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What dreams of earth: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of the earth: the interpretation of popular dream books

The earth in a dream has different meanings: it can symbolize the lower, sensuous part of human nature, property, strength and support, health and death. The image is more associated with tangible matter, and not with emotions. The Earth, in interpretation, acts as a source of wealth, points to the strength of the financial situation or state of health, the availability of resources and opportunities.

Also, the soil is connected with the theme of parents, ancestors, and information about their lives. Often the meaning of sleep becomes a shade of warning.

The wider the plot of land that was seen in a dream, the more successful period awaits the dreamer. Quality soil — a sign of unused resources that should not be missed due to laziness and other circumstances.

Plow, sow, fertilize — the main associations associated with the soil. Such a dream marks a profit and increase in wealth. To sow grain is to gain respect and success.

To plant any plants in the black soil — to the fulfillment of desires; flowers — to joyful events.

The dream of sowing means a good time to strengthen the family. If you have to see earthworks, the plot is often a sign of spiritual search, the definition of your own vocation, support for further development.

Land covered with green herbs dreams of joy and financial well-being. Vast fields are a dream for those who deserve wealth.

If a woman dreams of the land she cultivates, a dream foreshadows her mutual love. There is a land in a dream for a girl means a happy marriage.

For a man, dreams have an interpretation related to the sphere of business, are a reflection of what is happening in affairs.

What dreams of earth: interpretation of the dream

The description of a plot of land determines the interpretation of a dream:

Characteristic Interpretation
Fat and fertile Abundance and stable growth
Dry without grass Disharmony; the decline of energy; conjecture of the future wife
Barren Conflict with children
Wet, turned into slush Spoiled "stained"; reputation; disease
Crude, in potholes Danger
Hard Correctness of action
Creepy The appearance of a lover in life
Soft failing Illusion, a pipe dream
Naked Disease, life burden
With worms Stability and wealth
Blooming Family happiness, wealth
Weedy, sandy, stony Failures, failures at every turn
With holes and potholes Zaminki and obstacles
With dips in the soil The collapse of initiatives and plans
Abandoned, empty Losses
With protruding rods Delays in affairs, confusion; the machinations of enemies
In the cracks Illnesses and misfortunes
Freshly dug in the garden, vegetable garden, field Prosperity and prosperity
In the form of the globe in space Cruise around the world; opportunity to see the situation from
In the form of an island Burdened by loneliness
Falling down Problems with government agencies
Alien (other countries) Interesting travel offer

Land owned property foreshadows a change in marital status or a change in relationships.

What dreams of earth: interpretation of the dream

If you dreamed of the soil in a pot, then sleep will bring improved financial situation. Plant a pot in a pot — to a successful marriage.

Married and married people will become parents.

A heap of piled up earth warns that family or workplace chores will be added. Mountain — dream promises enrichment, the acquisition of values ​​in reality.

The interpretation of the symbol depends on where the dreamer saw the earth:

  • in field — venture;
  • near the house — wealth, wealth;
  • on the floor in the house, apartment (scattered) — to poverty; remove it — to the disease;
  • on the face — conviction, hasty action;
  • on hands — dirty job; errors;
  • in the mouth — unwanted conversation, forced unpleasant words, but with a positive conclusion.

The interpretation depends on what grows in the soil: grain — all difficulties will be crowned with success; millet — to acquire wealth; vegetables — in front of the sadness and minor troubles.

What dreams of earth: interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of sleep varies depending on the events:

  • changing the look of the earth — change for the worse;
  • construction work is underway — a rival who lives nearby;
  • clearing plots for planting — promising business;
  • heaven and earth connect — long-awaited achievements;
  • fire rises — disease;
  • visible excrement — wealth and fame;
  • earthquake occurs — mental instability; complications in matters;
  • there is a disclosure of its bowels — collapse in love and deeds.
  • the earth is burning — many ideas that fear the dreamer; in addition — global cataclysms.

Non-standard details of dreams have the following interpretation:

  • the land was given by the dead man — sleep should be interpreted as joyful news, profit;
  • the house is underby land — the plot has a very unfavorable meaning, foreshadows quarrels, poverty, death.

Human behavior has the following interpretation:

Actions Interpretation of sleep
Dig, dig A bountiful harvest; good luck in business
Dig a hole The troubles that the dreamer creates for himself
Dig Successful completion of cases; at the city cemetery — suffering because of an insidious act
Bury Thrift
Plow Well-being; additionally — self-doubt
Plant beds Salary increase at work
To wear Respect among colleagues
Water A situation in which the dreamer can become an object of gossip
Weed Warning: the dreamer is considered as a candidate for dismissal
Buy a plot Replenishment in the family
Own a plot Family business profitability
See yourself as an owner Independence
Get notified of the document in relation to the property Worsening circumstances
Set markup Property division, divorce
Advertise For Sale Frequent quarrels that will lead to divorce
Sell Changing living conditions to the detriment of themselves
Give a plot Improving living conditions
Inherit News of the death of a relative
Sit Honor and respect
Lie down Troubles that "knocked out"
Walk along the furrow Burdensome worries, obstacles in love
Walking when the soil sticks to shoes Impact of adverse circumstances
Get stuck in the swamp Stop in business
Throw Warning: the dreamer vainly thinks badly of another person
Hold a handful The opportunity in real life to be able to make the company profitable; as well as a warning that it may be necessary to prepare for death, attend a funeral
Pour, touch Warning: a loved one will suddenly show negative qualities
Fill the bags with soil Favorable sign: the dreamer’s zeal will force the management to review the wage
Get dirty Acquisition of value soon
there is A good deal; obtaining a high position or inheritance
To build a dugout, live in it Debts soon
Build shaft Fateful meeting
Digging sod New friendship; shake out of sod — to tears
Fall from a height to the ground Inability to resist their habits; shame poverty
Hide something in the ground Avoiding problems
Sweep Parting; divorce
Be deep underground The ability to join the secret knowledge
Kiss Boredom and humiliation

The following interpretation options are possible:

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