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What dreams of death with a scythe on the dream and the basic meaning of the dream

Dreamed of death with a scythe — different values ​​for popular dream books

We will understand what dreams of death with a scythe. Since you are reading these lines, then definitely not to death, agree.

But remember that man is mortal necessary. Samurai and many other philosophical schools recommend continuously to keep an image of death in front of the inner eye.

They say it helps to make the right choice and focus on the essentials.

Perhaps people who understand human mortality live a fuller and more vibrant life. We are constantly confronted with mournful announcements of sick people who claim that they have very little to live. But at the same time we do not have the slightest idea how much life is allowed for us.

In fact, we all desperately need love and vivid impressions, because we all die. Death with a scythe in a dream reminds you to think about yourself.

What dreams of death with a scythe on the dream and the basic meaning of the dream

Basic Values

  • Death with a scythe is in a dream to inform you that changes are necessary. You must urgently change the significant moments of your life, otherwise the next visit of the bony guest will take you by surprise. Because life in the form in which it is now is certain death alive.
  • If you see death with a scythe in the mirror, then your reflection is a reflection of death — this means a deep depression. Although, most likely, you do not think so. It seems to you that betrayal and conspiracy of idiots is around. Get together and go to the neurologist. Not to the psychologist — these talkers will not help you. But neurologists are serious people and they know something other than philosophy. Biochemistry of the brain, for example. Even the best neurologist, unfortunately, will not always be able to find a solution. Diagnosis will be required. To help the doctor, tell frankly about your dream, answer all questions honestly and extensively. No, you will not be admitted to the hospital unless you ask for it yourself.
  • To dream of death with a scythe on the threshold is the best sign of all possible! Threshold is the right place to die. Consider you fell the joker. Anything you do will be approved and deemed true. You are now on the verge of a tremendous change. To do this, you will have to step over a certain internal barrier, overcome fears and take a step forward. You will have an incredible fate and a long, interesting life. You can stay. In this case, death itself will take a step towards. Hint. Do not do anything related to death. Don’t give her a reason to step forward.
  • Death with a scythe waiting for you on the road, do you see her silhouette away? Cancel travel for some time. Find other ways. If possible, change the scope of activities, become a different person.

What dreams of death with a scythe on the dream and the basic meaning of the dream

Meaning of death by dream book

  • Dream Miller is convinced that death with a scythe — a warning of danger. Be thankful, not everyone is honored with a warning. You have a chance to fix it. Try to really change everything. No, you do not need to cry and confess your sins. You just need to change yourself. If someone has suffered from your actions — take care of decent compensation. Death with a scythe behind his back — you do not see and do not want to see reality. Wake up and start living.
  • The magic dream book assures that death, especially behind the left shoulder, is an excellent adviser. Try to ask questions that are important to you, and you will receive a comprehensive answer.
  • If you are sick and see death with a scythe — it’s time to order champagne. Rejoice, the trouble has passed by. Do not forget to draw the right conclusions and learn to appreciate life.
  • A female dream book considers death with a scythe as a sign of fear and shame. «It is better to die!» — suggests a cunning inner voice. Today is the day when the inner voice is better not to trust. Anything can happen, and you must gain strength. Do not do nonsense, about which you regret. But those about which you will not regret — it is just necessary to make. Talk to a psychologist, he will help you figure out what you really want. Sometimes it is really difficult to understand your own desires, because they can be subordinated to hormones and physiological factors. Maybe you are afraid of unprotected sex — and this is justified fear. Maybe you are ashamed to say about your feelings — perhaps there are certain reasons for this? Understand and act. This is better than sitting on a windowsill and dreaming to die.
  • Dream Interpretation Felomeny strongly recommends starting life from scratch. We recommend that you observe caution and do not hack useful acquaintances. You may be able to win over one of them to your side and get unexpected support.
  • Council Death with a scythe in a dream — a sign of decisive change, which you must dare. Do not ring your decision in the corners, but share your plans with selected friends and the right people. Do not forget to indicate your fears and doubts. The person who is destined to become the hand of fate will definitely come to the rescue. help can be both positive and negative, do not forget. Be careful. In any case, even if the world collapses into the abyss, you need help, love and support. Even in the abyss with the support will be cozier.

What dreams of death with a scythe on the dream and the basic meaning of the dream


To see death with a scythe in a dream is a great sign. It is necessary to break away from the routine and make something outstanding or at least pleasant.

What will you remember sitting on a cloud? What memory will remain with friends and loved ones?

The life of the overwhelming majority of people is so dismal that even to think about it is boring.

Maybe it’s time to go to the resort? Read new books, go to the film, go on a camping trip, find an interesting job, dive to the bottom of the ocean, learn to drive a plane?

Finally, write a book, write brilliant poems, make a bench at the entrance, make a swing in the yard, build a bridge over the stream?

Death with a scythe in a dream means that life is finite, and you have to find yourself. And yes, this dream is also a dream for money.

Large enough sums to fulfill your deepest desires.

What dreams of death with a scythe on the dream and the basic meaning of the dream

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