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What dreams of fleas have a cat?

What dreams of fleas in cats — dream book

What dreams of fleas have a cat? According to popular dream books, such a dream is an auspicious sign. But the interpretation may not be very good: it all depends on how events developed in the plot of your night vision.

Let’s try to figure it out.

What dreams of fleas have a cat?

What do fleas mean for a cat in a dream?

Try to remember the dream in all its details and choose the appropriate interpretation from our list:

  1. Dreamed that your home pet got fleas? Such a dream suggests that you set goals incorrectly in real life. You spend strength, energy and money is useless, because of which the effort spent is empty. It’s time to learn to prioritize and move in the right direction.
  2. In a dream, the parasites aren’t harassing an adult cat, but a little kitten? This means that in real life you often miss opportunities to achieve results. Try to get together — and then all things will end in success
  3. According to Aesop’s dream book, fleas seen on cats in a dream are an unfavorable sign. In real life, you have a lot of envious people who literally harass themselves with envy of your success. But you should not worry — «dogs bark, the caravan goes»
  4. If you dream that fleas bite not only a pet, but also you, it means that in real life you are tired of constant troubles. You are tired of solving other people’s problems, wasting time on fuss, responding to other people’s requests. It’s time to abstract from the surrounding reality and be alone with yourself
  5. The author of the popular dream book Miller believed: to see the hordes of fleas on a cat, whose wool is literally teeming with parasites, means being dissatisfied with its social life. You are not satisfied with the relationship with people around you, you feel a wave of negative emotions directed in your direction
  6. In the dream book of the Wanderers is given another interpretation. To see fleas on a cat in a dream — to a sudden enrichment. Such a dream can herald a serious wage increase, an unexpected big win or a financially valuable gift. Try your luck — buy a ticket in the lottery or talk to the boss about the promotion
  7. If in a dream you see very small, almost invisible fleas in the fur of an animal, then it is time for the initiative. Usually you act relying on the opinions and decisions of other people. Stop doing that — think your head
  8. According to Vlasov’s dream book, seeing fleas in a dream is an unfavorable sign. Someone in real life will give you a seemingly sensible advice. But if you follow him, you get in big trouble. Therefore, filter the opinions of others and act relying on your own thoughts.

Did not find an interpretation suitable for your dream? We have others!

What dreams of fleas have a cat?

Why dream of killing fleas?

Suppose you dreamed that you are destroying fleas in the fur of an animal. What can promise such a dream:

  • In the dream book Grishina it is indicated that to bring fleas from a cat in a dream is a sign that it is time for you to change the opinion about a person from your environment. Now you treat him badly, but he does not deserve such an attitude. Try to reconsider your views and change your opinion to a more positive one.
  • If in a dream you see someone pushing fleas on a cat, this is an auspicious sign. In reality, you will have a great chance to change your life for the better. Try not to miss the opportunity, and stay in an advantageous position for a long time.
  • If you dream of killing parasites yourself, wait for a big profit. There will be an opportunity to greatly improve their financial situation, even get rich

See in the video what a flea dream about in a cat according to Miller’s dream book:

Other interpretations

There are less common predictions that may also be reliable:

  • To see fleas in a dream is an unfavorable sign. A black line will begin in your life. How long it will last is up to you. Gain strength and patience to quickly overcome all difficulties and return to a normal quiet life.
  • Parasites on the cat can dream of financial difficulties. You will have to spend a large part of the family budget on unplanned large purchases. As a result, you will have to live in austerity mode.
  • The dream book of the Seasons indicates that if you try to catch insects in your sleep, this is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream promises major trouble in the near future. You either get unpleasant news, or get sick, or problems arise from someone close to you.

What dreams of fleas have a cat?

The value of sleep may vary depending on the time of year in which he dreamed:

  1. If catching fleas dream in winter, change is coming. They will affect your professional activities. You may have to change jobs to a more suitable one, or spend some time in search of vacancies.
  2. If you see fleas in your sleep in the spring, this is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream foreshadows serious health problems. It is necessary to go to the doctor to have time to identify the disease at an early stage.
  3. If fleas have a dream in the summer, wait for profits — suddenly there will be opportunities for rapid enrichment. Do not miss this chance
  4. Autumn sleep with fleas is a harbinger of quarrels and conflicts. You will become a very irritable, hot-tempered person, which will be the cause of the rifts. Try to keep yourself in hand and not provoke others to clarify the relationship

Regardless of whether a favorable interpretation or not, do not give it too much importance. A bad prediction will come true if you do not make any effort to prevent it.

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