hanging around with a ridiculous guilty monument.

What dreams of funerals for dream books and basic interpretations

Entangled scenes from the funeral

Since the funeral in a dream is often closely connected with the guilt complex in reality — they didn’t have time, did it wrong, failed to take care of as well as possible, were happy about the vacant apartment and the inheritance, the plot may be confusing.

If you dream that you are burying an obviously deceased person, and he turns out to be alive and waiting for you at home or even happily eating at his own funeral — in this dream you are finishing your own guilt complex. In a dream, you can show care, help, repent of premature joy, make peace.

At the end of sleep, the deceased gladly returns to the grave and the feeling of guilt no longer bothers you.

If the dead swears, demanding, comes back again and again with terrible injuries, it means that you have a very deep sense of guilt. Perhaps you really are to blame.

But this is no reason to freeze and devote the rest of his life to repentance. Give alms to the churches, buy a sports uniform for the school football team, do something good and useful.

When the feeling of guilt passes, terrible dreams will end.

What dreams of funerals for dream books and basic interpretations

The value of funerals in a dream by authoritative interpretations

  • Dream Vanga is especially attentive to his own funeral and considers them an excellent sign of future wealth and prosperity, excellent health, and possibly the upcoming wedding. If you saw the tombstone with your name — this is a sure sign of longevity. Some people, knowing about such a sign, specially beat their name on the family gravestone in reality. Usually this is accompanied by a grumble about careless relatives who fail to properly, everything has to be taken care of independently. Grumbling is necessary to cause the maximum perplexity that blocks understanding of what is happening.
  • An empty coffin without a body means that you experience inner emptiness and deep loneliness. Would you like to part with this emptiness.
  • Dream Miller considers the funeral in a dream a good sign, on condition of good clear weather. The better the weather in a dream, the more positively you will be able to treat the changes in your life. A modest funeral means future success. Magnificent funeral, reminiscent of a holiday — not good. There may be serious family quarrels.
  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova argues that the funeral in a dream means quite possible a quick wedding. Indeed, having buried the old problems, and in your dream you bury them, you have a chance to develop new relationships.

What dreams of funerals for dream books and basic interpretations

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