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What dreams of dreamwalking: Miller, Freud

Dreamed of worms: how to interpret according to dream books

Hardly anyone positive emotions can cause worms in a dream. They symbolize the most base qualities of man.

Therefore, nightly dreams with worms cause discomfort. The question of what worms dream about is quite natural.

The correct interpretation of the dreams in which you have seen worms depends on many factors that the dream book takes into account.

What dreams of dreamwalking: Miller, Freud

General interpretation of sleep with worms

The most common interpretations of dreams with worms:

  • worms that disturb you in a dream are a symbol of destruction;
  • parasites attack another person — in the future you will be surprised by some kind of incident;
  • worm bite is an evil symbol. After such a dream, you will face major troubles in the family, ranging from undeserved accusations to your address and ending with the complete breakup of your couple;
  • eat a worm in a dream — gossip and gossip behind your back;
  • trampling worms is a sign that in reality you are too jealous of your soul mate. You should learn to trust your loved one, otherwise your relationship will end in rupture.

Seeing worms in a white dream means that you need to urgently examine your own health. Most often, such a dream is a precursor of a serious illness, which is currently asymptomatic.

To avoid serious health problems succeed if you respond to this signal in a timely manner.

If white worms have dreamed of a person with chronic diseases, an exacerbation of the disease is possible in the near future. Also, dreams with white worms warn the dreamer about the appearance in his environment of detractors who can use him to achieve their own selfish goals.

Bad dreaming with white worms is considered to be for a young girl. Such night dreams foreshadow a break in the reality of relations with the beloved, and you should not count on marriage in the near future.

Dreams with white worms can also indicate a bad relationship with co-workers and confirm the fact that in the service you do not in vain feel like an outcast.

What are the dreams of white worms that you put on a hook while fishing? These dreams can be interpreted as auspicious sign.

In the future, all your endeavors will be lucky, and opportunities will open up quickly to realize your plans.

If you see worms that crawl out of your skin, it means that you want to dump the accumulated negative energy. If there are white worms on your skin in a dream, then this is a symbol of the sins that must be cleansed.

What dreams of dreamwalking: Miller, Freud

In addition, nightly dreams, in which worms crawl out from under the skin, indicate the presence of serious diseases. If the parasites crawl back, the dreamer will have to put a lot of effort, time and money to the disease retreated.

This dream can also be a harbinger of litigation.

Small worms that are under the skin, in the future portend great hassle and grief.

Worms seen in the mouth symbolize success in your future endeavors. Perhaps for this you will have to sacrifice something, step over your principles.

If in a dream you pulled worms out of yourself, then your doubts about a job change are unfounded. You should accept the offer of a new position and you will not regret it.

The worms that dreamed in your head symbolize the hard thoughts that bother you. You should pay less attention to this, for the most part they are unfounded and abstract. Moreover, these experiences are an oversupply of negative information that comes to you from outside.

For example, from news reports, programs about disasters and deprivations.

If you dreamed of worms in human waste, then soon you will find a new source of income. It is worth noting that these revenues will be very doubtful.

You should show forethought and think about ways to retreat, because these benefits are unlikely to bring you joy.

If in a dream you have ghosts in your eyes, in reality you try not to notice unpleasant people around you. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the exclusion of these individuals from the circle of your communication.

Worms in the hair in our nightly dreams symbolize our inability or unwillingness to let go of the past. You continue to worry about the events that happened many years ago.

It is not worth spending your emotional strength on something that is unlikely to change. Try to concentrate on the present so you don’t regret it afterwards.

Worms in the foot can come in dreams to someone who is aware that he has long since strayed from the intended path. You should suppress your stubbornness and selfishness.

Only this will help you move in a new direction and achieve success.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to the dream Wang

What do the worms dream of dreaming Vanga? Such dreams speak of an impending meeting with an evil spirit hiding under the guise of a kind and decent person. You risk falling under its influence if you trust people too much.

It is necessary to show maximum caution in dealing with such individuals, because the consequences can be very sad.

Giant worms in a dream symbolizes the arrival of terrible people on earth. If the worms were destroyed in a dream, soon all your troubles will be left behind, you should not worry about it.

What dreams of dreamwalking: Miller, Freud

According to Miller’s dream book

According to the interpretation of Miller’s dream book, worms in a dream foreshadows troubles with colleagues. Soon it will turn out that the people whom you considered good friends are in reality your worst enemies.

If in a dream the worms spread over your body, it means that you think too much about finances. You should pay more attention to spiritual values.

According to Sonny Juno

In this dream book, the dreamed worms symbolize sadness in the future. A dream in which you kill a worm foreshadows an unpleasant incident in the near future.

If in a dream you dreamed a large number of worms that swarm around you, in reality you feel the approach of old age and experience incredible longing from it.

According to Freud’s dream book

In this dream book, worms seen in a dream are interpreted as a symbol of future changes in relations with your loved one. These changes will be due to distrust in your relationship.

According to the dream book Grishina

This dream book contains several meanings of dreams with worms:

  • see worms — to profit;
  • see earthworms — to sadness;
  • there are worms — to trouble in the future;
  • to see worms on oneself — to an unpleasant society and sorrows;
  • get worms out of your pocket — to feel unwell.

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