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What dreams of flooding in the dream books of Miller, Zedkiel, Medea

Dreamed of flooding — the nuances of interpretation of different dream books

To see a flood in the night vision, as any modern dream book says, the sign is not particularly favorable. However, for a fuller understanding of what the flood is dreaming about, you should turn to several interpretations at once and find a closer version for yourself.

General interpretation

The flood itself should be considered as a symbol of peaceful life after a long, exhausting struggle with unfavorable conditions for comfortable living. Perhaps, in your real life, you have already felt that saving breath of air after great difficulties.

And you just have to enjoy this measured life, finally entered into the usual rhythm.

What dreams of flooding in the dream books of Miller, Zedkiel, Medea

Then you can go down to the small details of your sleep. They will help to more deeply reveal the promise of your dream.

  • If in your dream this terrible catastrophe brought suffering to a whole multitude of people, then you can consider your dream as a precursor of personal losses. A series of unpleasant events will bring a lot of inconvenience, and your emotional state will be upset to deep pessimism.
  • If you dreamed that, sweeping away everything in its path, the flood caught you, then you are in danger of getting a serious illness. This ailment will undermine your plans for the near future, you will have to postpone some work and think about health. At such times, it is better not to burden yourself with overly grueling work. You will do the right thing, if in the near future contact a doctor for advice, begin to adhere to proper nutrition and a moderate daily routine.
  • Sleep can be considered good if you have seen clean, calmly flowing streams of water. Your life will be calmer, you will become less thinking about endless chores and household chores.

Dream Miller

In the dream book of psychologist G. Miller you can find a whole variety of interpretations of dreams in which you were not lucky enough to watch the flood. Consider each of them more carefully, and also mention the recommendations of the psychologist himself about each of the possible cases.

  1. A dream in which a flood had the power to flood a village means a lot of trouble in your real life. Greater chagrin will bring you a dream in which the flood coped with the whole city. In this case, you will overtake a real catastrophe. Try to be as vigilant as possible in your daily life, do not go far from the location of your family and do not leave your children unattended.
  2. If you saw in your dream how a flood took the lives of people, then you can expect nothing good. Such a dream promises great losses, which lead to deep disappointment and loss of vitality. Try to approach all your business with the utmost seriousness. In such a life span, heightened attention to everything around will be very useful.
  3. If in a dream you managed to cover with your eyes large spaces filled with clear water, then very soon there will be a gap in your life. A waste of all our strength in the struggle with difficult circumstances will not be in vain — there will be a long-awaited relief after the dreary work, and well-deserved earnings.
  4. A dream in which, in addition to the flood itself, you observed the destruction of the city, is a warning about a possible illness or abrupt suspension of a matter of significance to you. Circumstances add worse, if along with the remnants of the destroyed city, the water carried away and your body — the disease will be more serious, and if your work will be under threat, then failure will be difficult to prevent.

What dreams of flooding in the dream books of Miller, Zedkiel, Medea

Dream Teacher

This dream book offers non-standard interpretation of dreams with flooding. Perhaps in one of the cases you will find yourself close to you.

The author mentions seafarers and men engaged in cargo transportation by sea. If your work relates to such a topic, then the flood seen in a dream is a good sign — swimming will go well, and if, in addition to cargo transportation, you are engaged in trade, then you will have a nice gift in the form of good profits.

The picture is completely different if you belong to people of another matter. For you to see a flood in a dream is a sign of a bad temper.

Such a dream may portend health problems, black slander on the part of your long-time foes. And if your career is connected with jurisprudence, then court cases will go very badly in the near future.

If a person has already appeared in your life, whom you could call “the same”, then you should be wary. The dream in which you saw the flood indicates that you risk being alone.

In your environment there is a serious contender who will not leave your chosen one alone until he achieves his goal.

Whatever your situation may be, you shouldn’t be discouraged and upset ahead of time. It will be much more useful to take this sign as a challenge and try with all our might to overcome all difficulties.

Dream Medea

The witch tells in detail what the dream is about.

Flooding itself, according to the sorceress Medea, in a dream warns a person about his heightened emotional background. If you do nothing on this occasion, then there will be a risk of catching people around you — the consequences can be very diverse, so it’s best to send all your energy and emotions back to the right direction as soon as possible.

Flooding, which can only be seen from afar, should be considered as a warning of dubious communication. A person will appear in your life who will have enough strength to seduce you into evil deeds.

Be careful not to lose prudence under any circumstances.

If you were in a dream during a flood that threatened your life, then soon in real life you can expect big changes. Most likely, you will unpleasantly shaken by some event, because of which your lifestyle will begin to undergo changes.

What dreams of flooding in the dream books of Miller, Zedkiel, Medea

Dream interpretation Y. Longo

As the dream book written by a white magician says, a flood is dreaming of a person who in his life often suffers from an invasion of fundamental, animal instincts. The magician advises not to despair, but to think about the fact that you have true value.

Find a lesson to your liking, to which you will be able to give the maximum of your time, so that you no longer have enough strength to think about low-lying needs.

If in a dream you did not have direct contact with a flood, then something significant should happen in your life that will be able to fundamentally change your attitude to certain things, to destroy the ingrained principles.

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