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What dreams of fish: interpretation of the dream

The dreamed fish as a whole is a positive image, prophesying success, but much of the interpretation depends on the details of the dream. Fish symbolizes hidden emotional impulses, various mental states, including intuitive susceptibility; activity, sexuality, indifference; may indicate the status of current affairs.

The appearance of the sea dweller can characterize the upcoming events, point out the hidden problems that require the attention of the dreamer.

Fish in a dream as a moving object symbolizes positive changes, growth, success, a wide range of emotional states depending on the characteristics of the image, as well as travel.

Catch large fish, big catch — to profit; if the fish is small — to disappointment. But a huge booty may be a sign of spinning intrigue against the dreamer.

Watching fishing — in reality, feel a surge of energy, use the circumstances for your own benefit.

Fish in clean water foreshadows successful relationships in love; in the muddy — love disappointments. River fish symbolizes stability, sea — romantic events. If a lot of fish lies on the table — to prosperity.

Leaving fishing without a catch is a vain desire. Fry personified pastime with children.

What dreams of fish: interpretation of the dream

Interpretation of sleep, depending on the personality of the sleeper:

  • for woman — sign of current pregnancy;
  • for pregnant — indicator of upcoming birth: two fish — twins, attractive and mobile — the health of babies;
  • for man — financial gain, profit; family harmony;
  • for spouses — soon replenishment in the family.

Fresh fish in a dream of a sick person promises him recovery.

What dreams of fish: interpretation of the dream

Type of fish and the value of sleep:

  • piranha — bad company, the risk of suffering financially;
  • taranka — restriction of negative emotional manifestations; subconscious advice — to tell about your experiences to the person involved in the situation;
  • catfish: if swimming in muddy water — the machinations at work are waiting; he jumps into his arms — good news;
  • acne — to make the right decisions;
  • sterlet — wealth;
  • carp — stamina and endurance;
  • trout — growing wealth;
  • zander — road;
  • perch, salmon, flounder — joy;
  • pike — testing;
  • halibut — catch luck by the tail;
  • shark: floating — failure in business; playing — someone envy the sleeper; dead — protection;
  • whale — sign of positive change.

The appearance and conditions of the fish affect the interpretation of sleep:

DescriptionInterpretation of sleep
Fresh, livelyProfit; success; surprise from fate; winnings; journey; joy
Raw foodDamages
Fried, saltedTrip in search of knowledge; resolved matter; small fried — unpleasant accidents
BoiledTroubles, losses
DriedSteady growth of wealth
DriedThere is her — going on a long journey
FrozenCouncil to pay attention to appearance; probability of a love triangle
SpawnBig benefit
Floating nearThe best time to start a business has come
ToothyPotential danger due to street fights, fraud
Toothy with wormsFor a long parting with your beloved; if it is small — troubles from dubious hypocritical personalities
Biting feetSmall intrigues from detractors. Bite on the finger — soon there will be a need for independence
PredatoryConflicts with competitors
In the lake, the riverContracting on favorable terms
Floating on the surface of the reservoirA dream spells a trip that will help you understand your own feelings.
Jumping out of the waterThe possibility of a sudden receipt of funds
In the seaAbsolute luck
In the poolTo the visit of the long-awaited guests
In aquariumTalents will not be fully disclosed; need for spiritual development
In the tankThe symbol of unrealized feelings, something worth thinking about
AsleepLost hope
DeadTo parting, clarify the relationship
Rotting with wormsSign of Dangerous Disease
SpoiledThe danger of material losses, waste
HeadlessImportant decisions are coming; illegible love affair; new partnership
Without scalesTo the difficulties, challenges

The color of the fish and the interpretation of sleep:

  • white — Invitation to a festive family event: engagement, wedding;
  • black — the occurrence of the disease;
  • multicolored — to the progression of the disease, quarrels; for the sick, recovery;
  • golden — to adventure;
  • silvery — to marry; good luck

What dreams of fish: interpretation of the dream

The actions of a person in connection with a fish in a dream influence the interpretation of the plot:

Action descriptionInterpretation of sleep
CatchGet a career boost; find a way out of a difficult situation
KillDefeat enemies; kill — to establish their position above them
CutTo strong feelings, love
there isEspecially dried — to inheritance
Intend to eatCommunication in a fun company, the opportunity to meet their second half
CookThe danger of losing real estate. It is recommended to refrain from concluding credit transactions.
See feedingAdvice to devote time to yourself, to allocate means for personal care
FeedBuy a patron; lay the foundation for improvement
SaltSymbol of family strength
To acquireTo lose material values, important information (for men)
SellThe risk of having spoilage for a woman: do not give your personal photos to strangers
To giveDesire to have sex with a person who has been given a fish
To giveThe fish that was given into the hands is dreamed up — to be in the epicenter of events on one’s own initiative; in a different sense — profit. To give it to others — to yield your success.
To chooseTo disease
Give birth to a fishTo the birth of a weakened child
Arrange networkBig benefit
To fishBoredom
To fishSuccess through effort; for a woman, sometimes a quick marriage; to see others go fishing — for the birth of a baby
Grab handsMalaise; haste; other value — remuneration for works
To hunt her while in the forestBad company
WashRest in a big company
Cook earImagine feelings when they are absent; in another sense — to meet old love with the renewal of relations
FryA lot of trouble

Other details of sleep in connection with the fish and their interpretation:

  • scales: small, dry — minor spat with a loved one; large and brilliant — to build relationships based on love and mutual understanding;
  • gills — friend’s disease;
  • caviar: to get is astonishment;
  • milt — marriage;
  • fishing nets — to profit; torn — to chagrin;
  • fishing rod — a symbol of intrigue and talk behind your back; catching with a fishing rod — a problem that took away time and energy will be solved.

Other actions in the plot of the dream:

  • catch and throw small fish — the dreamer makes grand plans;
  • go to the market — prosperity and joy await ahead;
  • pick up fish hooks — sign of ability to control fate;
  • see the float twitch — vain romantic expectations.
  • see flying — spiritual growth; disease; to see how it flies over water — the fulfillment of all desires;
  • see talking — invitation to an exotic journey;
  • see floating in the well — the need to move to another place because of work;
  • find scattered shore littered with different fish — chronic diseases;
  • tease her — succeed in outwitting the most dexterous crook;
  • sit on a pile of fish — healing;
  • see her in the house — to quarrels and losses;
  • see a fish eat another fish — a sign of a complex emotional struggle and lack of choice; tricks, cheats, fraud.

Opinions of popular dream books are presented in the table:

Dream interpretationDream Interpretation
MillerTo see live fish in clear water — to receive gifts of fate. For a girl — happy love. Dead to sorrows and losses. Catch fish — to overcome obstacles. See the skeleton of fish — to improve their status, improve their financial situation. A girl dream promises a love meeting; Woman — a new stage of life with a man. A fish in a young man’s dream during the daytime represents danger at work; don’t take rash steps
FreudThe dream of fishing means that the sleeper is not able to distract from current affairs during lovemaking. This suggests a possible partner dissatisfaction. To eat fish for a man is to be an egotistical lover. A bad catch is a fear of sexual failure. Shark — have a partner with predatory preferences
NostradamusFish — a symbol of duality, complexity. Seeing fish rain is a prophecy of disaster. Catching — trying to get out of a difficult situation. The accumulation of fish — vain hopes. There is — to get good news. Rotten — relationships with loved ones will suffer. Live carp — an indication of the durability of the dreamer
WangiTo fish — material losses at work are coming. Advice — think about saving. Pike — pests themselves fall into their own tricks
TsvetkovaTouching the dead is a disease; there is — anxiety, worries. See, catch live — success in business; woman — to pregnancy. Catch the dead — unfulfilled dreams. Brush — failures are your fault
HasseThere is a fish — success in gambling. Catching hands — make enemies. Small fish — fear, disease. Large — an important thing. Catch large — be disappointed
MeneghettiThere is a fish for a man — a sign of increased power
EsotericSee — problems with children, unwanted pregnancy. To catch — to have heirs intending to seize the inheritance. There is — inheritance is not far off. Clean — unrealistic hopes of receiving an inheritance. If you manage to eat fish as a result of cooking, you will succeed in becoming an heir.
MuslimThe symbol of power and wealth; achieve a high position. School of fish — waiting for a long way, moving
FemaleHappy love
UkrainianChange of weather; dead — bad weather. Golden — fulfillment of desires. Help yourself to it: for a man — love dates, for a woman — safe delivery. Catch — profit. Clean — for fun
Old SlavicInsult; deception; have it — to enrich
HealthThere is a fish — meat dishes should be replaced with fish. To see the sea — to iodine deficiency in the body, to problems with the respiratory organs, feet
PrababushkinCatching the live is a major success; for a woman — a rich marriage; catch with the help of others — get pregnant; touching the dead is a disease; there are alarms; watch live in the water — progress in deeds, hope; rotten, decaying — to wealth

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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