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What dreams of dough on dream books and interpretations of basic values

What does dough mean in a dream and how to interpret the meaning correctly according to dream books

The dough is the soul of the house. They say that the house is not red, but pies.

Good, nice and cozy where there is delicious food. Dough in a dream is a sign of a future which has not yet come true, but is already ready for realization. Soon there will be an event that you prepared, patiently and diligently.

What will it be — a child or a new project? Only you know exactly.

Consider what the dream dough for dream books.

What dreams of dough on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

  • You are preparing for an important and significant event with maximum responsibility. Bread is the head of everything, but in your case, if you see the dough, the bread is not ready yet, it depends on you what form the undertaking will take. You are a creator, and perhaps a manipulator. You are sure that your life and the lives of your loved ones are in your hands and skillfully manage for the common good, not really advertising this fact.
  • To knead dough in a dream — to work a lot, hard and skillfully. Sleep to good profits and success. For you, success is important not only for yours personally, but also for your loved ones. In each of them there is your merit and reason for pride.
  • Suitable lush yeast dough — for guests.
  • To press down what has risen — you can envy your responsibility and patience. You strictly and strictly adhere to technology and strictly follow the rules, although you know how to deviate from them, to show imagination without prejudice to the final result.
  • If you see a falling leaflet — this is not a sign of failure, but only a changeable mood. You have not yet decided on the tasks and are not sure what you want. You are not sure about your sign. In yourself, you do not doubt, and rightly so. Decide on the tasks, and you will succeed.
  • Roll out the layer — it says about the habit of relying only on your own strength. Roll out puff pastry, make the thinnest layers — you are an expert in your business and do not tolerate advice, although you yourself will come to help with the slightest difficulty. You like helping people. Sometimes relatives suffer because of your high demands that you make to yours. Yes, you can scold for an ideally ironed enough shirt, not to shine washed floors, select and do everything yourself, depriving others of the initiative. It’s time to slow down. Because people around you will stop helping you at all. What is the point of working, if in response only reproaches and swearing? It’s easier to step aside and enjoy the excellent result.
  • If the dough being rolled or kneaded in the process turns into something else — into clay, mud — beware of mistakes in the financial sphere. There may be an elementary error in your calculations. Check the source data and recount everything again.
  • Batter for pancakes, pancakes, flat cakes — you are interested in quick success and quick income.
  • You put the pot with brew directly into the oven — careless actions can harm and ruin long work. Do not hurry.
  • Runaway oparah — errors in the calculations. You can make a profit in excess of expectations and losses.
  • Be in a barrel with dough — you are mired in worries, troubles and problems. Take time out. You will be surprised, but without your active participation nothing will fall apart. And if it falls apart, it means it was poorly organized. Learn to delegate authority correctly, trust people, let them express themselves.

What dreams of dough on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • Freud’s dream interpretation claims that the dough in a dream indicates your desire for control, initiative, readiness and desire to take control. Knead the dough according to Freud — look for new relationships. Love or work. You are preparing the basis for your future dominion and general welfare. You are focused and ready to destroy anyone who dares you to interfere or intervene in the process.
  • The English dream book claims that baking pies is for a happy and harmonious life in love and harmony. Add spices to the dough — fortunately, fun, warmth. The sonicarous sour dough treats as evil envious tongues, unhealthy atmosphere in the house.
  • A female dream book considers yeast dough as a sign of rapid change. The process has already begun, it is impossible to stop it. In some cases, sleep can mean pregnancy. You have prepared everything you could, the further is no longer dependent on you, the process does not have a reverse course.
  • Dream Miller interprets the dream as a change in personal life for the better. You change the social status. Miller recommends keeping his mouth shut and not really frank. Awesome news, discoveries, your and other people’s secrets need to be kept secret.
  • Dream interpretation Medea promises quick success. Show some patience. At the final stage, attentiveness is especially important. Do not relax, do not lose vigilance.
  • According to Russian dream-books, dough is the basis of the house; kneading it is working for the common good. To press, bring, bake — create the basis of wealth. Baking pies — to rich profits. A lot of small pies — a lot of things, wealth and joy. If the fillings are different — fortunately in the house, a variety of impressions, an interesting and fascinating life.
  • A male dream book considers a dough that climbs out of a tub, a barrel or pans, as a friend or family member, who is cramped in frames and he is eager to show himself. To press the dough on a male dream book — to reason the fighters and buyans, coordinate the details. Knead — fight.

What dreams of dough on dream books and interpretations of basic values


Knead the dough in a dream, to see how the lush dough rises — you really keep your finger on the pulse and achieve success. It may be worthwhile to let go a little of the reins, let people do what they themselves want, then you will not have to constantly overcome resistance.

Perhaps by letting go of the situation, you can get more impressive results than with total control.

Sleep has a positive meaning, promises financial well-being and success that will not come easily. But you will be satisfied with the results of your work, rewarding experience and profit.

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