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What dreams of fire on the dream books of Miller, Freud

Why the fire dreamed — features of interpretation on dream books

For some, it is a symbol of flaming love, and for someone it is associated exclusively with losses. What dreams of fire, fire and other types of fire?

For each «incarnation» of the burning element, the dream book has a separate interpretation!

What dreams of fire on the dream books of Miller, Freud

The overall interpretation of this «hot» sleep

  • This is one of the most “multi-treat” symbols in the world. Some interpreters are sure: fire in a dream is a sign of improved weather, while others believe that such a dream wants to warn you about a quarrel.
  • If the lights shone in the sky, it means that your boss will soon change. Did the fire fall from the sky down? Such a dream says that soon you will be extremely sad.
  • If you have seen swamp wandering lights, this is a sign: you will soon enter the society. Your reputation depends on how you show yourself there.
  • Was the fire Olympic? Your chosen one dreams to be with you all the time. He went out in a dream? So, on the contrary, the beloved (favorite) is not averse to rest from your company.
  • Fire floating on water promises longevity and happiness.
  • If you walked in heat or fire, the dream speaks of speedy enlightenment or spiritual cleansing.

Did you have a fire?

  • Most often, such a fire indicates a choice that will soon arise before you.
  • If in a dream you sat in the evening by the living fire, soon your life will be filled with joy and tranquility.
  • How was the smoke? To Black: whatever the chief promised or offered, do not agree. Grayish or white, going up with a thin thread: do not refuse the authorities.
  • There was an explosion inside the fire: get to know an interesting person.
  • You kindled a fire: buy something expensive. And vice versa, flood the fire with water — to a business trip.
  • You played, danced near the fire: for the move. Kupala jumps over the fire dream to success in work.
  • Boil a kettle over such a fire: you are finally “surrounded”.
  • Was the bonfire very high with sparks? Life will give you a rake, but you can handle it.

What dreams of fire on the dream books of Miller, Freud

Was it a fire?

  • The fire, shrouded in thick smoke, says: anxiety is pressing your soul.
  • If such a fire raged in a neighbor’s house, the dream foreshadows a serious conversation with your beloved (loved one).
  • Did your house burn? So your romance (or marriage) is almost perfect.
  • Seeing a fire in a wheat field is bad: you can be changed. If the forest was burning, you will quarrel with your beloved (loved one).
  • Did the gas station flare up before exploding? Someone will surprise you with unexpected confession. Have you seen such a glow very far? It’s about getting to know a worthy young guy.
  • Burned store (warehouse?) You will be jealous, and for no reason.
  • Was the hayloft burning? Sleep promises a very “hot” night.
  • The stove exploded, the boiler: you’ll be nervous.
  • Did your friend hurt because of the fire? In the «real» you will go somewhere together.
  • Did the fire start because of the match game? This is a good dream, promising you a pleasant evening.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Did you try to fill the fire with water, extinguish it? Your boyfriend, spouse (girlfriend, wife) will lose confidence in you. Did you fail? So you already have a rival (rival). Did the smoke stop you? Rival will be able to break your relationship.
  • Did you put out the fire? In the «real» you are trying to change your life. On the contrary, you only threw firewood at the fire? Sleep to meet a man who gets cold a great friend.
  • You kindled the stove with matches, and she suddenly exploded: a loved one (favorite) will delight you with a pleasant surprise.
  • Have you baked potatoes in embers? To the great holiday that your home will soon enjoy.

What did the flame look like?

  • Why dream of a red fire? Sleep means you can be betrayed.
  • Orange bonfire: to a successful business deal. Gas fire of the same color: do not sign anything, do not agree on anything — now is not the time.
  • Blue light says: you dream of changing everything in your life.

And what did famous psychoanalysts write?

What dreams of fire on the dream books of Miller, Freud

If popular interpretations are based on the experience that people have collected for centuries, the author’s dream books are created with the help of private conversations of psychologists and their numerous clients. Did these recognized masters manage to lift the veil over the mystery of the human soul?

Dream Miller

  • A huge flame: you very successfully complete the work on which you will work for a long time. On the contrary, the light was barely noticeable? Soon you will visit «abroad».
  • According to this dream book, the fire that suddenly flashed (or even exploded) in a dream not far from you means: you lack love and attention of others.
  • If he caught fire very far, then the opposite is true: your relatives suffer from a lack of your love.
  • Was the fire smoke? There is some kind of work that only makes you feel lazy. If the smoke leaving his eyes stretched from the fire, the dream says: you will have a lot of fun.
  • Did you put out the fire that broke out in the house? This means: you will become a lot of housework, but it will be pleasant trouble. Did you flood the fire with water? Someone will declassify your secret.
  • See the fire in the stove: you will unexpectedly encounter a pleasant person.
  • Did you sit by the fire, did you play the guitar? Dream promises change on the personal «front.»
  • Did the fire burn your hand? Behind your back they say nasty things about you. Burned your relative? In real life, he can get sick.
  • Did you hold a torch in your hand? Beware — someone will try to deceive you.
  • Did you play with matches? You go somewhere badly.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Fire is a symbol of courage in general and masculine «dignity» in particular.
  2. The dreamer man kindled a fire — this means that his own “torch” works to envy well. And vice versa, if in a dream it was not possible to kindle a fire, there is a danger of losing male power.
  3. A dreamer woman kindled a fire: in fact, she wants sex. Either the current lover is trying hard, or there is no one near the lady. The fire did not catch fire: this lady considers herself ugly.
  4. Bask near the fire (fire). For a woman: a lady is completely satisfied with her sex life. For a man: he is prone to «blue».
  5. To extinguish the fire, to fill it with water: in the dreamer or a disease associated with the genitals, or «broken» potency.
  6. Fear of fire in a dream can people who are afraid of sex as such.

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