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What dreams of dried fish?

What dreams of dried fish?

What dreams of dried fish? In most dream books, such a dream promises auspicious events.

But there are nuances. Let’s try to figure out how to interpret such a dream.

It is desirable to remember the dream in all its details — this is how it will turn out to be the most correct interpretation. Write it down in the morning, as soon as you wake up, remember the plot of night vision in all, even the smallest details.

What dreams of dried fish?

When does dried fish dream of difficulties?

First, let’s talk about the negative:

  • If a dried fish dreamed of a man, he is faced with major difficulties at work or in business. To avoid them, do not need to harness work. On the contrary, take a vacation, relax, spend time with your family or a woman you love. You need positive emotions and energy.
  • If a fish dreams of a gambler, whose hobbies are related to games, or for which the game is the salary, it’s worth while to stop playing. Large losses are likely, luck will turn away for a while.
  • If dried fish you do not eat, and buy, the sign is relatively favorable. Most likely, you have to make a bargain. But if you give the fish to someone, your immediate plans will fail. There will be some obstacles that will have to be overcome long and hard.

Negative little — do not be discouraged if your case fell under these descriptions. In any case, the outcome of affairs depends only on your behavior.

About the relationship

What dreams of dried fish?

Dreams in which you see dried fish may indicate some changes in relationships with the opposite sex, friends and relatives:

  • If you eat fish, but not alone, but in company, this is a good sign. There will be reconciliation with a friend or new useful acquaintances. You will probably meet a person who will later help you in some important matter, materially or morally.
  • Fine if you share meals with someone. This promises a «reset» in difficult relationships with your loved one. The old grievances will be forgotten, it will be possible to reach an understanding, the negative will go to the background. Ahead — only positive emotions.
  • If a girl buys dried fish in a dream, This promises her new acquaintance with an attractive man. But! If the fish is small, bony, this man will later disappoint her, will be an unworthy candidate for companions of life. If the fish is large, familiarity with the chosen one will lead to a long and happy relationship.
  • If a salted fish appeared in a dream married woman, this is a good sign. Soon will improve the financial situation of the family. Perhaps you will receive an inheritance, a husband will be promoted or a lottery prize will be ahead.
  • If fish woman receives a gift, even in real life it is worth waiting for an unexpected, but very pleasant present.
  • If in a dream a married woman steals a fish, you should be wary — the husband will pay attention to another woman. Perhaps in the family, the man receives less attention from his second half, so he looks to the side.

Even if the interpretation of sleep promises negative events, change them in your power. The meaning of a dream is just a sign that something needs to change its behavior.

What dreams of dried fish?

  • If a a lot of fish in the dream (you may have dreamed how the workers unload the barge with fish, or the plant for its production), this is a great sign! Soon you will be able to complete the case, in the happy outcome of which you doubted. The more fish, the more dividends you get. Expect the completion of a big deal, a sudden profit or an expensive gift.
  • Salty fish foreshadows a series of favorable events and tedious, but joyful troubles. Perhaps soon you will be invited to a wedding, a major celebration, or you will become the initiator of the invitation — you will organize mass fun. The more fish, the wider the scale of the event.
  • Eating dried smoked fish — a sign of quick changes in work affairs. They will be positive — expect career growth or new profitable customers, reliable partners.
  • If a fish with caviar dreams of a girl It is worth waiting for a quick marriage. If you have a beloved man, it means that he is “ripe” and ready to make a marriage proposal. If you’re on the lookout, a dizzying romance will soon begin, ending in the march of Mendelssohn.
  • Similar dream dreamed man, promises to meet a woman of dreams, who in the future will become the wife and mother of his children.

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