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What dreams of dream about dream — online dream book

How to understand why dream of raw, boiled, scattered rice

Twice I dreamed of rice, and both times it was a barn-filled barn. For the first time, the dream was greatly remembered, and I even looked for its value in the dream book (to wealth), but did not believe it.

In the second she decided to do as the wise book suggested, and bought a lottery. Won! I hope a ton of happy rice will dream again, because “God loves a trinity” …

You saw rice from the side

That is, you did not touch him, did not cook, did not eat, did not collect, it was just a detail of sleep?

In most cases see rice in a dream is good. Such dreams foreshadow homeliness, wealth, love and mutual understanding in relationships.

And to thank for all these life benefits you must first of all exactly yourself — it is your love and wisdom that created or will soon create such a cozy home filled with harmony.

What dreams of dream about dream - online dream book

If the white rice grains were scattered (on the floor, on the table, on the street — it does not matter), it is to wealth. Soon you will be able to buy everything you don’t even dare to secretly dream about.

If exactly you scattered rice and he scattered on the floor, when dealing with relatives will begin conflicts and disputes. The more crumbled cereal, the worse.

And most of the quarrels will be to blame for you. Pacify your pride, learn to find compromises, do not stand on your own to the last, otherwise the case may end not just with loud cries, but even a rupture of relations.

How many cereals did you see?

  • Little (with a cup). Literally tomorrow, favorable changes will begin in your life.
  • Full pan. It is a little disturbing dream promising certain monetary problems. However, you have enough wisdom to level them off or get rid of small expenses.
  • Whole wash. Your financial situation will gradually strengthen.

What dreams of dream about dream - online dream book

  • Bag and more. Sleep promises success, and mostly in monetary terms. If you do not expect to receive a bonus at work, you can buy a lottery ticket — you have every chance to get the main prize.
  • A pile of rice of any size. Sleep promises a lot of happiness, as well as a dream come true.

If there was a lot of rice and you lay in it, or sat on rice bags — this is fortunately in any of the realms of life. In addition, you can come true many desires.

And the dreamer — who?

  • Woman. Great happiness awaits you. The relationship with the spouse will be smooth, the children will be healthy and obedient (if they are not there, soon expect to be replenished in the family), you will always be surrounded by faithful friends. And in general, your life will be quiet and harmonious.
  • Farmer, summer resident, gardener or landlord. «Rice» dreams promise you a great harvest. However, if the croup was with garbage, a dream warns of crop failure. If you have time, land the most «unkillable», unpretentious cultures.
  • In love (both sexes) rice dreams for the upcoming luxurious wedding. You will remember this celebration until old age. And with love and warmth, as well as the further married life will be successful.

It was a rice dish

See rice porridge — in real life you will have good health. Although, of course, mindlessly spending it on bad inclinations and bad habits are not worth it.

What dreams of dream about dream - online dream book

Best of all, when rice porridge is seen in a dream painful or currently suffering from some kind of disease people. They dream promises speedy recovery. You finally forget the way to the clinic.

On the contrary, the forces will simply gush forth, you can choose for yourself an energetic hobby — say, to travel a lot.

Boiled rice with raisins, kutya: to wealth.

Did you cook

No matter what dish you conjured over — in any case, the dream promises new affairs. But do not worry, these responsibilities or tasks will be a joy. They may be troublesome or easy, but you will enjoy them, as well as a sense of your own realization.

And in the end also get more than generous payment.

If in the croup that you washed in your sleep was rubbish, sleep warns of several quarrels in the future. They will be small, but be careful, do not go too far, so that these discords will not grow into major misunderstandings.

Dreamer — the man? Sleep promises big changes on a personal front.

Sometimes this means that the guy decides to part with his girlfriend in favor of bachelor freedom.

If a girl she cooked rice in a dream, the dream book promises her many prospects in the future. And what it will be (career or profitable marriage), time will tell.

Dreamer — married lady? Small but numerous efforts will fill your life.

They will be household. Perhaps you will have a grandson, and you will help children.

But most likely, you will come across a repair or relocation.

You were treated to this dish

It doesn’t matter which rice dish you ate in your dream — the dream book treats all these scenarios in the same way: your home will be filled with happiness. Disputes with the spouse and children, lack of funds to paycheck — you will soon forget about all this, and maybe you will not encounter such annoying problems at all.

Your home will be filled with pleasant communication with households and friends of the family, you will enjoy prosperity and stability, the home will be comfortable … What more could you want from life?

If at the moment you are in a quarrel with someone (at home, at work), sleeping with delicious rice porridge promises a quick reconciliation.

Did you work in the rice field

Sow rice — to business trip. You may not have planned it, and even get angry that you are being sent “to distant lands”.

But once in place, you can easily cope with the task set before you, and upon arrival home you will receive a good reward.

Collect rice on the field — Your life will be full and prosperous for many years, you will consistently receive income and you will not face any unplanned spending on something bad (illness, accidents, and so on). What you are working on now will pay off and will bring dividends for years.

What dreams of dream about dream - online dream book

Buy rice (no matter where) — to increase your own income. Especially good to see a dream like businessmen.

It is after such a dream that you can decide on a serious deal, a substantial investment, a large purchase.

  • Dreams with rice — one of the most favorable for most of the old dream book.
  • The best dreams with this cereal are to see rice in large quantities, lie down or sit on it, see rice in the form of a dish (any), help yourself to it.
  • The most disturbing “rice” dreams are scenarios in which you inadvertently sprinkle this cereal (this dream promises to quarrel), as well as see the cereal mixed with garbage (this is also to discord in relations with relatives).

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