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What dreams of fire in a dream?

What dreams of fire in a dream?

Fire causes a double feeling in man: he brings life and warmth, he also destroys. What dreams of fire in a dream — to the trouble or luck?

It depends on the features of the plot of the dream.

What dreams of fire in a dream?

Total value

The interpretation of the vision of the fire element depends largely on the internal sensations experienced by the dreamer in a dream. Watch flames with a sense of pleasure and pleasure — to a happy and secure life.

The brighter and hotter the flame, the more successful your life.

The smoke above the flame foreshadows some darkening of happiness: something will prevent you from enjoying your well-being. If the fire blazes on the water space, it promises a long comfortable life for the dreamer.

The interpretation of the dream varies depending on the nuances of the situation:

  • where the fire burns;
  • light a fire;
  • extinguish the flame;
  • what exactly is burning in the fire.

If you see how flame burns clothes, financial troubles or quarrels with relatives soon await you.

See the fire in the stove / fireplace — to a pleasant guest. Bask at the fire — to have the support of relatives and friends.

See a fading fire — your well-being will not last long.

See flame burst — enemies can cause you significant harm, be careful. Jumping over the fire — to victory over the troubles.

Small lights in a dream they symbolize the dreamer’s friends.

Actions with fire

If you are dreaming kindle a fire, A warm welcome with old friends or classmates awaits you. If at the same time you feel restless emotions, this plot foreshadows the onset of a difficult period in life.

Most likely, you yourself will cause your troubles.

Fire up for unmarried people may be a precursor to the emergence of new feelings, the emergence of passion. To kindle the fire of love — your relationship with your beloved will enter a phase of violent passion.

If you see yourself surrounded by a flame that does not hurt, — you will soon expect the support of an influential person. No trouble will touch the dreamer in difficult circumstances.

However, if the flame burns the body, you will have to go through a dangerous period in your life.

Burn in a dream — to the disease. Completely burn in a dream — to happy change.

You, like the Phoenix, will be reborn from your own ashes. This is a very good dream: you expect a radical change.

Extinguish the flame — in reality, to make attempts to change the situation, to influence the development of events. For example, you will make efforts to reconcile the warring parties or to take active steps to change a different event series.

You will succeed in the enterprise, if in a dream you manage to extinguish the flame.

What dreams of fire in a dream?

Dream interpretation

Esoteric dream book sees in this plot a symbol of a person’s attachment to something, a manifestation of fear or other destructive emotions. All this can lead to unpleasant events in the life of the dreamer.

You should temper emotional fervor, defeat obsessions, and reconsider the painful attachment to things or events.

Esoteric dream book connects the kindling of fire with the personal qualities of the dreamer: your behavior will cause a storm of indignation (admiration) from others. If you are trying to extinguish the flame in a dream, in reality you have to struggle with your own temptations.

The outcome of the struggle will depend on whether you were able to extinguish the flame in a dream or not.

If in a dream the fire burned your face, in reality expect a dirty trick from friends. Someone slander you, from which reputation may suffer.

Psychological dream book sees the situation with the fire element as a manifestation of the dreamer’s stormy feelings. This is an expression of desire for love, passion and romantic emotions.

Contemplation of the fire in the fireplace / stove speaks of a prosperous stage of life: passions subsided, peace, prosperity and comfort lie ahead.

Dream interpretation Smurov considers the vision of the fire element to be a symbol of hot temper, aggressiveness, intractability and scandalousness. If the dreamer tries to keep the fire from fading, it promises healing, happiness and victory in the struggle for life.

Burn in the flames of fire — to catarrhal diseases. Take measures to strengthen the immune system, get warm.

Seeing a calm, even flame without cod and smoke — to excellent health and well-being.

Burn in the fire and feel the pain — to a big family scandal. Flames with sparks and smoke — to small family clashes.

Flame with sparks — you have envious people surrounded.

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