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What dreams of diarrhea in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of diarrhea — the prediction of popular dreaming

Sometimes there are situations that can greatly change the plans for the future. Intestinal problems, diarrhea can undermine the mood of even the most incredible optimist.

What dreams of diarrhea, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

To experience acute intestinal pain, cramps and diarrhea in a dream is to try to suppress deep emotional feelings and feelings. This personifies the state of internal anxiety, depression, and depression.

You are trying to hide fear, excitement, excitement, but look from the side of a confused, insecure and unhappy person.

Such a dream can talk about a state of love, in which you do not see happiness, since there is no reciprocity. Or perhaps this reflects your family circumstances in which you became a victim or witness of terrible scenes of jealousy, violence and cruelty.

What dreams of diarrhea in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

I saw how you were looking for a toilet in a little-known office, but you can’t find it — it foreshadows a failure at an interview during a job. Most likely, the position will be offered to another applicant.

Found a toilet and easier — it will be possible to fellow with the forces, to reject the excitement and to appear a very worthy candidate. Expect a promising final for you.

You will interest future employers with deep knowledge of the specifics of the work, convince them of the desire to work for the good of the company.

A woman dreamed of suffering from diarrhea — you risk to spend all your savings on new clothes. Keep from the next call to the mall will help sports, chatting with friends, favorite hobby.

The diarrhea did happen and put you in an unpleasant situation — in reality expect big financial problems that you cannot cope with alone.

In another interpretation, the woman thus seeks to get rid of what prevents her comfortable existence. This may be due to the process of divorce and the final stamp in the passport on the change of marital status.

It can also personify the long process of dividing property or other material disputes.

There was a loose stool in the toilet — this unsightly dream may bring unexpected profits. In this case, easy money can be spent as quickly as earned. Stop from financial ruin will help successful investment.

Do not rush to part with the money, check and make sure in future prospects.

Plunge into the liquid substance — a good sign. Global and positive changes await you. Pleasant moments in the future can touch everything — work, study, career or love relationships.

You will see your destination, be pleasantly surprised and admire what you have not noticed before. The main thing is to believe in one’s own infinity and be able to be filled with optimism.

What dreams of diarrhea in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

You have had diarrhea in your child — in the coming days you will have to deal with your children, figuring out the reasons for strange behavior. You will be alerted by his stealth, intense and thoughtful look.

Postpone the current affairs, now your main task is to help solve the problems of the child.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpreter connects diarrhea in a dream with high emotional tension, a state of affect, fear, internal discomfort and uncertainty. If such a dream was seen by a young boy — in real life, he is clearly afraid of intimacy, or rather does not know how to control his main male organ at the moment of strong over-excitement.

When it comes to the first sexual experience, try for the occasion to choose an experienced passion. Then you only need to relax and have fun.

Severe diarrhea can epitomize health problems that affect your sexual activity. Feeling discomfort, experiencing pain — in reality there is a high probability of being rejected due to sexual incompatibility.

You absolutely do not feel attracted to what arouses a potential partner.

Relieved from defecation in a dream — in life it will be very useful to change your habits and try something new. Parting in this period will only benefit.

You will again feel at the peak of sexual activity.

The inability in dreams to keep something in yourself speaks about your lack of restraint, frivolous behavior with women, the desire for sexual freedom, the immediate satisfaction of lowly needs.

The increased activity of the intestine may reflect internal experiences in its inability to satisfy the one that captivates and excites you. You may often have problems with erection or having intercourse with you quickly and quickly.

The leading cause of such dreams is the fear of experienced situations and high demands from the mistress.

Gustov Miller

Diarrhea in a dream predicts quarrels and troubles. If you experience inconvenience in the midst of the working day, all the while occupying the toilet room — in reality, prepare for unforeseen difficulties in the workplace.

You will probably be assigned a task which, by the level of complexity, will exceed your competence. Not coping with the assignment, you are undermining confidence in yourself, as a professional in your own business.

This leads to stress and further depression.

It was possible to take a pill and stop diarrhea — it will be possible to save the situation due to its business qualities and resourcefulness. Even if you do not have enough experience, the successful completion of the assigned project will be an occasion to increase and take off the career ladder.

There was an embarrassment with the stomach in an apartment full of households — a dream warns of frictions in the family. It will seem that you do not have enough personal space. Least of all during this period will want to see intrusive relatives who will try to express an opinion, impose their position or help.

Avoiding conflict will work if you exercise more independence or go on a business trip for a while.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To see in a dream of children’s diarrhea — in the near future to wait for unexpected news from their children. The guys will try to surprise or stun you with indecent behavior, to hide problems or thoughtless actions, for which then you will be ashamed in front of others.

In addition, financial compensation for the deed to give to you too.

What dreams of diarrhea in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

For those with toddlers still schoolchildren, such a dream is a harbinger of learning problems or difficult peer relationships. It will take your attention, help and parting words.

Show the elements of humane pedagogy, be offspring a friend and adviser.

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