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What dreams of flies: interpretation by dream books

Flies in night dreams are a very unpleasant symbol. Being in real life peddlers of various infections, in a dream they promise unfavorable news, events, etc. To see in night dreams the insect most often heralds a collision with a complex situation and a problem, as well as with the most unpleasant human vices and character traits.

Much less often this insect acts as a harbinger of favorable events. This happens if in a dream the sleeper managed to kill a fly or catch it.

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream in which the flies dream, the dreamer will have to remember all the details of night dreams. Only in this case will it be possible to get the correct interpretation of such a symbol. The sleeper needs to pay attention to the appearance of the insect, their number, its actions and the actions of the fly in a dream.

We should not forget about the place where the flies flew: whether it was indoors or on the street.

Basically, the fly comes in a dream as a symbol of annoying thoughts and experiences. Internally, the sleeper is afraid of difficulties and avoids them.

What dreams of flies: interpretation by dream books

The interpretation of this symbol is influenced by such factors as the color of the insect, its size and condition.

What dreams of flies: interpretation by dream books

For the interpretation of sleep, you must pay attention to the color of the fly:

BlackSerious health problems are coming.
WhiteIt is worth paying special attention to the organs of vision.
GoldA gold-colored fly promises richer dreamer, however, he will have to cope with ill-wishers.
GreenDirty gossip around the dreamer’s name regarding his work
Unusual colorThe flowering of creativity, the arrival of new ideas, the fulfillment of desires
SilveryImproving privacy, meeting with a loved one
Red or yellowThe negative influence of the person from the environment of the dreamer

What dreams of flies: interpretation by dream books

The size of the insect indicates the scale of the internal problems and their importance:

The sizeInterpretation
OrdinaryThe sudden collapse of previously set goals, minor troubles and setbacks
Small midgesThe midges buzzing over the head of the dreamer promise him a large number of problems that will occupy all his time and thoughts.
LargeQuarrels and unpleasant conversations will begin in the family. It is worth paying more attention to their relatives
Huge, unprecedented sizeA huge resentment strangles the dreamer from the inside, it is worth trying to forgive the offender and live on. Another meaning is that the project the dreamer is working on is beyond his power, it is recommended to ask for help or to abandon its implementation

The state of the insect will tell about the current problems and the correct behavior:

LiveThe dreamer needs to pay attention to current issues and solve them as they accumulate. And it can also speak of his excessive talkativeness, which plays into the hands of his enemies.
DeadA recently deceased fly predicts challenging tasks to be set for the sleeper. If he responds to them in time or asks for help, then everything will end well
DeadThose people who prevented him from fulfilling his long-standing dreams and plans will disappear from his life. Dead flies predict open doors and good luck in any endeavors
With larvaeEnemies of the dreamer are carrying out a plan for revenge or plotting. The sleeper does not need to lose vigilance, but it is worth looking at your new acquaintances.

The number of insects represents the sphere of life of the sleeper, which needs to be paid attention to:

OneOne fly always brings troubles and disruption to previously scheduled plans.
TwoTwo flies in a dream personify personal life and love affairs. Their behavior fully characterizes the behavior of the sleeper himself and his second half.
SomeSeveral flies flying nearby predict loyal friends who are always ready to come to the rescue and provide support. If flies fly away or try to bite, then it means that liars and deceivers appeared in the dreamer’s environment
RoyA swarm of flies personifies the position of the dreamer in society and how much he is in demand. Roy, who pursues a sleeper, talks about the dreamer’s excessive importance both at work and in everyday life. Seeing the swarm fly over his head, but does not stop — the dreamer thinks too much of himself, he should lower his self-esteem

In some dreams, the fly does not appear alone, but by other insects. Such dreams are interpreted as follows:

CockroachCockroaches personify the rich and unexpected guests, which the sleeper will have to entertain. Killing a cockroach in a dream — getting a valuable gift or inheritance
SpiderSeeing how a spider eats a fly means that the sleeper is working under the guidance of a very cunning and cunning person who doesn’t stop at anything. If the fly just hit the web and tries to get out, then the dreamer in reality should be less frivolous and think over his words and deeds in advance
MidgesThe midges surrounding the big fly personify buddies or colleagues who profit from the sleeping
SnakeThe snake that eats the fly personifies treacherous enemies who can substitute the sleeper. If the fly managed to fly away or even kill the snake, then in real life the dreamer will defeat his detractors
BeeA bee flying with a fly personifies a noble person, but below status

We should not forget about what exactly the insect did:

FliesApproaching serious problems due to their rashness and frivolity
WhirlsSeeing a fly hovering over your head means that you can’t avoid a bad company.
BuzzingHear the buzz in your own home — for the arrival of unpleasant guests. Sleeping is pointless trying to please them, they still remain unhappy
BitesBetrayal on the part of a loved one or faithful friend
Sits down on somethingThe sleeper needs to be alert, intrigues and gossip trudge around him
Tries to inflict a dreamerYou need to listen to your inner voice and intuition. Most likely, the dreamer has some bad feeling.
Hit the foodIf the fly got into honey or jam and cannot get out, then the dreamer should take a closer look at his surroundings: the one who is most kind with him is the culprit of all his failures.

About how quickly the sleeper will cope with problems in real life, can tell his actions in the night vision:

CatchCatching a fly means that the sleeper has everything under his full control.
KillInsect killing predicts complete deliverance from problems, as well as the occurrence of a white line in the life of a sleeper.
To tortureTearing paws or wings from a fly means that the sleeper is too rude and cruel to others.
ExpelChasing a fly to complete impotence — the sleeper has a senseless desire to please everyone. However, such actions can lead to a nervous breakdown.
To eatSeeing a fly in your own plate and inadvertently eat it — a close friend started a bad plan against the dreamer
BeatBeating an insect personifies the meaningless work that the dreamer does in reality
WatchWatch from the side and be indifferent to insects — no intrigues of enemies can derail a sleeper and break him internally
Shake offTo the cooling of feelings from the second half or even to treason. If you had to remove the fly from yourself, then this indicates the sleeper’s self-love and selfishness.
Turn yourselfSleeping badly bothers someone

Localization of flies in a dream predicts the next events in the sleeper’s life:

HousePredicts meeting with your loved one and having a good time with him
The roomWarns the sleeper against conflicts that his enemies will provoke
WindowA fly flying outside the window is a harbinger of improving the financial situation, getting easy money
RestroomQuick and easy climbing the career ladder, getting great offers
CeilingStrengthening relationships with members of your family, a quick feast for a good occasion
RoomIn his room — to annoying guests who can be easily escorted out without breaking relations with them.
FoodA fly caught on a plate personifies a profitable business that will later prove to be very dangerous.
HairFlies, entangled in the hair, advise the dreamer to take care of their health and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle
Body sleepingSeeing crawling flies on your body is a bad sign for infectious diseases.
The outsideFlies, stuck to the plant, predict a big scandal in the family at the holiday table

The interpretation of this symbol depends on the sex of the sleeper:

  • Woman. Such a dream promises the establishment of a personal life if in night dreams she managed to catch an insect. Very soon a pleasant young man will appear in her life who will be perfectly suited to the role of her second half. If the woman did not manage to catch the insect, or she accidentally killed him, the dream foreshadows infection with infectious diseases and personal failure.
  • Married woman. A huge fly buzzing over her head promises the appearance of a mistress in her husband.
  • Unmarried girl. Seen flies promise pleasant meetings with friends and possible romantic acquaintances. And the young man will be either an old friend of one of his friends, or a relative.
  • Young man The dreamed flies warn the guy against rash acts. Also, insects can say that his beloved with him is insincere.
  • Married man. Insects say that he has a rival. If a man in a dream kills a fly, then the opponent will be weak and quickly switch to another girl.

Most professionals regarded the fly, which came in a dream, as an unkind sign. They believed that such a symbol predicts either adverse changes in the near future, or internal problems and anxiety of the sleeper.

Miller believed that if a sleeper saw a flycatcher in a dream, then intrigues and dirty gossips wove around his name. If the dreamer managed to catch the insects with adhesive tape, then he will cope with all the difficulties on his own, but their consequences will remind of themselves for a long time in real life.

If the insects were killed by a newspaper, then in reality the sleeper will have an unpleasant conversation with one of the family members, who runs the risk of developing into a serious quarrel.

Simon Kananit argued that flies in a dream personify friends who in real life do not give rest to the dreamer and bring him a lot of trouble and misery. He interpreted the appearance of flies in a dream as follows:

  • If in a night dream the sleeper managed to catch an insect, then in reality he gets involved in an unpleasant story.
  • If the dreamer killed insects, then in life he will get rid of most of the problems and difficulties.
  • In real life, you have to be very scared if the insect is in the food.

In the dream book, Vanga the flies personify loved ones who have long been dead:

  • To beat an insect in a dream means that the dreamer has long ago coped with the loss of a loved one and is now returning to daily life.
  • It is necessary to visit the graves of long-gone relatives when the dreamer sees many flies on the ceiling and walls.
  • The annoying individuals spinning around the sleeper predict a serious illness of a relative.

Loff said that flies are a harbinger of some kind of accidents and unpleasant situations. They can personify the sleeper’s inner anxiety about their health:

  • If in a dream he had to eat an insect, then in reality he should go to the hospital.
  • If the fly was sitting on it and crawling, then in real life it will have to face unpleasant higher people.
  • Killing an insect in a dream is a push to action. Sleep it’s time to get out of the comfort zone and start building your life the way he wants.

Yevgeny Tsvetkov regarded the dream with the presence of flies as a reminder that something is haunting the life of a sleeper. This may be an indication of unfaithful friends, a long-time boring place of work, or household items.

The larger the insects were in their sleep, the more difficult it will be for the sleeper to give up something, to cope with the problems that have piled in and get rid of annoying people. Tsvetkov warns that the situation may end not in favor of the sleeper, if in a dream the insect bit or attacked him.

In the opposite case — the dreamer easily cope with difficulties.

Sigmund Freud personified the flies in the form of children and interpreted insect dreams in this way:

  • If sleeping in a dream killed insects, tortured or expelled, then in real life he feels hatred of his own children or children in general.
  • If in a dream the insects circled around the sleeper and buzzed, it means that there are problems in reality.

Aesop interpreted the image of a fly with everything vicious and evil that is in the sleeping:

  • If in a dream the insect does not give rest, then in reality the sleeper will have to deal with annoying and unpleasant people. Perhaps the emergence of detractors and envious.
  • If the fly gets into the food and cannot get out, then in real life the dreamer will fall into a hopeless situation.

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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