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What dreams of escape from prison — interpretation by various dream books

What can tell a dream in which I had to escape from prison

You had a rather confused dream. As with any interaction with science somnology, it is necessary to thoroughly understand your own thoughts and recall the basic information associated with this vision, up to the day on which you had a dream.

So why dream of a prison break?

Since such a dream should be boldly projected into real life, you didn’t dream of a simple interesting dream with a Hollywood plot, but a process of understanding your vital problems related to your subconscious mind. This is one of the few dreams for the interpretation of which the age of the dreamer is very important.

What dreams of escape from prison - interpretation by various dream books

Interpretation of the vision according to certain subjects

The dreamer needs to completely relax and look into the depths of his consciousness. If only you can achieve complete peace and extract information from your subconscious, we will be able to describe your future in the smallest detail, everything depends only on the reader.

So, if you manage to collect the whole puzzle of this difficult picture, then we can begin the interpretation. Our site provides all the necessary information for interpretation at home, you just need not think out too much, and do not forget the right information. Try to understand the information given below and relate it to your own visions:

  • Just escape from prison, as a fact. Thus, the subconscious mind is trying to convey to you either that the question has risen edge and needs to be resolved, otherwise further projects will not bring success, or in the near future you will have a stunning success, if only you can properly use the opportunities provided;
  • Hide your friend in the zone. An interesting dream is a shifter, which needs to be interpreted with exactly the opposite, the relationship with your friend will become even worse, the suspicions between you both will increase and you will no longer be able to communicate normally with your former comrade;
  • During the escape you were wounded. Dreams with a similar plot need to be interpreted as the impossibility of fulfilling the dreams that you have been bearing in your head for so long. It is necessary to choose a smaller target, but more practical, otherwise you may miss your sparrow in your hand, after looking at the crane in the sky;
  • You tried to escape, but you failed. It’s also a pretty unequivocal dream according to the interpretations of a huge number of dream-books, you simply simply prophesy bad luck and various problems that will have to be solved independently, without relying on the environment, since this is also a precursor of the appearance of traitors and detractors;
  • You broke the bars in order to get out of prison. You will be able to free yourself from other people’s pressure and influence in real life, but you should not count on this much, since a dream with a similar plot can symbolize your own recalcitrant behavior, which will not be so easy to get rid of;
  • The escape failed, and you were returned to the very place of detention, as if mocking. You have to endure an attack or betrayal by friends;
  • You are young. A dream most likely prophesies you and your second half a quick parting, a dream with a similar plot can also be a signal of betrayal of the second half, which is absolutely not going to regret it, and plans to fool you;
  • You are already at a rather advanced age. The subconscious heralds you a long and peaceful life, in general, you will experience a feeling of complete peace and knowledge of life secrets, after which the reader will be uplifted;
  • In real life, the dreamer is married. In the near future, you will have a divorce, which, however, you have been waiting for a long time and cannot even wait, as the dream in which you are released from the shackles signals your soul in real life;
  • If you are a young, single man. I would not want to upset, but you have to face the law, most likely because of its ignorance you will be embarrassed or even ashamed, you can get into a dangerous situation, to justify in which it will be extremely difficult, you should fear dangerous adventures and not play in the lottery for some time;
  • If the dream is dreaming of a young, unmarried girl. You subconsciously do not want to burden yourself with relationships, you feel uncomfortable in them, like a beautiful bird that is sharpened against her will in a cage. Yes, perhaps you really want to be needed by your man, but every time you get tired of this waste of time and nerves;
  • Run away from prison and shoot from the guards, kill someone during the escape. Such a vision — action predicts the dreamer social conflicts and various troubles related to the social side of his life. But this dream is not so simple; he can also predict various changes in the life of the dreamer, including successful undertakings;
  • Run in perfect darkness, relying on all feelings except sight. The darkness during the escape symbolizes unresolved problems and a nebula in relations with relatives and the closest environment, you have to break through the barrier that prevents you from being sincere in relations with your relatives, otherwise you should be in trouble;
  • You rescued the guard / guard. Interpret this dream should be based on the fact that the objectives pursued by the guard. If he tried to take you out of prison after you gave him a bribe or helped him in some way, then hypocrites are running in your circle, but if he just brought you out, then sudden help will come from where you haven’t waited for;

What dreams of escape from prison - interpretation by various dream books

How to interpret the dream of famous personalities, experts and dream books

  1. Medium Hasse. The psychologist hints that in the near future you have to work for the benefit of your own ego or material condition, there are often cases where after such a dream you had to work in a team with a person who, until recently, didn’t even want to see, but that way your relationship improved;
  2. According to Vanga. The Bulgarian seer unexpectedly treats sleep very well and predicts to the reader the fulfillment of great dreams, overcoming obstacles and just luck in all undertakings that take place after dreams with a similar plot;
  3. Dream interpretation Wanderer. According to this dream book, prison and escape from it symbolizes your inner anxiety, you feel very bad in your soul, and in order to understand your mental disorders you need to spend a lot of time alone in order to think about your behavior and continue your future activities;
  4. According to the Miller dream book. According to Miller, it all depends on the successful or unsuccessful escape, the comments are superfluous.

What dreams of escape from prison - interpretation by various dream books

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