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What dreams of dead snakes?

What dreams of dead snakes?

Reptiles in a dream — a symbol of hypocrisy, danger, life difficulties and detractors. All existing dream values ​​are repelled by this fact. To interpret night vision as faithfully as possible, try to remember the details of sleep.

What kind of snake did you see? How did she behave? What were you and others doing at this time?

Knowing the details will help to make the most correct interpretation. Why dream of dead snakes?

What dreams of dead snakes?

Popular interpretations of famous dream books

There are the following meanings of snake sleep:

  • Did you see a snake in a dream? AT Miller’s Dream Book they say — wait for problems. In the near future there will be some difficulties. We’ll have to work hard to resolve them.
  • Saw a dead snake that strangled with his own hands? The interpretation of sleep is associated with work — you are waiting for a showdown with colleagues who will end in your favor. But you have to be firm and uncompromising to defend their own opinions.
  • If in a dream you take off the skin of a snake, to sell then beware! In your environment there is a greedy and cruel person who will do anything for the sake of profit. His mercantile interests can touch you too — beware
  • If a dead snake is in a dream going to roast and eat, in real life, the betrayal of a close friend awaits. He will greatly disappoint you and disappear forever from your life.

The snake can also be a symbol of wisdom. Therefore, the mortified animal almost never bodes well.

What dreams of dead snakes?

Why dream of killing a snake?

If in a dream you attack a reptile on your own and kill an animal, the dream interpretations may be as follows:

  • Killed big and very aggressive snake? Great — in the near future in real life you will win a big victory! What exactly it will be, depends on you. Or eliminate the dishonest competitor, or conquer the girl of your dreams. Perhaps well climb the career ladder and get around colleagues. To each his own
  • Caught and killed harmless small snake? For example, terri? Think about it — in real life you are often unjust, show aggression, criticize others without a reason, and condemn all. In this case, you are an unlucky person and just take out the inner dissatisfaction with others. Stop — you urgently need to occupy yourself with interesting things, to diversify life with new emotions.
  • Saved someone from dangerous venomous snake? The value of such a dream is neutral. The dream suggests that you are quite educated and loyal to others. Conflict — this is not about you. It may sometimes be worth being harder and more often to defend your own opinion.
  • In the dream, long tracked down and caught dangerous viper, and even the whole snake ball? In real life, you are worried about some external circumstances. Either you suspect your wife of treason, or you doubt your friends. You are tense and expect a «setup». Feelings do not cheat — someone really wants to betray you, be careful!

What dreams of dead snakes?

The interpretation of a dream is a bit different if the reptile is killed not by you, but by another person:

  • You snake attacks, but is her husband or boyfriend killing her in a dream? Fine! You feel in a relationship under reliable protection, the chosen one deserves to be with you. He loves and protects you from all life difficulties and negative emotions.
  • Watching snake massacre from the side? Not very favorable sleep. He promises quick problems with work, lack of money. You may have been threatened with dismissal. Try to work better — the boss is displeased with you
  • Around you snakes whirling but cannot touch, and you kill them one by one? This means that at this point in your life you are fully armed and ready for any difficulties. Both small and big troubles are not a barrier for you to achieve goals. Keep it up!
  • At the last moment before the poisonous viper bite Does your friend save you? It says that the person is faithful to you. This is a real ally who will always give a shoulder. He can be trusted. But do not forget about reciprocity — a good attitude will disappear sooner or later without return

Interpreting a dream with a snake is easy if you know that the reptile is a symbol of danger, difficulties, evil tongues that surround you. By analogy, you can interpret any dream. The larger the snake, the more severe the surrounding difficulties.

The faster in a dream you win the animal, the sooner you will defeat the danger in real life.

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