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What dreams of death from the dream of Miller, Vanga, Lofa, Nostradamus

Dreamed of death: how to interpret for different dream books

Every person at least once in his life thought about his death. These thoughts could appear with the approach of old age, or perhaps a serious illness or critical health situation led to this. This explains the restless sleep of such people.

What if death dreamed of a completely healthy person? Why dream of such a plot, you must find out in the dream books.

Long road of life

In ancient symbolism, death embodies the process of transformation and liberation from something. Therefore, people mistakenly perceive their death and the death of relatives in a dream as the end of life.

Rather, it is a change in the state of being, rebirth, which will bring renewal of consciousness, health, rethinking of its essence.

What dreams of death from the dream of Miller, Vanga, Lofa, Nostradamus

The vision of the death of many people prophesies a sad interpretation. After such a scenario, the likelihood of epidemics, catastrophes, and natural disasters is very high.

I will stay light for you

For a woman, death in a dream is, first of all, a splash of accumulated internal aggression on someone, the beginning of a renewed relationship. Being at the funeral of my mother — in reality it will bring only positive emotions.

If the mother was unwell, she would definitely get better, and if she was depressed, she would soon be out.

Father funeral in a dream, with whom in real life in a quarrel — it’s time to resolve the conflict in reality. If you see a young father, it means that he leads a wrong and immoral lifestyle, which you condemn.

Try to contact, talk, much depends on you.

Become a dream widow — a hint of your distance from your spouse, long business trips or workload distant from you. Accumulations have accumulated or tormented remorse for jealousy and scandals. You can not avoid dialogue.

Try to make it productive.

A friend went to the other world — your actions in the near future will be very condemned by close people. Do not avoid gossip and intrigue.

But you are determined to do something new and stunning, and good luck is on your side.

The death of a loved one in your dream foreshadows minor troubles that will not turn into serious problems, but your support and attention during this period will be significant for him.

A friend left the world of the living — if you knew this person well, then expect new pleasant moments from life. Favorable period for participation in new projects. Your ideas will inspire the creation of not only you, but also colleagues.

This is a new page of your life with the same experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Male longevity

For men, seeing an old man with a scythe means gaining new strength of mind and body. And own death from the old man — an excellent occasion to think of new supertasks. For you, this is a period of rebirth, everything will turn out and burn in your hands.

Your actions and actions in the business sphere will cause a storm of emotions and applause of colleagues. Authority will rise, and incomes will increase.

What dreams of death from the dream of Miller, Vanga, Lofa, Nostradamus

Someone from close relatives died in your arms — this is a harbinger that in reality your relatives need your help, but they do not want to disturb you. Your call or arrival to them will be very helpful.

To appear, you must first leave. Author’s dream books

Own death is very symbolic for those who recently decided to live righteously and pleasing with God. After such dreams, the gift of healing can awaken in a person.

And thus he will become the messenger of God.

If the death of a famous leader dreamed, great changes are expected in the country. This is the appearance of a wise ruler who will strive for peace and harmony among people of different states.

There was a state of clinical death — a nebula and ignorance in reality on the issues that most disturb you at the moment. And the fact that later becomes obvious, will affect you not the best way.

A stranger who dies a painful death is a harbinger of war or conflict, in which you will have to participate or witness these terrible events.


Seeing yourself or someone close to you in your grave indicates that you will live a long and happy life. If a lot of people die in your sleep — this is a sign that mankind has a long period of existence.

And the end of the world will not come many more millennia.

What dreams of death from the dream of Miller, Vanga, Lofa, Nostradamus

The patient went to the other world — to new discoveries in the field of medicine. Perhaps they will find a cure for a deadly disease.

Gustov Miller

The funeral of loved ones who have already left you, are sent as a warning about the danger or the period of the test series. Losses are inevitable during this period, but it depends on you how large they will be.

The deceased father speaks to you — in reality you need to be alert to your partners or colleagues. Someone is trying to unbalance you or prevent a big deal.

Carefully check the documents and all the accompanying papers of the monetary transaction.

Chatting with your mother is a call to take a closer look at your health and quit bad habits.

The dead man in your dream is very cheerful and joyful — your real life is too carefree and pointless. You need to revise values ​​and prioritize, otherwise it will end sadly for you.

A deceased brother is trying to cheer you up and remind you of a promise — you are to blame for your depressions and failures, you need not to reach despair, but continue to fight and try to fix everything.

The death of a relative who is alive and well in real life speaks of breaking the relationship with him. Protracted quarrels or resentment turned you into strangers.

David loff

The feeling that you are gone is physically talking about your experiences. You feel some kind of threat, you are afraid to make the right decision, you are panicking in reality.

It will pass as soon as you take the first step and begin to direct your destiny.

You are present at the funeral of your beloved — your relationship with the girl has become obsolete, there are no common topics for conversations, in the evenings you are trying to go about your business. It is time to say goodbye and move on.

When a relative dies, this dream speaks of your feelings for him. He is very close and dear to you, perhaps you feel responsible for it or have promised your parents to take care of it.

In any case, you should not shift all responsibility for his fate on your shoulders.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The image of a monk with a scythe saw — an exciting, but promising dream. A harbinger of the birth of a new life, you can have your own pregnancy or someone close to you. It is also a sign of personal change, reincarnation, change of profession, appearance, lifestyle or country.

You are ready for incredible changes and a long happy life.

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