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What dreams of fresh cabbage in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Fresh cabbage in a dream — explanations of famous psychologists and dream books

General interpretation of sleep. Night visions of this vegetable are explained by various sources ambiguously.

Positive predictions, such as an increase in income, receiving a gift, pleasant meetings. Negative judgments are also possible — deterioration of health, quarrels, adultery.

For a more accurate interpretation, you must remember all the nuances of sleep. The explanation will largely depend on it.

You will learn everything in detail by reviewing the sources listed below.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of fresh cabbage in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Autumn dream

Watch her planting in the garden — to cash receipts.

Children’s dream book (applies only to children)

Such dreams foreshadow financial stability.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • Seeing her is a negative sign.
  • She personifies betrayal, treachery.
  • Collect it — for monetary losses, distress.

Small Veles dream

To see such a vegetable in night vision promises the following:

  • Just seeing her is a disease, anxiety about a woman, trouble, loss, death.
  • Cook — promises slander, the discussion behind his back.
  • To eat — to surprise, longing.
  • Plant — expect news.
  • Salt is a possible fraud.
  • Cutting is a sudden event.

Russian people’s dream book

A dream with such a plot foreshadows cash receipts.

Explanation of the writer Aesop

  • Such visions are explained by thoughts about children.
  • Watering it is a warning of indulgence to the indulgence of your children. Be a little more strict with them so that they are not used to it. In the future, you may have problems with their education.
  • Cutting cabbage forks predicts you to use your age and authority to direct your child’s actions on the right path.
  • Shred and cook food from it — to the feeling of bitterness from the actions of your child.
  • Cut out of the fork stalk promises you an attempt to save the child from bad habit or addiction. You need to finish this case.

The interpretation of the witch Medea

  • To eat her is a sign of a miserable existence, a waste of time.
  • To see her growing in the field promises the appearance of guests, news.

Family Dream

  • Her vision promises trouble in the marital relationship, a feeling of bitterness.
  • Shred or cut in the garden forks — you deliver the suffering and frustration to a loved one.
  • Dropping a head out and seeing him roll away from you — a warning that your child is being alienated from you. Give him more attention. Then he will not look for communication with strangers.

Opinion of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

  • Boil — to gossip and slander.
  • Eat it — wait for a gift.

Dream Interpretation of the XXI Century

  • Sleep promises care and care for the fair sex.
  • Boil her in a dream — sadness.
  • Tear — slander.
  • Sit — wait for the news.
  • Salt — beware of fraud.
  • Finely chop it or eat — expect a surprise.
  • She dreamed a lot — you are disturbed by a difficult past.
  • She may dream of problems or annoyance.
  • A vision of cauliflower foreshadows trouble at work. You may be reprimanded.
  • Forks of vegetable warn about the disease. Take care of your health.
  • A young lady to see in the garden a cauliflower predicts the marriage is not by choice.

What dreams of fresh cabbage in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Spring dream book

Such a dream speaks of your difficult situation in life.

Sonic dream of a wanderer (T. Smirnova)

Sleeping with fresh cabbage promises trouble.

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • Fresh cabbage in a dream — a sign with a negative color.
  • Removing her from the field promises unjustified cash expenditures. This may be the source of your troubles.
  • Seeing her is a problem in family life, treason.

Culinary dream book

  • For men, this heralds the resumption of relations with a woman. You have known each other since childhood, but have not seen each other for a long time.
  • For a woman, this promises an early pregnancy.

Modern dream book

To see fresh cabbage is a harbinger of deterioration of marital relations, poverty, health problems.

Bible dream book azar

She foreshadows trouble, health problems.

The interpretation of the white magician Yu Longo

  • Collect fresh cabbages in the garden — warns of the arrival of the person you have been waiting for. Perhaps your hopes with this meeting will come true.
  • To buy it on the market promises an unusual joyful event.
  • Cooking something out of it for a young spouse predicts pregnancy.
  • To dream about cabbage salad — to unexpected profits, stable financial position.
  • To marinate it — in the next week your dearest wish will come true.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse

  • Seeing her well-being.
  • Crumble — to sadness.
  • Plant — to a wonderful life.
  • Eat her — to a difficult life.

Esoteric dream book

  • Plant or eat it — to cash income.
  • See and hack promises failed purchases.

Summer dream

Salt her in a dream foreshadows family chores.

Old Russian dream book

To eat cabbage — to the blues and misfortune.

Moon dream

Cook it — to slander, eat — to surprise.

What dreams of various manipulations with this vegetable. It matters to explain sleep.

  • Cut it — promises the chores caused by your child.
  • Shred — possible strained relationships, conflicts in the family.
  • Eat her — to well-being.
  • Collect — positive sign. Arrival of welcome guests is welcome.
  • Weeding cabbage in the garden promises treason.
  • For women to water it — to a quarrel with her husband.

What dreams of fresh cabbage in the dream of Miller, Tsvetkov

Interpretations from other sources

  1. See growing cabbage in the garden — a warning about the deterioration of health. This is a temporary condition that will soon pass, if you pay due attention to the regime and proper nutrition.
  2. This is also a dream for good news.
  3. For a young woman, seeing fresh cabbage in heads is a warning about a possible deterioration in health.
  4. The forks were still immature — to strained family relationships.
  5. A lot of cabbage dreams of heavy memories of the past, events are possible that will bring misfortune.
  6. Planting cabbage for a young girl heralds pregnancy.
  7. Seeing someone cutting or chopping cabbage is a warning about possible interference with your privacy. This can cause problems in your relationship with your lover.
  8. Dreamed of cauliflower, kohlrabi or Brussels sprouts. Someone from your environment is not indifferent to you. He counts on your attention and reciprocity. Think about it.

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