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What dreams of fires in other people’s homes?

What dreams of fires in other people’s homes?

The symbol of fire is perceived in two ways: on the one hand, fire gives life and heat, and on the other hand — brings destruction and death. What dreams of fires in other people’s homes?

How do they relate to the dreamer? Consider this question.

What dreams of fires in other people's homes?

General interpretation of the dream

To understand the image sent to our subconscious, you need to remember whose house you saw. If in a dream I had to see the fire of a house of my acquaintances, it spells forthcoming difficult times. Your friends can expect a complete ruin and major losses.

Why did you dream a dream, not them? Perhaps you are more sensitive to the perception of images of the subtle world than your friends.

Seeing the fire of someone else’s house is not good. The subconscious mind warns the dreamer about future unpleasant changes at work. To properly interpret a dream, remember how the flame spread:

  • if the flame blazed on the roof or ceiling, it means that a large personnel reshuffling awaits, coming from above — from the chief or superior management;
  • if you saw smoke without flame, changes will not bring significant changes and will pass relatively smoothly.

If you become a participant in the elimination of a fire in someone else’s house, then you will be saved from the unpleasant situation “like a smut out of the fire”. Trouble will affect you, but you will be able to find an adequate approach to solving problems. You should remember the plot details:

  • if the fire was extinguished completely, This means that your situation will be resolved in a short time;
  • if you can’t put out the fire, and the flame devours the structure with great force, — a black stripe is waiting for you ahead, and it will not end quickly;
  • watch the fire from afar and not to make attempts at liquidation is a very bad sign: you will become a victim of your own callousness and indifference.

If in a dream the property of enemies or rivals burned — it is to luck. Soon the situation will be resolved favorably for you and a complete defeat — for the enemy.

In love this dream also promises good luck and a complete defeat of the opponent.

What does a fire in your own house mean? This dream promises a future joyful event: a celebration, a holiday, happy news, etc. The main thing is that the victims should not appear in the dream — people or animals.

It is also important to remember who exactly put out the fire — you or other people:

  • if you are personally involved in the elimination of the flame, then luck will pass;
  • if other people put out the fire, expect favorable events.

However, the interpretation of the burning house will depend on the environment. If the house burned in the background of military events or a terrorist attack, this is a warning about illness or ruin.

What dreams of fires in other people's homes?

Dream interpretation

Nostradamus sees in the plot of a burning house a manifestation of carnal passions. Fire in a dream is a symbol of your unsatisfied desires and desires.

If you personally set the fire, it means that you will soon commit a rash act, followed by a row of trouble. If you tried to extinguish the fruits of your actions and saved people, then the unpleasant situation will be resolved without large losses.

See the fire from a lightning strike — to a fateful meeting with the second half.

Dream Miller interprets dreams about fires from the favorable side: they foretell joyful events.

Dream interpretation He sees fires as a symbol of future profits, and losses in clouds of smoke.

Jewish dream book treats the vision of the flame as a manifestation of a cold.

Dream Dream New Era interprets dreams with a flame as the dreamer’s desire to change his life or get rid of trouble.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century considers these dreams to be a prediction of the weather forecast: in winter, fires dream of cold weather, and in summer, of drought.

Ukrainian dream book sees in fires a manifestation of love passions that must be carefully concealed.

Family Dream interprets fire as the onset of favorable changes in life: all troubles and problems will burn in the fire.

Dream Dream interprets the vision of a clean, clear flame as the fulfillment of secret desires in the near future and the advance of the bright band in life.

Gypsy dream book claims to make a fire in a dream — an attempt to get rid of trouble. In reality, the dreamer can easily cope with a difficult situation.

Psychological dream book sees in this plot the manifestation of the fire of passion or fear of displaying his character. You need the help of a psychologist, otherwise burn in the fire of passions.

Another way to interpret a dream is that your life aspirations undergo radical changes: the worldview is changing.

To understand your night vision of a fire, remember the sensations during the dream. Sometimes they play a crucial role in the correct interpretation of the plot.

Remember that a dream is a night conversation of our subconscious with us personally, therefore the interpretation of dream books should be perceived indirectly.

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