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What dreams of earwax from the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

I dreamed earwax — features decoding for dream books

Sometimes we see strange dreams that relate to our livelihoods, food culture, hygiene. Earwax, a yellow-brown sticky secretion produced by the glands in the ears, has been seen.

Why dream of such a plot, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Earwax in reality serves to clean and lubricate the human ear canal. It is able to protect against insects, various bacteria and fungi.

In a dream, such a plot may also mean a lot, embodying some kind of protection of the dreamer. Such images have a favorable beginning.

But if there is an overabundance of sulfur in the auricle and it interferes with our hearing in a dream, this is a sign of a negative prediction. Barriers and obstacles that require a lot of strength, patience and resources to eliminate them will clearly appear on the path of life.

What dreams of earwax from the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Such auricular secretion is usually hidden from prying eyes, such nightly dreams often concern the personal or family life of the sleeper, his relationship with his relatives, friends, lovers. But in some cases, this may reflect the financial situation of the dreamer, his financial independence and career growth.

To get this yellow, sticky mass out of your ears — to overcome some differences in the family. You are not afraid of protracted quarrels and conflicts, because in time you will find the best way out, compromise points of contact.

You may have to change your habits and mediocre lifestyle. But all the changes will only benefit, bringing to all households a fresh charge of energy, strength and vigor.

I had a deafness because of the sulfur plugs — you find it difficult to establish emotional and physical contact with your spouse or lover. This is because you have paid little attention to this person in the past. Maybe. did not try to hear or see the problems emerging in the relationship.

Try to smooth out the situation by taking the first step to the meeting and taking the time to just listen. Next to such a person, any situation will be insignificant.

Parents such a plot may indicate the absence of rules of behavior with children. They do not obey you, as in many cases being a good mother is much more important than being a friend to them.

If you try first of all to please the offspring, you walk on thin ice.

What dreams of earwax from the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

What else to expect from earwax in a dream

  • to spend a lot of time on cleaning the ears — a sign that you are fixated on your own hygiene, cleanliness and appearance;
  • the yellow secretion caused you embarrassment, as it became noticeable to others — your inner fears and fears completely materialize, if you do not stop to be nervous and doubt about every small and insignificant reason;
  • Sticky mass in the ears of a strange color — at the first symptom of the disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. Health problems may disrupt your future plans and significantly reduce financial savings;
  • brush your ears and experience pain — expect bad news that can put you in a long depression. To avoid prolonged stress means not to take the circumstances close to your heart;
  • you often have to do face hygiene in a dream — in reality you spend a lot of time on your own development, enlightenment, awareness of your mistakes in the past;
  • pull the sulfur out of the friend’s ears — in reality try to open the eyes of this person to a dangerous situation. The catastrophic state of his affairs can also affect your success. Timely countermeasures will help avoid bad consequences.

What dreams of earwax from the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

The interpreter is confident that earwax in a dream indicates difficult life circumstances, which should be immediately eliminated. But without your direct participation these difficulties will not disappear.

We’ll have to make a lot of effort and not hope for the help of others.

Ears in dreams and their ability to hear reflect the adequacy of perception of the surrounding world. Dirty ears in a dream is a sign of a negative attitude to everything happening around, a denial of the universal ideals, principles, ideas, values.

Before you establish a friendly relationship with a close environment, you need to learn how to be in harmony with yourself, be realized and become happy.

Dirty in your own ear secretion — in reality to suffer from their own selfishness and indifference. In any relationship should be comfortable and cozy. This will help the ability to subtly feel the mood, be able to empathize, see the beauty and originality of this person.

Then you will want to love and hug.

A business man pulling from the ear excess sulfur — to rapid financial growth. Your unexpected income will significantly affect the financial situation of the family.

The moment when investments and investments will be more than successful.

But if the yellow mass interferes with your hearing — sleep indicates ill-advised actions that can lead to loss and ruin. Try to respond in time to all political and financial changes in the country.

The economic crisis in this case can directly affect the profitability of your cash sources.

Sigmund Freud

Earwax in a dream personifies the consequences of your active sex life. This may indicate a glut of your sexual partners.

It’s time to stop and do the restoration of strength and health.

Woman such scenarios in a dream come as a sign of her dissatisfaction with a partner. It seems to you that a loved one does not hear your desires and is not capable of delivering pleasure by fulfilling all sexual fantasies. The blame for this — your own perception of intimacy.

Be nice, responsive and trust your lover more.

Such an unpleasant night story, like sulfur in the ears, can be a harbinger of pleasant and successful events. It should strictly follow your own intuition and inner voice.

Very soon your limitless possibilities to touch desires.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

There was a surplus of sulfur in the ears — a dream indicates your delusion. Perhaps you are free to listen to the advice of those who do not have the right to give them.

Since their life experience, knowledge and understanding of reality do not significantly reach the status of the wisest advisers.

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