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What dreams of dust on the dream books of Miller, Tsvetkov, Smirnov

Dreamed of dust — what can this mean by dream books

This is a rather rare sign in dreams, therefore not every dream book is familiar with it. But still, some interpreters know what dreams of dust in various manifestations.

We suggest that you first read the general interpretation of such dreams, and then compare it with the «author’s» of famous books.

What dreams of dust on the dream books of Miller, Tsvetkov, Smirnov

General overcurrent «dusty» dreams

  • Dust is an interesting and ambiguous symbol. It can mean eternity, thrift, negligence (of course!), As well as the ability to let the «dust» in the eye.
  • If your face was in the dust and you wiped it, it means: you will justify yourself before your comrades. In order not to bring it up, well think how you will act.
  • To see gold dust, especially falling on you from the sky, is a sign of future wealth. If the wind blew it, you will suffer losses.

Dust in the room or house

  • Dusty objects say: in your life there is something that prevents you from rejoicing and being happy.
  • Seeing the dust in the apartment and getting ready to start cleaning: having properly tuned in to solving problems, you will successfully do everything.
  • Seeing the cleaning itself: the things that you started some time ago, you will finally finish, and very successfully. Second interpretation: you will “shake the old days”, remembering the deeds of bygone days.
  • If you wipe or wash the dust, it means that you will be able to cure some disease.
  • If you vacuum the house, the dream warns: it’s time to put in order both your life and thoughts.
  • Emboss carpet (familiar to you in your real life): to mental cleansing. Finally, you will no longer put pressure on constant problems.
  • If there was a lot of dust at home, sleep means: your family happiness is threatened by old problems, as well as “crushed” offenses.
  • If the dust was covered with old things (for example, you accidentally found in the attic), this means that some internal part of you also «drops dust.» Maybe you have a talent that you want to develop, but you still can not decide?
  • See the furniture folded in the barn and wipe the dust from it: you will go to the city (village) where you were born.
  • Get out in an abandoned house: you will “revive” old friendly or working ties.
  • To clean the church floor from dust: something will draw you towards God. An event will happen that will make you believe in a higher power.
  • Get out at the door: you want to command all your loved ones. Carefully, so you can quarrel with the majority over time!

Dust on clothes

  • If your clothes were dusty, it means: be careful “on all fronts”, you may not be lucky both in your personal life and at work. It may well be that some kind of crook or dishonest person has already put a trap on you.
  • If you successfully dust your clothes off, this is a good dream that promises wealth.
  • If you suddenly start to shake off the dust (real or fictional) stranger, one or more, with your clothes on, a dream means: under very interesting circumstances you will meet a person who will become a good friend to you. Or your life may change a little because of a stranger who sincerely took care of you.
  • In a dream, a young girl dirty clothes from dust warns about a quarrel with her boyfriend. Maybe you even run away.
  • If another person gets dirty in the dust, it says: they will tell you something not the most pleasant about this friend of yours. However, do not rush to immediately believe everything — perhaps it will be just gossip.
  • To wash the dust from clothes: you will look at life through the eyes of a pessimist. Believe me: everything is not as bad as it may seem at first glance.

What dreams of dust on the dream books of Miller, Tsvetkov, Smirnov

Dusty road and other similar images

  • If you walked patiently along the dusty road, this means: in real life you will achieve your goal.
  • Lying on the road in the dust: you can «pick up» a dermatological disease. Do not go to the pool and other similar places, there is a danger of getting something fungal.
  • What dreams of dust, which stood in front of you a wall? Do not plan anything — the future will surprise you with its unpredictability.
  • If you have seen a “sandstorm” of dust that swayed in the air in front of you and flew behind the wind, the dream says: if you want your life to be better, roll up your sleeves.
  • Dust spreads around you like a rug: be careful and careful, arrogant, deceitful, unprincipled people are about to enter your life.
  • If you tried to brush off the dust circling around you, the dream says: your loved ones will finally look at you, if not with admiration, then at least without a judgment. In general, your reputation is finally “washed off” from annoying spots.

What do famous books say?

We suggest finding out what a well-known American psychoanalyst and psychologist, a bright Russian occultist and astrologer, as well as the well-known esotericist — the author of «The Dream Giant» wrote about dust in a dream.

What dreams of dust on the dream books of Miller, Tsvetkov, Smirnov

Dream Miller

  1. According to this dream book, dust is a sign that a “cunningly made” person will try to deceive you. However, thanks to your wit and attention you will avoid networks of deception.
  2. If you have been dusted, a loss awaits you. Fortunately, small.
  3. If you shake off, cleaned, vacuumed the clothes on yourself, sleep means: you will soon be driving your life. If until now you could not become the master of events, this black line will finally end.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

  1. Dust is a sign of deception.
  2. If you have seen a person who has fallen into dust, this is a warning: he may die.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (Smirnov)

  1. If you saw dust on the road, a dream says: you can be humiliated.
  2. The dust in the room is a sign of desolation, which brings time to our lives. The interpreter even sees in this dream something otherworldly, demonic.
  3. Falling into dust can mean future death, death.

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