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What dreams of dishes (new, broken): interpretation of the dream books

To determine what dreams of dishes, you need to pay attention to its appearance. It is important whether it was old or new, cracked or whole.

It is believed that the more beautiful she looked, the more joyful the future awaits a sleeping person. If you remember the material from which the utensils were made, seen in a dream, it will facilitate the interpretation of the dream.

It is important what actions a person performed with the dishes.

An adult, an independent man clean dishes dreaming as proof that the wife is true and loyal to him. If he walked around the huge crockery store, this is a sign that the lady, whose position he is seeking, will not reciprocate.

Flowing cooking utensils mean talking about his love affairs.

A young guy such a dream promises the first love. If he accidentally broke a plate, it means he will refuse to love in favor of studying or working.

A married woman dreams of a lot of dishes in the house as a sign of her frugality and ability to properly manage the family budget. If she hits the plates during an argument with her spouse, she will soon make a costly and rash purchase, which she will later regret.

A young lonely girl white dishes without any patterns promises a successful marriage. If she chose a service for a gift to her parents, in real life, relatives consider her to be independent and incapable of doing without their advice.

What dreams of dishes (new, broken): interpretation of the dream books

The primary role in the interpretation of sleep is played by which object from all the dishes was best remembered by the dreamer or attracted more attention. Perhaps the man held it in his hands, looked at it for a long time, stole it, bought it or broke it.

Subject of dishesTreatment
CupsThey reflect the attitude of others to the dreamer. Thin painted cups say that he is considered frivolous and windy, and rough indicate that he is often trusted with monotonous work because of his diligence and attentiveness. Tiny coffee cups symbolize a cheerful and light character. If in a dream a person ordered a cup with an author’s drawing, in reality he lacks creative self-realization
  • Soup, plates filled with food dream to profit. If they were empty — to excess or forced spending. A slide from soup plates predicts inheritance.
  • Dining symbolizes family and home. If they are damaged, the dreamer’s marriage can break up.
  • Dessert point to the desire to have fun. If a person molds them himself on a potter’s wheel, in reality he has a cheerful disposition, although usually he seems too serious.
GlassesSulat frustration. Looking closely at the bottom of the glass is a sign that the sleeper is spreading too much information about his personal life. Get a glass as a gift — to find a faithful friend. Secretly carry it away — to the novel with a unfree man
GlassesAncient, especially made of silver glasses promise the favor of the stranger and profitable cooperation with him. Glass — are a symbol of spiritual suffering
PanYou can achieve the desired result only by your own efforts. Pig-iron pan predicts a meeting with a fool, aluminum — warns of a trap set by enemies. Cook in a pan — to the invitation to the party
PanIndicates unplanned cases, additional efforts. New and beautiful pot foreshadows a pleasant surprise. To consider it — to doubt its attitude to the ambiguous situation. Porridge or milk escaped from the pan — the dreamer’s excessive emotionality would harm him
Food containerWarning that may be overweight problems. To take food with me in sudochki — an attempt to keep someone close. Putting food in trays in the fridge is a sign of financial success, the ability to invest money correctly
  • Tea. If it consists of only two cups and saucers, the dreamer’s position in society is rather precarious. The service for a large number of persons indicates family well-being, a positive atmosphere in the house.
  • Dining room. Awaiting pleasant events. Buying such a service dreams to communicate with an interesting person, get it as a gift in a dream — to experience unforgettable emotions in reality; put a set on the table — to participate in a big celebration
Bowl, basinCook in the pelvis jam — to find a gentle and caring suitor. The new bowl says that the sleeper will not restrain his anger, and the old one promises failure in business. Washing dishes in the pelvis — to deceive someone for his own good
BanksThey are a warning that the material condition of the family will deteriorate. Acquire them — to a quarrel with his soulmate. Pour a sweet drink (tea, compote, juice) into a jar — to positive changes in life

Camping utensils (bowler, cauldron) symbolizes a calm, measured life. If she is old and sooty, it is a reflection of fatigue from long-term relationships with a partner and regret for actions committed in the past.

What dreams of dishes (new, broken): interpretation of the dream books

Dirty dishes dream of discord in relationships, it will be difficult for a person to find a common language with relatives and friends, although they used to understand each other completely. Pure — promises well-being and prosperity.

Empty dishes mean that you have to return the debt prematurely; filled with food — predicts unexpected profits.

An important part of the sleep is the material from which the kitchen utensils were made.

GlassHappiness will come to the dreamer’s house. It can be expressed not only in material terms, but also in the joy of the birth of the long-awaited heir, the return of a husband or father from a dangerous journey, the recovery of one of the household
CeramicDream of wealth. If the sleeper is engaged in creativity, fame will come to him
CrystalThere will be a difficult period: depression, troubles at work and in personal life
ClayPromises sadness, sadness. A person will lose something important: a thing, a relationship, an opportunity to realize a dream. Old pottery warns of declining health
PorcelainIndicates successful completion of cases. To see a broken product made of porcelain — delusions will push to commit a serious act, the consequences of which a person will feel for many more years. To paint porcelain cups or plates — a sign of family happiness for a woman
PlasticSome event in the house will cause the dreamer to be disappointed
PaperWarns that a period will soon come which will force you to save money. In some cases, paper dreaming means you have to become a vegetarian to solve health problems.
AluminumHer appearance in a dream promises an unexpected visit by people whom the house owners are always happy to see. Brushed aluminum dishes — to the satisfaction of what is happening, if it was dull and dirty — to sadness
SilverIndicates a desire to act lawfully, punctuality. If the sleeper has doubts about the correctness of the decision, silver kitchenware testifies to their groundlessness.
StainlessA woman promises marriage with a rich man. Everyone else dreams of better living conditions, recovery. Clean metalware, in the absence of other utensils in a dream, marks a good relationship with superiors or influential people.
WoodenPredicts good health and excellent immunity; easy pregnancy
Cast ironTo clean it from rust — the dreamer will have self-confidence; choose, weighing in the hand, — to domestic quarrels
EnamelledIndicates a success in a business that everyone considered hopeless. The second meaning of sleep — a person will receive a long-awaited news or letter

Utensils packed for transportation, which were already in use, promise unexpected profits; and new in company boxes dreams to troubles in private life.

Cracked or broken plates and cups, pots with chipped enamel, pans with broken handles warn of impending adversity.

If the dishes are used for purposes other than intended (for example, a flower grows in a saucepan), it means that the sleeper does not act thoughtlessly in the hope that some of them will produce the desired effect.

What dreams of dishes (new, broken): interpretation of the dream books

What the dreamer was doing and other people who were present in the dream should also be taken into account for a detailed decoding of what he saw.

Action with dishesInterpretation
WashIn someone else’s house — someone deliberately misleads the sleeper; in its own way, family life is not as joyful and smooth as we would like. Washing dishes with her husband — to lack his attention; he does it himself — a serious tiff is coming
BuyTo change for the better. Buy not for yourself — the social circle will change
Arrange on the tableAnalyze your mistakes in order not to repeat them again. Cover for more people than people in the family — to the arrival of unexpected guests
Collect from the tableThe dreamer feels helpless, it seems to him that he is unable to control what is happening in his life. There are leftovers on the plates — extra expenses are coming. Collecting dishes from the table in the role of a restaurant employee — suffer from unworthy remuneration
Put in closetMan wants to be the master of his destiny, he is determined. If something unpleasant is going on in his life now, he will definitely do everything in his power so that the black bar ends as soon as possible.
  • In the magazine-catalog — unattainable dreams or plans. If the prices of the dishes are not specified, the person himself does not know what he needs in life.
  • In the shop window — the loyalty of a husband or wife; a comfortable existence. Looking at the glass case with dishes from the street — the sleeper envies the more successful friends.
  • In a strange house, the people with whom the dreamer communicates and whom he considers it possible to trust the secrets are not really the ones who pretend to be
BeatSpecially beat the dishes — to the happy conclusion of a risky business. If this happens by chance, only through caution can problems be avoided
To makeTo unpleasant surprises
To giveThe dreamer has every chance to increase his wealth. Receive dishes as a gift — friends will ask for help
CollectA person will find the original way out of a difficult situation. Also, this dream can be interpreted as an advice to engage in creativity. Collecting dishes that have no value is a sign of false aspirations, false beliefs.

The authors of the dream books express a different opinion about the reason why the crockery dreams. To determine which interpretation is suitable for you personally, you need to trust your intuition.

Dream interpretationValue
MillerClean dishes indicate that fate will finally favor the sleeper; with the remnants of food — a harbinger of sad events. To keep the plate in your hands is lucky, and if you had to drop it, then the luck period will be short
HomeTo admire the shelves, which are filled with beautiful dishes, is a sign of prosperity and well-established life. Empty store predicts financial problems
FreudCookware as a container personifies the feminine and is associated with the female genital organs. If the dreamed utensil is clean and well-groomed, without damage, this indicates the dreamer’s sexual attractiveness and good reproductive health. Dirty dream book connects with promiscuity in the choice of sexual partners
HasseIf you had a chance to dream dishes, in reality a person will become a member of a family quarrel. I caught the eye of a broken plate or cup — to the loss of a friend
TsvetkovaDishes symbolize marital happiness. What exactly it will be, you can find out if you look at its appearance. The old promises well-being, the new — discord in relationships. Bring someone else’s dishes home — be deceived and not notice it
MagicalWooden dishes mean cash savings, silver means wealth, and nickel means winning the lottery or a rare chance to get what you want.

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