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What dreams of death of a person who is alive

What dreams of death of a man who is alive?

What dreams of death of a man who is alive? You wake up in shock, try to forget the dream.

But the pictures of sleep again stand before my eyes. How do dream books interpret this event? Are there any reasons for experiencing?

We will understand carefully.

The total meaning of death in a dream

Oddly enough, mediums and clairvoyants interpret death in a dream from the positive side. They consider this fact a warning not about unhappiness, but about global changes in the life of the “deceased”. If you compare this dream with a tarot card death, you can see parallels.

Arkan «Death» does not mean the physical death of a person. This lasso can warn about:

  • quick changes in the life of a fortuneteller;
  • the dying of obsolete principles;
  • rebirth of a person’s personality.

Do not panic: baptism in Christianity also symbolizes death. The death of life in sin and the birth of a new man who dedicated himself to serving the Lord Christ.

What dreams of death of a person who is alive

Different interpretations of sleep

a) death of acquaintances and friends

If in a dream the dreamer’s friend dies, this promises temporary separation. Do not worry about a friend’s life: he will temporarily be removed from your social circle, no more.

If you see death of a familiar person, better stop talking to him for a while. The subconscious mind warns of a dangerous period in dealing with this person: either he wants to drag you into a scam, or you squabble.

You just better break up.

If you saw the death of a man, with whom you have not met for a long time, it promises an early joyful meeting. Moreover, the meeting will bring not just joy — it will be fateful.

Rescue a person from death in a dream — expect a responsible decision in life. Probably, this person will be the center of future events.

The death of the boss at work denotes a good change in career growth, up to an increase (if you expect it). The death of a colleague indicates the elimination of a competitor in the business, as well as the improvement of the microclimate in the working environment.

b) Death of relatives

Each person has a lot of relatives — these are family members, cousins ​​/ second cousins ​​and brothers, and also distant relatives. How do interpreters explain this event in a dream?

  1. Spouse death in a dream it promises a long prosperous life in harmony, prosperity and harmony. You can interpret it this way: you will be together until your death, you will not be parted. If at this time the spouse is ill, then expect a speedy recovery.
  2. Interpreters give a different meaning death of a civil husband / wife: you will inevitably break up. Death lover may portend a quick wedding.
  3. Death of a living father foreshadows failures in business or at work. Be careful about signing contracts and deals.
  4. Sibling death warns that they need support and care from you.
  5. Mother’s death opens in the subconscious mind oppressive actions, shame and anxiety about this.
  6. Death of a distant relative in a dream warns about the bad attitude of this person to the dreamer: he seemed to have died to communicate. Nothing should be expected from this person.

What dreams of death of a person who is alive

c) death of strangers

Interpretation of sleep depends on the sensations experienced by the dreamer during the dream. For example, pity for the deceased in a dream warns about not quite pleasant changes in life: rupture of relations, conflicts.

Negative feelings to the deceased In the subconscious mind of the dreamer, they uncover a load of unforgiven guilt, the desire to get rid of oppressive memories or to get rid of something unpleasant in life.

If you experience horror at the sight of the death of a stranger, You are expected by numerous life tests, various obstacles to achieving the goal.

Appeasement during the death of a stranger (a sense of peace, security) warns of a successful resolution of life issues, even if everything is not smooth now.

Presence at the funeral procession promises unexpected good news that will bring the dreamer the benefit. But the funeral of unknown people, on the contrary, promise minor troubles in life.

Interpretation of death by psychologists

How do psychologists view such situations in a dream? Scientists, researchers are unanimous: the death of a friend or relative is due to the loss of emotional connection with this person. Subconscious zooms: do not move away from communication, do not lock yourself in the cycle of their own affairs and concerns.

Just devote a fraction of your time to a close and dear person so that in the future he will not die in your dream.

Also, the visions of death can symbolize the attempt of the subconscious to cope with the obsolete memories of the past. A person must reconsider his attitude to life in general, radically change.

Leave fears and experiences in the past, become free from the oppression of the obsolete.

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