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What dreams of erotic dreams and the reason for them in dream books

What dreams of erotic dreams

Dreams are an integral part of every human life. They can give us, both pleasant and not so moments, presenting us with important information in the form of encrypted characters.

What dreams of erotic dreams? How to deal with their appearance (and, perhaps, you should not do it) — you can learn about this and many other things from our material.

What dreams of erotic dreams and the reason for them in dream books

Sex in a dream — good or bad?

It is believed that the hot night of love that dreamed of in a dream indicates to you the lack of that one in real life. But often erotic dreams contain rather unpredictable elements, which are not so easy to interpret on their own.

Surely, if you often encounter such dreams, you would like to know what they mean. So rather remember the plot of your nightly love drama and read its interpretation below.

If an erotic dream is a man’s dream

  • If you had a dream of a passion with a young girl, you will want to make drastic changes in your life. You will be drawn to new impressions or love adventures, you should not resist this call.
  • Sex with a mature lady will point out good career prospects. You can be invited to a new job, you can open your own business — this is what lies behind this dream. Were fully satisfied with the dreaming sex — feel free to agree on what fate will offer you.
  • It happens that a rather intriguing dream occurs in which a married woman cheats on her husband with you. In this case, it would not hurt to be careful — as a result of ill-considered actions aimed at earning money, you may suffer greatly.

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What do girls dream at night

  • Love joys with a stranger. If you dream of this in a dream, then you need to quickly take a vacation or at least have a fun weekend. Thus, the subconscious signals you to fatigue, introducing a variety of erotic images. Therefore, do not be passive — do not be afraid to make a new acquaintance or find a new interesting activity for yourself. As a result, you will be satisfied.
  • Sex with celebrities. We all secretly wish to feel our uniqueness, peculiarity and unsurpassedness. A dream indicates that you are tired of playing the role of a gray mouse and you want to tell the world about your obvious merits. Do not resist the inner impulse — probably, you will find your inspiration for new achievements in it.
  • A dream in which a girl has a burning passion, but is faced with the fact that she cannot share it with a partner. In such night dreams, there are always some obstacles on the way to achieving pleasure. Why did you have such a tiresome dream? He points out that you are at the limit of your emotions, you need to urgently change something in your relationship with your beloved, and also bring a touch of diversity in your intimate life. Do not disdain at leisure to get acquainted with the famous works of love like «Kama Sutra».

Homosexual or lesbian intercourse

If such an “interesting” dream dreamed of a stronger sex, it means that a man feels jealous of his partner from a dream. A preoccupied person can make your dangerous competitor in work or love.

If you want to find out who will win this contest and will be able to deliver more problems to your opponent, rather remember who has been active in a dream.

For girls, such dreams denote strongly pronounced egoism. After all, only insane self-love can create such an unusual picture of a night erotic adventure.

What dreams of erotic dreams and the reason for them in dream books

Sex with ex

Try honestly to realize that you probably still have some feelings or affection for this person. Moreover, in this case, an unconscious thirst to re-enter with him into the burning abyss of passions, or even the desire to resume broken relationships, can play a role.

In the memory of the pictures ran into the setting of the place where you made love? So you miss those emotions and experiences that could be experienced with the former.

What dreams change husband with his friend

A very delicate dream that heralds the beginning of a black band in a love relationship with your martyr. But the fault is not yours, but your partner.

You will begin to experience a strong indifference on his part. You do not need to be afraid that he will do the same thing as in a dream, but his cold bloodiness alone will be enough for you.

You should not panic about this — soon the negative period will end safely.

Rape in a dream

This is perhaps the most embarrassing of all erotic dreams that can be imagined. Let’s try to figure out what was in it.

Have you been a spectator in this horrible scene? So you worry too much about people who are almost impossible to help.

Was the violence committed against you? Then urgently do something with the negative impact of stress on your body.

Such a dream indicates a difficult life situation and your moral exhaustion. Quickly arrange yourself a rest or relax to get rid of nightmares.

You may dream that the face of the abuser is hidden by an impenetrable mask. This is a kind of caution. You are a very useful person, so people around you often seek to manipulate you.

Do not give in to provocations, so as not to harm yourself!

Other options for erotic dreams

It may seem that you are completely without clothes in front of a large crowd of people. This means that in reality you are regularly tormented by remorse because of some actions or offenses that you have caused to your loved one.

We advise you to go to confession to relieve your soul.

The lack of pleasure in a dream of sex indicates difficulties in achieving goals in reality because of their laziness and unwillingness to work.

Someone prevents you from doing love joys in a dream — in life you constantly need approval from other people about your partner.

In general, erotic dreams do not carry any horrible signs and warnings, they have a rather calm energy and can just slightly push you to take more active actions in real life.

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