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What dreams of flooding — interpretation of the dream

What dreams dream flooding

To unravel the reason for the flood dream, read this article. Such a dream is very important — it can tell about events that can turn your life around.

I prepared interpretations of dream books, which I myself use when analyzing my dreams.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

The interpretation of this dream book will shed light on the events that will happen to you in the near future. Listen to them so you won’t miss anything important.

What dreams of flooding - interpretation of the dream

  1. If the flood happened in your own home, this is an unfavorable sign that says health problems. If you do not take action in time, you may be powerless in the face of some very serious illness.
  2. If you have watched through the window for a flood, then a period of dramatic change will come in your life. Sometimes it will seem that the earth is slipping from under your feet, that you are powerless to resist unpredictable circumstances. But the “storm” will end sooner or later, and you will enter a new life stage.
  3. Clean, clear water during a flood — to good changes that will lead to qualitative changes in your life. The level of well-being will increase, private life will improve. But the muddy and dirty water — to the problems and troubles with which you will encounter.
  4. If you observed in a dream how water fills your house entirely, comes to windows, it is a disturbing signal of your subconscious mind. It literally screams that you should start changing something in your life as soon as possible. Lack of willpower and decisive action, sooner or later, can lead to tremendous problems.
  5. To dream of water swallowing the city, destroying buildings, breaking trees — to great trouble that will affect all areas of your life. You are expected and loss of money, and separation from loved ones, and conflicts at work.

Dream Miller

Gustav Miller considered the flood an alarming sign. He believed that with the help of such a dream, the unconscious of a person literally screams, asks for help.

What dreams of flooding - interpretation of the dream

Here are his interpretations:

  1. Watch the flooded city or village, the turbulent streams of muddy water — to your personal disaster in life. You have a premonition that something very bad will happen soon that you are not yet able to resist.
  2. See how a lot of people are carrying away by violent streams of water — to great financial losses and a state of great alarm. In real life, you lose your sense of security, feel hopelessness, perhaps even depression.
  3. The huge space filled with clear and transparent water is, on the contrary, a favorable sign. Such a dream promises prosperity and well-being in everything. After a long black line in your life, a period of absolute happiness will finally come.
  4. If in a dream the water took you away during the flood, you circled among the wreckage — a cause that is of tremendous importance to you will end in big problems. You will not get the desired result, but will get a lot of new troubles and difficulties.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

The astrologer, the author of this dream book, analyzed dreams, relying on knowledge of the stars.

What dreams of flooding - interpretation of the dream

Here are his interpretations:

  1. Clean water during the flood — to delay in solving some important issue for you. The matter will not be resolved as quickly as you would like, you will have to be patient and wait, active actions are completely useless in this case.
  2. Muddy and dirty water — you will find yourself in a very strange, unusual situation for you and will not be able to influence the circumstances in any way. We will have to quickly adapt to the new conditions of life, rebuild the usual way.
  3. If you were in the epicenter of the flood, but at the same time you felt that you could control the elements, this is a favorable sign. You will live in prosperity and luxury until the end of your days, you will not have to worry about money at all.

English dream book

This is one of the most ancient dream books used by our distant ancestors.

  1. A flood during which you did not experience panic is an auspicious sign that promises wealth. You will live in full prosperity and forget about financial problems. It is a reward for your actions and actions in the past, which were committed for the benefit of others.
  2. If such a dream had a dream to a person whose profession is related to water, then this is a favorable sign. His career will grow, business trips will be successful. And wealth will come precisely from the occupation of your favorite business.
  3. For all others, the opposite is true — the dream that has dreamed promises solid problems in all spheres of life. In addition, the dreamer will add enemies and detractors who will hinder him on the path to achieving goals.
  4. To be in the center of the flood — in the near future you will be covered with an incredible panic that you cannot resist. It is important to try to pull yourself together and to disengage from disturbing emotions, so as not to lose control of the situation.
  5. To suffer from the flood — in reality, you too often rely on your emotions, forgetting to think with your head. Because of this, most of the problems that concern you happen to you.
  6. Watching a natural disaster from the side — some event will happen to you soon, which will turn your whole life upside down. We’ll have to abandon the usual way of life and adapt to new circumstances.
  7. See how the water after the flood absorbs into the land without a trace — to the favorable changes in life. You are in the flow of luck and luck, so take a moment to fulfill all your desires.

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  • In the interpretation of most dream books, flood symbolizes life changes. And what they will be — negative or positive, you will know as soon as you analyze your dream and read all the interpretations.
  • It is important to understand that if the prognosis of dream books is unfavorable, this is not a reason to become disheartened. You can always do something and change your own destiny. For this, dreams are sent to you — to warn, show the right path and help live happily.

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