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What dreams of dust: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of dust: the interpretation of sleep in different dream books

Dust is a symbol of time, eternity and illusions. Dreams about her carry important information about a person and his behavior and help to look into the future. Sleep talks about relationships, inner qualities and the habit of misleading others.

He warns against communicating with unprincipled and vile people, advises to be selective in acquaintances and to look closely to his surroundings. When interpreting you need to pay attention to some details.

Dust symbolizes deception, false hopes and promises. When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to take into account who dreamed it.

The appearance of the dirt, the place where it was located, the actions of the dreamer and the objects he used are important.

What dreams of dust: interpretation of the dream

Interpretation depending on the sex of a sleeping person is presented in the table:

Who dreamsValue of sleep
Unmarried girlRelationship or new acquaintance will bring disappointment and leave behind unpleasant memories
Single guyThe young man does not trust the female sex, he is afraid that his feelings will be neglected. In the alternative interpretation, dream means that the girl does not reciprocate the young man
Married womanSpeaks about the absence of love of the spouse, about his betrayal or indifference
Married manPredicts problems in communicating with people, difficulties in implementing plans and deceptions from competitors, colleagues and friends

What dreams of dust: interpretation of the dream

Depending on the color of the dust, sleep may mean the following:

  • white — to empty promises and disappointment in people;
  • black (soot) — to misfortunes, misfortunes and fatal diseases;
  • gold — to improve the material situation;
  • colored — to fun, pleasant pastime, gifts and surprises;

It is important to remember the amount of dust:

  • many — to trouble, which will be difficult to get rid of;
  • little — to quickly get rid of the problems, insults and lies.

Pollen dreams to fulfill desires.

What dreams of dust: interpretation of the dream

Remembering the place where the dust was, you can find out what the dream foretells.

The dream dreamer is haunted. It is necessary not to make rash decisions, but simply to go through an unexpectedly unfavorable period.

  • dust storm — to deception;
  • fall to dust to death;
  • to see another person lying in the dirt on the street — to help or support a friend or friend.

Such a plot foreshadows trouble.

  1. 1. If a person walks along the road and is surrounded by dust, he does not know what he is doing and needs practical advice.
  2. 2. To see a thick cloud of dust ahead — to get lost in life issues and not to trust people.
  3. 3. If the dust is left behind — problems will soon leave the dreamer and there will be a good chance for him to improve the quality of life.

A dream of dust in the house promises trouble in the near future.

In his:

  1. 1. In the whole house or apartment — one should expect sad events in the family: diseases, domestic and financial problems, tears and tragedies.
  2. 2. In the bedroom — to the betrayal of a loved one, to quarrels, conflicts, separation and divorce.
  3. 3. Dirt on the table foreshadows hungry time or the strictest savings.
  4. 4. Under the bed — a close person is hiding something.
  5. 5. On the floor — to grief and loss of confidence in family members.
  6. 6. On furniture — to minor troubles and troubles.
  7. 7. In the air — to serious problems and difficulties in business.

In a stranger:

  1. 1. In the whole house — a person will witness another misfortune.
  2. 2. In one room — to deception. According to another version, the dreamer in reality should wait for claims from the owner of the dream house.
  3. 3. On foreign carpets — to discussions and emotional disputes.
  4. 4. At the door — to domestic accidents, after which you have to do repairs.

Dust at work suggests that the dreamer is not valued in the workplace and is stimulated by false promises and prospects. You can safely quit.

Wipe the dirt from the surface of the desk — remember the old events or complete cases that have long been waiting for their end.

Seeing dust on a person is a bad sign. Based on the fact on which she lay, distinguish the following nuances in the interpretation:

  1. 1. On yourself — a sign of monetary losses and damages. There comes a period when it is necessary to save and not spend money in vain.
  2. 2. On the outsider — to feel guilt and loneliness.
  3. 3. On the beloved — in the relationship there was fatigue, suspicion and mistrust.
  4. 4. On the child — to vain hopes and sorrows.
  5. 5. On the old man — to the disease.

If she flies through the air and falls on her clothes, the dream informs about the dreamer’s habit of exaggerating her merits.

When you dream of dust and in a dream and there is an opportunity to brush it away, it is important to remember that a person used for this:

  1. 1. Dry rag — the owner of the dream will not be able to easily get rid of the accumulated cases. He has a long job to solve small problems related to household and business affairs.
  2. 2. Wet — for reflection and slow business planning.
  3. 3. Very wet — if water drains on a rag, the dreamer will have tears and long feelings because of resentment.
  4. 4. Vacuum cleaner — in reality, a person wants to streamline his thoughts and affairs.
  5. 5. Brush — to quickly get rid of problems.

The actions that the dreamer undertakes may help in interpreting:

ActDream interpretation
Wipe off furnitureNayavu remember old events or complete cases that have long been waiting for their end
Off myselfGet rid of doubts and problems. Have immunity to deception
From the floorTo the release of heavy thoughts, diseases and domestic difficulties
From the faceFeel resentment and worry that family and friends will not understand the act that the dreamer has committed for the common good
Emboss rugYou should expect guests who will cause financial problems, but will leave pleasant memories after the meeting.
Waving away dust particles circling in the airIn real life, others will change their attitude towards the dreamer from neutral or negative to positive
Throw dust
  1. 1. Throw in someone — to outrage and protection from the attacks of others.
  2. 2. Into the air — to relieve and get rid of problems
SweepStamp from scratch and not wait for the promised
Watch and do nothingIn real life, the dreamer is a bystander and does not like to do anything. He used to go with the flow and rely on fate, not on their decisions
Sneeze from dustGet rid of heavy thoughts and troubles, get a gift and support

When in a dream the dust is annoying and you want to wipe the surface, in reality a person is pedantic, demanding of himself and others, and wants a secure and stable life.

The interpretation of sleep according to different dream books is presented in the table:

Dream interpretationMeaning of dream
MillerTo communicate with unscrupulous people, save from which can only vigilance and complete distrust. For a woman in a relationship, sleep means betraying or betraying a loved one. For a man — rumors and unflattering remarks about his actions
TsvetkovaTo clean your own clothes or personal items from dirt — to cope with any unsuccessful situation and adequately get out of the situation
NostradamusIn reality, it will seem to a person that he is being deceived, and plans hinder. He is threatened by diseases and ill-wishers. For a while, the dreamer will want to be alone to restore balance and mental health
HasseIf the dust lies on the person and he was able to shake it off, then in reality he will successfully cope with the problems and will not succumb to false promises. I can’t get rid of it — troubles will suddenly come down and will bother you for a long time.
EsotericTo vain hopes and misunderstandings with people. Choking with dust — to lose meaning in a relationship with a loved one
MuslimSurrounding people often deceive the dreamer and experience his patience. Seeing yourself in the dust means humility and a condescending attitude toward the weaknesses of loved ones, the ability to forgive them
Old SlavicTo trouble, annoyance and irritation. The impossibility to be cleansed from it speaks of remorse and regret. Fall into the mud — unfortunately or prolonged illness. Get out of the house and dust off — deal with things, bring order to your life
ModernRoad — to humiliation. Room — to desolation, wasted time and family squabbles. Clean up the dirt — get rid of the problems, to be in it — to the rumors and insults.

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