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What dreams of flowers according to dream books: Miller, Vanga

Dreamed of flowers: interpretation of popular dream books

The world of night dreams and remains a mystery and mystery for thousands of years. However, a dream book helps a little closer to the solution of confusing images and symbols in dreams.

Why dream of flowers? Delicate and fragrant buds of different varieties are a good symbol of purity and spiritual beauty, but in dreams the flower can carry a completely different meaning.

What dreams of flowers according to dream books: Miller, Vanga

General sleep overcurrent

For the correct interpretation of a dream, it is important to remember exactly which flowers in a dream you saw:

  • field — to disappointments in life, sadness and tears;
  • artificial — to the collapse of some of your plans and hopes;
  • flower buds — to unexpected joyful events in life;
  • A lonely flower — a symbol of the fact that all your thoughts are currently devoted to one person;
  • a bouquet of flowers — to the beginning of a new period in your life, in which there will be a lot of happiness, love and tenderness from a loved one;
  • potted potted flowers are a sign of your isolation and detachment from the outside world. You should learn to trust people and live in society, otherwise your life will turn into a series of tests;
  • A flowerbed of well-kept flowers is a symbol of your unjustified concentration on external goods. You lose yourself, forgetting about your inner world;
  • Flower garden — to pleasant surprises in your life. Soon you will feel like a real darling of fate;
  • A bouquet of withered flowers is a symbol of cooling in your relationship with your beloved.

However, often we have to not only see flowers, but also perform certain actions with them. From this dramatically changes the meaning of dreams:

  • inhale the floral scent — to unexpected losses;
  • collect flowers — to the sincere and long-awaited joy;
  • plant flowers in pots or the ground — to trouble in heart affairs, cooling in relations with the second half;
  • repotting flowers is a symbol of the fact that soon there will be a strong temptation in your life to change or deceive your lover;
  • water the flowers — to acquire new spiritual forces for the realization of your happy hopes;
  • receive a gift of flowers — to enjoy your acquaintances and to show increased attention to you from the opposite sex;
  • buying flowers is a sign that you are not entirely sincere with your life partner. Your actions and words can rupture your relationship;
  • make a bouquet of flowers — to pleasant and joyful events;
  • to burn flowers — to the need to get rid of past relationships, to let them go;
  • to pick a flower — to the beginning of a disturbing romance or the appearance in your life of a devoted friend.

What dreams of flowers according to dream books: Miller, Vanga

The dream book also attaches great importance to the coloring of flowers in your dream:

  • green is a symbol of future wealth;
  • white — a symbol of your spiritual purity and harmony;
  • Red — a warning about the risks and dangerous adventures in your life. You should be more attentive in your affairs;
  • pink — a symbol of your feminine;
  • yellow — a sign of speedy separation, cunning and deception;
  • orange is a symbol of your attractiveness and spiritual harmony;
  • blue — a symbol of lightness and purity of your feelings;
  • brown is a symbol of pride;
  • black is a sign of your errors and mistakes in reality.

Interpretation of various dream books

According to the dream Wang

This dream book presents several interpretations of dreams with flowers:

  • accept any flowers as a gift and inject about them — a symbol of the fact that you will soon expect severe mental suffering due to deception or betrayal of a loved one;
  • tear flowers for a bouquet — to the understanding of important things in the knowledge of the world around you;
  • to see someone treading a flower garden in the garden is a sign that your ill-wishers are trying to misinform you;
  • indoor flowers — a sign of the secrecy of your feelings. Open up to others, and your life will be filled with new colors.

According to Freud’s dream book

Freud interpreted what he saw growing flowers in a dream, as a future update. This dream warns about pleasant news, unexpected encounters and long-awaited acquisitions.

A dream will be a good sign, in which fragrant plants were withering, fresh and beautiful.

White flowers — to the upcoming sad events and loneliness. However, if this dream appeared to you on Thursday, then soon you will meet with a beautiful and interesting woman.

To see in the nightly dreams faded or dried flowers in a bouquet — to the loss, grief and strong experience in the future. A dream in which there was a huge amount of colors of different shades means that you are in a state of being in love.

According to the Nostradamus dream book

In this dream book there are several interpretations of dreams with flowers:

  • a huge number of beautiful flowers — to a romantic and long-awaited meeting with your beloved;
  • withered flowers are harbingers of separation or health problems;
  • plant flowers in your garden — to the noble and very wise act of you;
  • weave a wreath of wild flowers — to see you soon with your beloved, a magnificent and memorable wedding in the future.

According to the dream book of Lofa

If in a dream you received green roses from a person close to you as a gift, this is a sign of jealousy from your friends for your romantic affection.

Lilies in dreams promise you an update, a rebirth of new feelings and a fresh feeling. Yellow roses — to friendship, scarlet — to love.

White flowers mean purity, and black — harbingers of illness or death of loved ones.

If in a dream you dreamed of orchids, then at the moment you feel the peak of your sensuality and sexuality with your partner. If in a dream you saw lilac, then you should be more attentive to your health, since you are waiting for serious diseases.

According to the dream book Hasse

If you see faded flowers in a dream, then soon all your affairs will be resolved by themselves and everything will change for the better. If you made a bouquet in a dream, then soon you will have great happiness or a long-awaited meeting.

Take as a gift beautiful flowers — to quivering and tender love.

According to Miller’s dream book

This dream book presents several meanings of dreams with flowers:

  • flowers in the garden are harbingers of new acquisitions and pleasures;

What dreams of flowers according to dream books: Miller, Vanga

  • white flowers — to sadness in the future;
  • dried or withering flowers — to trouble;
  • a very rich and beautiful bouquet — to receive an unexpected inheritance from an unknown relative, a joyful and pleasant pastime in the company of young people;
  • a bouquet of colorful flowers — a symbol of the fact that you will have a lot of fans;
  • flowers growing on barren land — to sad events in the future. However, applying the maximum of your energy and optimism, you will be able to achieve a good position and happiness in the future;
  • a bouquet of daisies — to the chagrin.

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