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What dreams of fleas on dream books Vanga, Miller and Freud

How a flea from a dream can affect real life

You should not complain in vain on your subconscious, if you dreamed of this is not the most pleasant creature — a flea. Even in this way, the subconscious mind is trying to isolate you from something dangerous and not very good.

So why dream of a flea in a dream? Dream interpretation will give the necessary answers.

Problems with the environment — this is what the fleas in a dream foreshadow. But you should not immediately get upset and stop the deployment of interpretation activities as soon as you know the first option. This does not always happen, you should learn about the immediate details that accompanied this dream.

Not everything is so simple in somnology.

You need to take a closer look at your surroundings, understand who you cannot live without, and who are only a “parasite”, trying only to cash in on your immediate achievements. Most likely, it is because of such people in your subconscious that such signals arise that are designed to isolate you from such terrible people.

What dreams of fleas on dream books Vanga, Miller and Freud

Interpretation of the dream for different subjects and circumstances

Try to relax, mediate, and even enter Nirvana. Synchronize with your subconscious, try to get all the information you need to interpret, from the circumstances to the most important details, everything can help our process.

Immediately, the dreamer should pay attention to one funny fact — 20% of interpretations fail because of the irresponsibility of the dreamer, when he decides to simply think out some interesting detail to make his dream a bit more prosaic, but it turns out nonsense that cannot be interpreted correctly

So, if you are in the category of «responsible» dreamers and are ready to begin an interpretation, then we must immediately warn you that during the interpretation all extraneous activities, all the more associated with brain loads, are forbidden, you may also suffer morally.

Our site provides all the information necessary for interpretation, the dreamer only needs to use it and relate his memories to what is given below. This is not as difficult as it seems if you could recall your dream:

  • If caught fleas. Such a dream symbolizes a new occupation in real life, you can do something really interesting to you, getting a lot of money for it. But you should not stop at what has been accomplished, the subconscious mind also provides the message for self-development, scrolling such a dream in your head;
  • If you are in a dream crushed fleas. This means that you will be very surprised — your well-being will increase significantly, you will no longer listen to gossip from your friends behind your back, because now they will stop gossiping about you;
  • If in a dream you were looking for fleas on yourself. Such a dream can give you an extreme perfectionist, who does not shun anything in front of his goal. But you shouldn’t overcome your own nature and constantly try to prove something to others, because in the near future this dream symbolizes success that will not depend on your contribution;
  • In the dream you are bitten by little bloodsuckers. In real life, they slander you right now, say something indecent, gossip. In short — wash the bones. But do not be upset about this, because in any case you will be able to resist all the offenders, if only you start thinking sensibly and do not panic;
  • If in a dream a lot of daphnids were on your body. You have problems with your surroundings, you are constantly striving to find a true friend, but no one on earth can understand your torments as you understand other people, with such a big heart among humanity there are very few representatives;
  • You are infected with something from a little creature. A dream with a similar plot can be safely projected onto real life — you manage to get sick and fall ill before an important event, no prophylaxis can help you. You can escape from this fate only if you don’t give yourself karma after that sleep for at least a few days;
  • Kept a flea on hand. You are a very friendly person, this quality will help you in the future.

What dreams of fleas on dream books Vanga, Miller and Freud

How to interpret the plot of various dream books, somnologists and other famous personalities

  1. According to the dream book Miller. According to the dream book of Henry Miller, to see daphnia in a dream means to enter into an unequal contract that will not lead you to success, you will only go with the flow and will not be able to withstand those people who will influence you;
  2. According to the Spanish dream book. According to this dream book, a flea in a dream symbolizes a new occupation that you will need to do. You will be able to acquire new skills or even further improve your existing skills that need to be adjusted;
  3. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud looks at the root and declares that the size of an insect indicates the size of your ego, you haven’t been doing anything fascinating for yourself for quite a long time, you have only constantly been driven by your partner and have always tried to give pleasure only to him, forgetting every time;
  4. Dream interpretation of the XXI century. According to the modern dream book, a flea is a symbol of all the experiences that are sweeping in your subconscious. You often think about your unjust life, do not disdain a complaint in the direction of your relatives or simple acquaintances. The whole environment is trembling when you are in a bad mood, consider whether it is worth it;
  5. According to Vanga. The Bulgarian seer is sure that someone is plotting against you, be it your acquaintance or a simple foe, everyone can turn against you. It can also be a nondescript friend who only enjoys your success, without contributing to your development;
  6. According to the dream book of Felomen. For this type of dream book, you have acute problems in the social sphere. such as lack of communication and a friendly shoulder, you can not fully trust people, this is an unbearable burden for you;
  7. According to the dream book Veles. Such dreams on the dream book Veles interpreted extremely adversely. in the Slavic dream book, it is stated that a parasite has penetrated your life for quite a long time and now does not give rest, constantly trying to look into the back streets of your soul, always interferes and never leaves you alone;
  8. You just can not leave your own mortal body, says the dream book witch Medea. This interpretation is indicated in the dream book of the sorceress, you have long exceeded all expectations and have risen to a new level, and an imperfect body restricts you. How to perceive such a specific interpretation is unknown, but do not bother much

What dreams of fleas on dream books Vanga, Miller and Freud

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