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What dreams of fire — interpretation of the dreamwork of Wanga, Miller, the spouses of Winter

Dreamed of fire — how to interpret the dream book

Fire is an element that can not only heat and illuminate, but also simultaneously destroy everything that stands in its way.

Therefore, it is endowed with various symbols, which means that our dreams, in which there is a flame, can have both positive and negative meaning. However, in order to correctly interpret a dream, it is necessary to take into account the circumstances in which fire appeared in your dream.

Fire in a dream — an interpretation from the dream book of the XXI century

  • The flame in the dream — you will have a dream, which, unfortunately, does not come true.
  • If in a dream you see a big bonfire — this indicates that the business you started will be crowned with success.
  • If the fire appeared in the sky — wait for the change of your leaders.
  • Watch how the fire falls from the sky — you will have times filled with anxiety and longing.
  • In a dream, your home is in a raging flame — be alert, it is likely that your life is in grave danger.
  • If the fire is in a dream in the furnace — wait for the guests. Perhaps you will be visited by distant relatives or forgotten childhood friends.
  • Seeing yourself in flames — you are under the care of a person who provides you with support in any situation, therefore take care of him.
  • Keep the fire in your hands — soon you will expect career growth.
  • I dreamed that the flame spread over the surface of the water — good luck will accompany you throughout your long life.
  • You see a wandering light — you have a serious conversation.
  • If the fire leaks from the bowels of the Earth — you need to check your health. It is possible that you have serious diseases that you do not even suspect. However, in the future they may bring you a lot of trouble.
  • In a dream, go through the flame — this suggests that you can get rid of the heavy load that so much your soul.
  • In a dream, you yourself fall into the fire (burn) — you urgently need to take care of the protection of your property.

What dreams of fire - interpretation of the dreamwork of Wanga, Miller, the spouses of Winter

Dream Interpretation «Fire» from Aesop

  • If in a dream you are trying to extinguish the flame — probably as a result of your disagreement with someone else’s opinion, you will have a serious quarrel.
  • You see how a person is burning — this is the harbinger of a new meeting, which in the future will greatly affect your life.
  • If you yourself are enveloped in flames, they will make you an offer that, although it will appear to be very profitable and profitable, will be completely unprofitable and quite dangerous. Most likely, this case is illegal, which is why you risk going to prison.
  • In a dream, your house burned down — perhaps you should consider whether your property is well protected.
  • Forests are in flames — if you have planned a long journey, it is better to postpone it for a while. Otherwise, your trip can lead to serious complications.
  • In the dream, there is thick smoke from the fire — now you need to behave more attentively and carefully, you should also refrain from taking any decisive steps. Otherwise, you risk undermining your career and sowing discord in the family.

Sonic H. Miller

  • To see fire in a dream is a favorable sign for those who are in a hurry to explore the world. And also it is a symbol of success and prosperity.
  • In a dream, you make a fire yourself — a pleasant surprise awaits you, you may be able to see your childhood friends again.
  • If you watch the fire — for seafarers it is a guarantee of a successful trip, for writers — success in creative principles, and for entrepreneurs — the forerunner of profitable investment.
  • In a dream, you fight the flame — you expect minor troubles at work, which you can quickly deal with.
  • In a dream, a businessman sees how his «work of a lifetime» burns — if you think that this is a bad sign, then you are deeply mistaken. This is a foreshadowing of a profitable deal, thanks to which, your entrepreneurial business will “go uphill.

What dreams of fire - interpretation of the dreamwork of Wanga, Miller, the spouses of Winter

What dreams of fire — dream book prophetess Vanga will tell the answer

  • In a dream, you see fire — it is the forerunner of an extremely important event, not only for you, but for all of humanity. If, for example, a sheet of paper burns in a dream — a great fire will fall upon the forests of the Earth. As a result, all of humanity will suffer from a lack of resources provided by the forest.
  • See how fire is approaching from the sky — a symbol of danger threatening the planet from space. Perhaps this is a huge meteorite, which will lead to disaster.
  • If in a dream you are watching bright flames — be careful in handling fire, otherwise you risk losing your home.
  • You warm yourself by the fire — a rare enough dream, which means that in reality you are a happy person: you can always count on the support and understanding of your family.
  • If there is a nasty smell from the flame, unfriendly rumors spread your enemies about you. And to clear your “good name”, you will need to put a lot of effort.
  • Seeing a lit candle in the dark is a good sign. Your sincere faith in God will bring you peace and love.
  • You watch how the flames cover entire cities and forests — this indicates that a great drought awaits the Earth. And who will survive it, will never be able to harm nature. After all, drought is the Divine punishment for disobedience, separation from religion and cruel treatment to the world around.

What dreams of fire - interpretation of the dreamwork of Wanga, Miller, the spouses of Winter

Dream interpretation of Nadezhda and Dmitry Zima

  • According to the spouses, the fire personifies your feelings, and the brighter the flame shines, the stronger these emotions.
  • If in a dream you see how fire brings destruction with it, it means that you are very hot-tempered, which is why you often have many problems. Try to behave more restrained.
  • A quiet fire without smoke and sparks is a dream of good luck and happiness.
  • The flame threatens your life — in your soul you experience fear and anxiety, although in reality you have no reason for that.
  • If in a dream the fire cracks and strongly smokes — this is a precursor of negative emotions. There may be conflicts, quarrels and even losses in your family. Try to look at life positively in order to avoid it.
  • To kindle a fire — symbolizes vigor and new emotions.
  • In a dream, you are trying to put out the fire — big problems and big shocks are expected. It is likely that it is your strong sensitivity that brings you these troubles.

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