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What dreams of flying in a dream — Miller’s dream books, and, Nostradamus

I dreamed of flying: the causes and interpretation of sleep for popular dream books

In childhood, most dreams for every child are a fantastic and mysterious world that is not given special importance. To an adult, any night vision can tell the future or direct it in the right direction.

It is believed that if a child dreams of flying, then this is a clear sign of the growth of a young organism. For an adult, this dream is the personification of his emotional experiences and self-doubt.

What dreams of flying in the dream of the XXI century

  • In a dream you soar up — it is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity.
  • If in a dream you alternately take off, then up, then down — the harbinger of a serious quarrel.
  • Soar low above the ground — pack up your bags, a long journey awaits you.
  • If you fly from one place to another — this suggests that you are indecisive, you are overcome by constant doubts about the correctness of the actions taken. Sleep advises less to fear and believe in yourself.
  • Flying in the air next to your loved one — this means that you greatly miss this person nearby, you are tormented by longing for him.

What dreams of flying in a dream - Miller's dream books, and, Nostradamus

Dream Interpretation «flight» from Miller

  • If in a dream you are flying in the sky, this is a symbol of a failed marriage.
  • It’s a dream that you are flying low over the ground — this is to bring about serious complications and diseases. Therefore, look after your health, but rather go to the hospital for a full examination.
  • In a dream, you hover over muddy water — you should reconsider your social circle. Among those who are close to you is your foe, who builds all sorts of machinations against you.
  • Dreams as you fly over the ruins — this means that in a short time you will find a streak of unhappiness and sadness.
  • If in a dream you soar and see green open spaces — it means that all your problems will soon be resolved by themselves.
  • During the flight, you watch the sunrise — auspicious symbol. Your life will slowly begin to improve, and all the worries that bother you will evaporate.
  • If in a dream you soar very high in the sky, troubles await not only you, but all of humanity.
  • Behind you are white wings — luck will accompany in all matters, especially in love.
  • In a dream during a flight, you fall — if you do not have time to wake up at this moment, then expect a big misfortune.
  • If you fly on black wings, this is a sign of strong disappointment in what was so valuable to you.
  • In a dream, hover over dried trees — to achieve your happiness, you have to go a long and difficult path.
  • If a woman dreams of traveling from one place to another, and during this she meets many churches, this dream means that she will have to sacrifice much (health or even family) to save her love at the hands of two-faced people.
  • If in a dream a girl was shot during the flight — be ready, your enemies will in every way prevent you from progressing to success and prosperity.

What dreams of flying in a dream - Miller's dream books, and, Nostradamus

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • Dreaming about flying by plane — events are expected that will change your life for the better.
  • You make a helicopter flight in a dream — stay alert, this dream foreshadows a catastrophe.
  • I dreamed that you were flying on an airship — give a helping hand to those in need.
  • Flight in a balloon dream, unfortunately, about the missed opportunity.
  • In the dream you are watching the flight of cranes — soon you will have to overcome serious difficulties in order to save your business.
  • If cranes land on the meadow, it means that unexpected changes in life are waiting for you.
  • To watch in a dream the flight of a graceful eagle — you will have a fierce struggle to defend their positions. But you can not worry, it will crown your triumph.
  • In a dream you watch the flight of a pigeon — you should visit all your close friends and relatives. It is possible that one of them is in a difficult situation and needs your help.
  • If you see the flight of a pigeon flock, feel free to enter into any deals, since luck is now on your side.
  • Watching flying larks — trying to fulfill your lofty goals, you will forget about your egoism and will be able to develop positive qualities in yourself.
  • If a bird is shot down in a dream during a flight, you will know the greatest disappointment in people.
  • Watch bats — get ready, soon you will be in mourning.
  • If a lot of night mice fly into a dream above your head — you have to shed a lot of tears because of parting with your loved one.
  • In a dream, you fly with your own wings — in reality, all your ideas will come true, and you will have success in love affairs.
  • To fly only in one direction is the harbinger of traveling with a cheerful company.

What dreams of flying in a dream - Miller's dream books, and, Nostradamus

How does the flight in a dream Nostradamus

  • A dream as you float in the clouds is a precursor of positive emotions and a free life.
  • If you fall in a dream during a flight, it means that you will encounter obstacles that you will have to overcome yourself.
  • In a dream, you fly among the stars — this characterizes you as a good visionary who does not really notice what is happening around him.

Find out how psychologist Z. Freud explains sleep

  • If in a dream you fly in an elite airliner, it means that you are at the peak of your sexual activity.
  • I dreamed how to fly an economy class airplane — you are having problems with sexual intercourse.
  • In a dream, fly a military fighter plane — this means that you overestimate your sexual abilities, try not to flatter yourself.
  • If in a dream you are using a hang glider for a flight — it looks like you want to try something more subtle and beautiful in sex.

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