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What dreams of fish on the interpretation of dream books and the main values

What does the fish mean in a dream and how to find the best value by dream books

Fish is a tasty and healthy food, a source of proteins and healthy unsaturated fats. The very ones that make the skin smooth and hair luxurious, thick and silky.

There are more beneficial vitamins in river and sea fish than in any patented product.

In culture, fish is a religious symbol, in particular, Christian. In everyday life, aquariums and fish ponds are used to relax and decorate homes. The main importance of fish in a dream is vitality, endurance, dexterity, beauty, gifts.

Find out what dreams of fish by the best dream books.

What dreams of fish on the interpretation of dream books and the main values

Interpretation of authoritative sources

  • Dream Miller promises gifts of fate and a real wave of luck and good luck to those who saw a fish in a dream in clean and clear water.
  • Dream Vanga favored the contemplation of the fish, but if you tried to catch it, and she swam away, get ready for a series of hardships, poverty, financial problems.
  • A female dream book warns of problems if you see a fish in muddy water or try to catch it. Your rivals muddy the water, trying to create ambiguity, a vague vision of the situation. Request reports and spend some time checking documents, warehouses, property. When detecting theft, part with negligent and too cunning employees without delay, regret and pity. They will not regret you. If you do not do this, you can lose not only money, but also fall under a judicial investigation.
  • Eel in a dream alive or in a plate — to quirkiness, dexterity, cunning, deceit. You will manage to do a tricky business, although you will have to dodge in the most unthinkable way. You can lie as much as you want, they will still believe you.
  • White meat fish in a dream — to the solemn reception on a significant occasion. Red meat means you have a chance for a serious romance with significant people.
  • Eastern dream book claims that the bite of sea creatures means discord in the family and impending poverty. Perhaps in the family of a careless husband or a lazy wife, not capable of independent living and requiring care and care.
  • Eskimo dream book claims that a lot of fish — to great luck. To catch with hands is a great dexterity. Catching and throwing ashore is wastefulness. If the bear came and took the prey — to the losses.
  • An Italian dream book says that seeing a fish is surely fortunate and good luck, but you need to keep your mouth shut. As soon as you start showing off your luck, it will go away.
  • The Greeks say they dreamed a fish — you will become a monk.

What dreams of fish on the interpretation of dream books and the main values

Common meanings

  • It is believed that girls and women live fish dream of pregnancy. Not necessarily so, but to increased vitality, exactly. You will be irresistible, charming, charming, attractive, sensual. In terms of procreation, fortunately, you can rely on your own decisions and pharmacological progress.
  • A fish that tries to gnaw a navel and get inside is a common nightmare. You can go to a gastroenterologist, or go for a couple of weeks for oatmeal with milk and baby food. Do not forget to have breakfast. If you leave health without attention, you risk to earn gastritis.
  • A goldfish, and especially a talking fish, fulfills only one desire — travel, trips to the sea, travels and gifts. The path will be easy. Especially if the fish told you the weather forecast.
  • The attack of the fish in a dream, the fright of the toothy fish, the plots with the predator pursuing you, the shark, the pike, the moray eel means that in reality you should be extremely careful on the street and in public places. Fright can also be associated with cinematic nightmares about sharks or killer whales. If the fish is bitten by the leg — beware of the machinations of enemies and rivals. For a finger — think about your material well-being. Fry that revolve around the swimmers, especially in unclear water — a reason to count the cash and even small change in the pockets, the number of fingers and kidneys.
  • Admire carp in a dream in the pond, feed the fish — fortunately, for money, for wisdom. People will come to you for advice, and you will have a choice to give advice that is beneficial for a person or for yourself. Your own fate depends on the choice — are you ready to stay on the sidelines, handing out free tips and helping, or want to get ahead.
  • There is a sea fish in a dream — for money and fortunately. If there are a lot of bones in it, you will have to fight for happiness, but it’s worth it.
  • There is a river fish — to good welfare.
  • To breed fish in special lakes, to catch trout in ponds, to look after lakes — for spiritual purity, integrity, sincerity, preservation of welfare in trials.
  • Consider tropical fish in their natural environment, dive with a mask — you have the opportunity to choose between the good, the wonderful and the best. Try not to be mistaken.
  • Small fishes — you are waiting for a painstaking and winding path to happiness. Sprat, anchovies — to unexpected and rich luck.
  • Caviar in a dream promises luxury, unexpected adventures, joy, profit.
  • Baked dish with sour cream, especially crucian carp entirely — for gratuitous enrichment.
  • Spoiled fish can warn of illness. If it is infected with parasites — go to a medical examination, there may be health problems that are better tracked and cured without delay.

What dreams of fish on the interpretation of dream books and the main values


To see a fish in a dream is an excellent, albeit a bit enigmatic sign. To gain access to the treasure will have to show intelligence and ingenuity, learn to keep quiet about the reasons for their luck.

What dreams of fish on the interpretation of dream books and the main values

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